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   From: gamma gamma
On: 10/2/14

my cody we have two new babies your uncle Jason has Julia Belle and your Daddy has Ryan Joseph beautiul little babies but i'm sure you and Nono played with them before they were born cause they are always smiling. i miss you with my whole heart i wish you were here with me forever loved your gamma gamma

   From: Gamma Gamma
On: 8/1/14

i love and miss you forever my lil man

   From: Lisa
On: 4/23/14

hi - so sorry for your loss .. my little Cody passed away 3/27/14 and we miss him so much... it is so hard - he was 12 and definitely a family member.. I hope my Cody and your Cody are playing together at Rainbow Bridge while they wait for us :) take care.

   From: Gamma Gamma
On: 10/31/13

My lil man I miss you so much five years have passed and you are loved and missed more every day that passes! Gammas heart is still broken but so happy you were in our lives <3 I will love you forever

   From: Gamma Gamma
On: 12/24/12

My Lil Man,Merry Christmas to you and Nono thank You for staying with us as long as you could you helped me so much I wish you were here Never forgotten always lovedđź’ť

   From: Sammy
On: 11/1/12

Dear Cody, I just want to thank you again for giving me life! It's my 4th birthday today and I owe it to you! You kissed me on my tail and I still have the ring to prove it! You also had to set everything up perfect for me to get to this perfect loving family or who knows where I would even be today! I see you watching over us and I know you try to play with me! Mommy loves me to death but her heart still breaks every second without you!They say time heals all wounds but for some reason this one still remains as fresh as the night it happened!! I want you to know you will always have this family that loves you unconditionally no matter where you are. I love you just as much as they do and some day you'll be showing me the ropes at Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for the toys you let me use I love them and I'll try not to chew them to pieces. We love you Cody and think of you every second of every day! I'll leave a piece of birthday cake for you! Kisses and hugs! Love Always, Sammy <3

   From: Jenn aka Mean Lady
On: 11/1/12

Happy Halloween Cody! I hope you had a blast trick or treating! Don't steal too much candy out of nonos pocket! I still remember when we were little you helped yourself to our candy bag and was found chewing gum. You even managed to unwrap it! I try to look at Halloween as a celebration of your life. However I still have a massive hole in my heart that can't be filled! I wore gloves tonight in honor of you because I remember how you loved playing with nonos gloves. You are our guardian angel and we get every sign you give us. A part of u shines through in all of us because of the beautiful qualities you instilled in all of us!You loved unconditionally and protected us no matter what circumstances we faced. I know you and nono are having a blast at Rainbow Bridge and have a lot of lil fur baby friends to play with. You shined when you were right next to us but your light shimmers even brighter now.Kisses and hugs my lil man and Happy Halloween to all the lil fur babies! <3

   From: gamma gamma
On: 10/31/12

MY Lil Man you left us 4 years ago today i will never forget that night! Never forget how much we love you and miss you. </3 My heart is broken. love you gamma gamma

   From: ROBERT
On: 10/30/12


   From: Gamma Gamma
On: 3/22/12

I love you my Lil Man<3 Happy Spring!!!

   From: Gamma Gamma
On: 12/29/11

My Lil Man another year without you. Please watch over us and give us a good year with Nono's help. Love you always<3 Gamma

  From: gamma gamma
On: 12/22/11

Gamma's lil Man<3 another Christmas without you. I have you all deorated and all ready for Christmas have fun with all your fir frends and Nono give him a kiss for us all my love Gamma Gamma<3

   From: Gamma Gamma
On: 11/23/11

My Lil Man how i miss & love you, Happy Thanksgiving. Tell Nono to keep watching over us<3 Don't eat all his candy! love you always your Gamma Gamma <3

   From: Mean Lady
On: 10/31/11

Happy Halloween Lil Man! I miss you every second but today is the day when you left us and it's still the hardest day of my life! Every year that goes by never gets any easier. I know you'd be sad knowing I'm crying so my goal was to give as many smiles as possible today in honor of you! I dressed up and gave out candy in your honor and smiled and let nothing bother because that's the one major thing you taught me! I know you are around everyday..ladybugs, leaving coins, finding pure white feathers near me, and a massive snow storm on saturday lol :) Not too many people were thrilled but I knew it was you seding Cody kisses! I hope your having so much fun at Rainbow Bridge and you didn't steal too much candy from Nono today! Thank you for sending us Sammy. There is so much of you in him and his birthday is tomorrow. The day you kissed him! There isn't enough words to tell you how much I love and miss you! You will always be my lil angel! Kissies lil man and I love you forever and ever!

   From: gamma gamma
On: 10/31/11

Gamma's lil Man how i miss you! it's 3 years today since you left me. Not a day goes by i don't think of you<3 The mean lady had you dressed so nice for your last Holloween with us!I know your watching over us and helping us. I can still hear you jingle down the hall. My heart is still broken and always will be!! give Nono kisses from us we Love you Cody<3

   From: ROBERT
On: 10/30/11


   From: Gary
On: 7/14/11

You still make Mean Lady happy when she knows you're looking over her! I thank you for that. You will never be forgotten.

   From: gamma gamma
On: 1/3/11

Happy New Year lil Man <3 gamma loves you!!!!!

   From: gamma gamma
On: 11/24/10

Happy Thanksgiving lil Man! have fun with Nono and all your fir baby firends I LOVE YOU <3 gamma gamma

   From: Your Loving Family
On: 11/1/10

I Haven’t Left At All I saw you gently weeping as you looked through photographs You paused for just a moment at one that made you laugh. But as you turned more pages the tears began to flow You whispered that you missed me but I want you to know; I softly licked those stinging tears that down your cheeks did fall I want to help you understand I haven’t left at all. My spirit’s left behind. On those days that you are overcome with sorrow, pain and grief I rest my head upon your leg to offer some relief. I know your heart is hurting; it’s like an open sore You think my life has ended and you won’t see me anymore. But for those of us bound tight by love, death is not the curtain call; It’s really the eternal beginning that waits for us all. So, dear Gamma Gamma, Daddy,Mean Lady,Uncle Jason and Gampa as you live your life, Nono and I patiently await For us to be together when you pass through Heaven’s gate. In Loving Memory -CODY-

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