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Rainbow Bridge
Monday Night Candlelight Tribute Room

Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of March 21, 2017 through March 27, 2017



Date Posted: 3/21/17
Requested By: Christine
For: Sadie
Breed: Pomeranian
Home Town: St. Louis MO
Born: 2-21-2003
Passed On: 12-13-2010
Special Tribute: Sadie I really miss you a lot today and everyday and Sadie I really miss taking care of you today and everyday that goes by it's just not the same with you not here with me I AM REALLY SAD, Sadie I really miss your big brown eyes baby girl you were a special friend to me forever and always I love xo
Email: Christine

Date Posted: 3/24/17
Requested By: i
For: Sally
Breed: Flat Coat X Collie
Home Town: Cleveland,England
Born: 13th April 1997
Passed On: 28th November 2002
Special Tribute: Ello sweet furangel Sally hope youre ok and having lots of fun and lovely treats.Think of you every single day but one day we will all be reunited.Feeling pretty down this week so a dream or a sign would be lovely.Spring has returned here.Miss you lots.luv ya baby girl. ((((((sally))))))) xxxxxxxx
Email: i

Date Posted: 3/22/17
Requested By: Robert
For: Samantha
Breed: Bluepoint Siamese
Home Town: New Bedford,Ma.
Born: 07/17/96
Passed On: 07/19/16
Special Tribute: Sam not a day goes by not even an hour that I don't think of you . I miss you everyday ! Twenty years is not something I can ever get over or ever will. I hope that I will see you again someday. You had me at meow! You stole my heart ❤️! I'll see you at rainbow bridge! Love your Dad ! XOXO 😘
Email: Robert

Date Posted: 3/21/17
Requested By: Alisa Lorene Crockett
For: Sami Tiger Lilly
Breed: Shih T'zu
Home Town: Philippi, WV
Born: 11-12-98
Passed On: cuddled in my arms on 05-24-16
Special Tribute: ❤R.I.P.Sami Tiger Lilly❤You were the best little doggy,playmate,companion,cuddle bunny & helper & you gave us so many happy memories during your 17 1/2 years,from the very first moment Marli,Missy,& Cody held you when you were just a fat little furball you wrapped your little tail around our hearts❤
Email: Alisa Lorene Crockett

Date Posted: 3/21/17
Requested By: Johnny
For: Sammie
Breed: Chi-weenie
Home Town: Jonesboro georgia
Born: March 20th 2010
Passed On: July 14th 2016
Special Tribute: Happy Birthday Baby Girl. I Miss You More Than I can Say. Love You Forever
Email: Johnny

Date Posted: 3/25/17
Requested By: Sharon
For: Sammy
Breed: Rotti/Shep
Home Town: Rexford
Passed On: 2008
Special Tribute: Will never stop loving you. Till we meet again.
Email: Sharon

Date Posted: 3/21/17
Requested By: Tim and Kim
For: Smokey
Breed: Blue Healer
Home Town: Lynnwood, WA
Born: 12/31/2000 New Year's Eve!
Passed On: Snuggled with his blankie at home on 10/15/13
Special Tribute: 12 years 7 months 20 days | 659 weeks | 110,760 hours | 6,645,600 minutes. We treasure every single second we had together and miss you terribly. Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories, kisses and smiles. We love you to the moon and back. Love and hugs forever from your loving Mom and Dad
Email: Tim and Kim

Date Posted: 3/23/17
Requested By: Toby
For: Smokey & Gina
Breed: Loving Companions
Home Town: Spring, TX
Born: 1999
Passed On: 2007, 2011
Special Tribute: Hi Mama's girls! I hope you were listening as I lit your daily candle and chatted with you. You are loved, never ever forgotten, and nestled safely in my heart. Have lots of fun with your friends, enjoy those delish "angel" treats. Hugs & kisees from your loving Mama
Email: Toby

Date Posted: 3/21/17
Requested By: Ruth Floor
For: Snickers
Breed: mixed
Home Town: Lisbon, Ohio
Passed On: March 21, 2017
Special Tribute: Snickers was a sweet, loving, old kitty. She loved to snuggle and cuddle. She loved to rub the top of her head against my chin, have her chin and neck petted, and loved to hug. She loved to have a bite of brauts from summer cookouts. She taught me many things.
Email: Ruth Floor

Date Posted: 3/21/17
Requested By: Beverly
For: Snoopy
Breed: Shih-Tzu-Mix
Home Town: Bulls Gap, Tennessee
Born: September 25, 2004
Passed On: July 27, 2014
Special Tribute: The years may come and the years may go, but I will never forget how much I loved you. There's someone missing in my home, I feel it day and night. You never told me how I was supposed to live without you. When you left this earth so did my heart. Miss you more and more all the time. Love Mommy
Email: Beverly


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