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Rainbow Bridge
Monday Night Candlelight Tribute Room

Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of July 19, 2016 through July 25, 2016



Date Posted: 7/19/16
Requested By: Michelle
For: Patches
Breed: Lhasa apso
Home Town: Edinburgh scotland
Born: 27/06/2007
Passed On: 22/06/2016
Special Tribute: Hey doogs, it's been a month now, and if anything I miss you more - didn't think that was possible! I hope you are running free, fast and happy. I love you tiger, mum xxx
Email: Michelle

Date Posted: 7/21/16
Requested By: i
For: Peter
Breed: Collie X
Home Town: Cleveland,England
Born: June/1976
Passed On: 12th March 1988
Special Tribute: ello sweet furangel peter hope youre ok and having lots of fun up there with all the others and lots of tasty treats.been a heatwave this week down here,far too unpleasant and humid.I know its been such a long time but one day we will be reunited for eternity.luv ya big fella (((((((peter)))xxxxxxxx
Email: i

Date Posted: 7/19/16
Requested By: Laura
Breed: **Calico**
Home Town: NJ
Born: **10/15/96**
Passed On: **8/30/11**
Special Tribute: Precious, our 15 yrs of memories bring smiles & tears as I will always miss u. As time goes by u will always be embraced in my heart, thoughts & prayers 4ever. Someday we will greet each other with hugs & kisses & cross the bridge with u in my arms under the rainbow skies 4ever...wait for me <3 XOXO
Email: Laura

Date Posted: 7/19/16
Requested By: Laura & Ed
For: **PRECIOUS** & **LIZA**
Breed: **Calico** & **Shih-Tzu**
Home Town: NJ
Born: **10/15/96** & **11/27/98**
Passed On: **8/30/11** & **3/5/13**
Special Tribute: PRECIOUS & LIZA, we thank u both for your love, bonded friendship & wonderful memories that all 4 of us shared. We thank u for sharing your lives with us & bringing us joy. You'll always be remembered throughout our lifetime...until we are reunited again...sending our love to u <3 Precious & Liza <3
Email: Laura & Ed

Date Posted: 7/24/16
Requested By: Kim Blades
For: Princess Blades
Breed: Pom
Home Town: Severn, MD
Born: May 28, 1998
Passed On: July 20, 2016
Special Tribute: Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal close to you dies they go to that special place. All the animals are happy there except one thing is missing that someone very special to them they left behind. I'll see you at the rainbow bridge. Love you always ! MA
Email: Kim Blades

Date Posted: 7/20/16
Requested By: unknown
For: Rainbow
Breed: calico
Home Town: Clearlake, Ca
Born: ferral
Passed On: July 19 2016
Special Tribute: My heart is broken over the loss of your tiny life. If there was anyway to avoid this tragedy believe I would have. We will watch over your Momma and try to keep her safe. Hope you are doing all the things that a kitten should get to do and that you have been given a name so you won't be forgotten
Email: unknown

Date Posted: 7/20/16
Requested By: Julie
For: Rexie
Breed: Westie
Home Town: Youngstown Ohio
Born: 6-24-16
Passed On: 6-20-16
Special Tribute: Today you are gone from me for one month.i have not put any of your things away. Everything is still here like u r just gonna walk in and use it. I wish that I could see u just once more. I wish that I knew someone was taking care of u in heaven. I miss u so much my heart breaks. I love u Rexie!
Email: Julie

Date Posted: 7/19/16
Requested By: Lizzie, AM, Evan, JJ
For: Riley Jack
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Home Town: Stamford, CT
Born: 10/28/2006
Passed On: 10/12/2011
Special Tribute: Its been 57 months since U went 2 the Rainbow Bridge & the pain is still unbearable. You were 2 young & had so much 2 live 4. I am so lost & lonely without U. The house feels so cold & empty without U here. Mommy loves & misses U so much. I will love U 4ever my Angel Teddy Bear. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Email: Lizzie, AM, Evan, JJ

Date Posted: 7/19/16
Requested By: Eileen & Bob Corrado
For: Ringoes
Breed: Domestic Red Cat
Home Town: Demarest NJ
Born: 7/1/2000
Passed On: 7/7/2016
Special Tribute: Thank you for being a good cat
Email: Eileen & Bob Corrado

Date Posted: 7/22/16
Requested By: Ries Family
For: Roadkill
Breed: Chow/Shepherd
Home Town: Streamwood, IL
Passed On: 10/22/14
Special Tribute: 21 months ago we lost you and you went to the Rainbow Bridge. We love and miss you every single day. <3
Email: Ries Family


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