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Monday Night Candlelight Tribute Room

Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance,
you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato

Below are Tributes for the week of August 26, 2014 through September 01, 2014


Date Posted: 8/27/14
Requested By: Nicole
For: Tabata
A: Black Tuxie
Home Town: New York, NY
Born: 08/01/2011
Passed On: 08/27/2011
Special Tribute: Dear Tabata, run free at the bridge. I hope you will find lots of friends and love there. I am so sorry we were not able to save you in time. Nicole from Illinois
Email: Nicole

Date Posted: 8/28/14
Requested By: Julie
For: Tammy
A: Lhasa
Home Town: sydney Australia
Born: 03/11/2000
Passed On: 08/08/2014
Special Tribute: Tammy I miss you sooo much.The longest 3 weeks of my life since you are gone.Hope you and Missie have found each other and she is looking after you until I meet you both again.Miss you bsby girl forever.xxx
Email: Julie

Date Posted: 8/28/14
Requested By: Jim & Gina
For: Tavis
A: Sheltie
Home Town: Cape Coral, FL
Born: April 4, 2004
Passed On: May 29, 2010
Special Tribute: It's been 4 years since you cross the Rainbow Bridge and still miss you every day. I know that you are good and happy and playing with your brothers Skye and Pipo, Love you
Email: Jim & Gina

Date Posted: 8/26/14
Requested By: Judy & Chris
For: Tiger King
A: Cat
Home Town: Plymouth, MI
Born: ??
Passed On: 11/3/2013
Special Tribute: Tiger, God sent us an angel when you showed up on our doorstep. You and Misty were so much a part of our lives that we don't know how to live without you.
Email: Judy & Chris

Date Posted: 8/27/14
Requested By: annie
For: Tilly and Jackie
A: gray and white dlh
Home Town: louisville ky
Born: 1995 and 1997
Passed On: both August 2013
Special Tribute: Precious friends.. it's now been a year. Two friends lost just weeks apart. I still look for you. I love you ..both so different ...one big and sometimes grumpy and oh so funny and the other sweet and quiet. It aoways hurts to let go. I love you. Xxmamma
Email: annie

Date Posted: 8/28/14
Requested By: Joseph Rozman
For: Toby and Cosmo
A: Retriver and Cat
Home Town: Bloomingdale, Ohio
Born: January 15, 1995
Passed On: 2013 and 2014
Special Tribute: My best friends are gone, but you will always live in my memory. I will always love you and cherish the memories you left me. I will never forget the both of you.
Email: Joseph Rozman

Date Posted: 8/28/14
Requested By: Bob and Marie
For: Tucker
A: Black Lab
Home Town: Rice, VA
Born: July 3, 1993
Passed On: March 28, 2008
Special Tribute: Tucker - our gentle giant - Still missing u and loving you even more. Be happy, run w/ your sisters and take care of Kyra, Abby and Ebony - watch over them and keep them safe. In our hearts forever. Love, Daddy and Mommy XOXO
Email: Bob and Marie

Date Posted: 8/26/14
Requested By: Camilla
For: Upscale
A: Greyhound
Home Town: Birmingham, AL
Born: 3/25/2005
Passed On: 08/30/2012
Special Tribute: Hey baby girl It will be 2 years since you went to the bridge on Saturday. It still hurts but I know you are happy and feeling well again. I love you and I miss you deeply. I think about you all the time and I just cry. You were the love of my life and I hope you will be waiting for me. Mommy
Email: Camilla

Date Posted: 8/30/14
Requested By: Mark Valentine
For: Willie
A: Siamese
Home Town: Hartsdale, NY
Born: 6/24/2004
Passed On: 8/28/2014
Special Tribute: My best friend. He was always there for me. Always greeted me when I got home, always woke me in the morning. I love you.
Email: Mark Valentine

Date Posted: 8/29/14
Requested By: Dottie Belt
For: Xena
A: Chihiuaua
Home Town: Spring Run, PA
Born: Dec 31, 1995
Passed On: Jan 120, 2014
Special Tribute: From day one I got her at 8 weeks she was a special kind of chihiuaua. She left us at the age of 20 yrs She just left us because it was her time and really miss her She was always there for you everytime you need someone she was there
Email: Dottie Belt



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