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On: 7/12/13


From: Rikki
On: 5/21/13

Hi wiggles can you please look after little Biskki. Love Aunty Rikki

From: Lisa-Rufus's Mom
On: 7/26/12

Dear Rachel, i just wanted to say your Wiggeles is so beautiful i know he is playing with my rufus and they are best of friends may God bless you aleays Lisa

From: Rachel Kilderry
On: 7/12/12

I can't believe it is 4 years since you left me Mr Wiggeles...you shall remain my faithful companion forever. Not a day goes by that I dont miss you, I hope you are enjoying your time at rainbow bridge. Please wait for mummy to come and get you. Stay....good boy. Mummy loves you ....."Always" xxxxxxxxx

On: 7/12/12


On: 7/27/11


From: robert
On: 7/22/10

rachel know it just been two years last week i know you still miss wiggeles and your love is buring inside of you to hold him again.wiggeles feels the same way about you i know.

From: Sasha's mom
On: 1/28/10

You are so loved and what pretty pictures of you too. Your mommy has created a beautiful memorial in your honor. The unconditional love that is between our 4 pawed family members and ourselves can never be broken. My beloved Sasha is now a resident of Rainbow Bridge, please keep her company sweet one until the day we are joined again. http://rainbowsbridge.com/residents/SASHA150/Resident.htm Everyone's pet is the most outstanding. This begets mutual blindness. Jean Cocteau

From: Season's Greetings @ Rainbows bridge from Karen
On: 12/16/08

"God gave us our memories so that we might have Roses in December." a quote by J.M. Barrie. May the memories of your blessed furangel Wiggeles, the ones that can't help but bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart as you remember the way your baby's tender love touched your very heart, be the ones that surround you this Holiday Season. My prayer for each of us this Christmas season, is that each of our babies wrap up a special little sign for each one of us back here, and send it to us this special season. May you catch a glimpse of your special sign, just when your heart needs it most.... And may each love-filled memory you have of your beloved furbaby bring to your heart the very warmth and sunshine of the Rainbow itself. That's just one "gift" your fur-angel would want for you this year ... With best wishes for you and your family this Holiday Season, Karen (Dusty & DJ's mom)

From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 10/23/08

Rachel thank you so much for sharing your precious photos of your Wiggeles with us, they are adorable. I love the song choice you have put with your memorial, "in the arms of the angels", sometimes I think about the angels and how happy they must be up there to be able to hold and love our precious babies who have gone on. Sending you prayers of healing and comfort.

From: Susan Harrill
On: 10/17/08

I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss of Wiggles. Please find comfort in knowing that Wiggles is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. I am sure that Wiggles and Spooky have become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: http://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/Spook002/resident.HTM Take Care, Susan

From: Josh
On: 8/18/08

Dear Wiggs, very sad that you have gone mate, the house is so quiet without you and no one to talk me into giving you my food. Enjoy rainbow bridge and i bet there are more girls than you could poke a stick at up there. Lotsa love, Josh xx

From: Crystal
On: 8/10/08

Wiggeles what a beautiful fur baby you are. Run & Play at Rainbow Bridge and your family will meet you one day and the reunion will be wonderful. Crystal

From: Col and Boys
On: 8/6/08

Oh Mr Wiggles, you are the most out spoken white ball of fluff I have even known. You have the best judgement of character because you accepted my boys and I as quick as a flash. You welcomed us with gentle yaps and made us feel at home. You ruled the roost even your mum wouldn't deny that and you have left behind the most fantastic memories and laughs it would be hard for any human to top. To live such a short but long life(you know what I mean) and to have touch so many hearts you are truly an angel. Don't worry about your mum she will always be surrounded by loved ones. Have fun at Rainbows Bridge, I'm sure it want take you long to be top dog. Mr Wiggles my family bids you adiou until our paths cross again. Love the Hough Family.

From: Pat Lively
On: 8/4/08

My deepest sympathies to you on your loss. I do know what it is like to lose a loved one, whether Human or one of our special, furry babies. Having lost quite a few of my own and doing dog rescue, it is never easy. From my house of 8 furr babies, to yours, we wish you the best. If you ever need to write please do so. I will be there for you. They never leave us, we just don't see them any more. Their spirit lives on.

From: Allister
On: 8/3/08

Raaaa, your little man has left you for Doggie Heaven, but will always be by your side forever. Like his mother he was one to let us know who was boss, who was the best looking, never out spoken and the life of the party!! Wiggley, do not worry too much about your gorgeous Raa, we shall look after her, when she needs a hug I will be there, when she needs someone to punch, I will send Josh!! Miss you , you white ball of fluff. As you already know Raaa, I'm where ever you need me to be. Kisses and Hugs, Love Al

From: Jade,Kai and Petie
On: 8/2/08

Auntie Rach, We know you’re hurting with sorrow deep and true; We wish that there was something We could do for you. To simply say “We're sorry” just doesn’t seem to be Enough to adequately express our heartfelt sympathy. Night has fallen on your heart and cast a shadow long; Your world is changed forever you can’t believe dear Wiggles is gone. You lost your family member who was loved like all the rest; A loyal, loving companion who always gave his best. But time will heal your broken heart though it may take awhile; Sweet memories will replace the loss you’ll think of Wiggles and smile. He’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge, our dearest friend and will never be alone; He’s carefree and contented now in his new celestial home. In Loving Memory All our love are with you Jade Kai and Peta Southwood xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From: marie
On: 8/2/08

Rachel, words can not describe the hurt you must be feeling with Wiggles gone. Nothing anyone can say or do will make it better, however knowing that you will one day be united with your Wiggles may give you some peace. Wiggles is happy at the Bridge playing around & waiting for the day when he see's you again. In the meantime he will visit you in your dreams to let you know that he is safe & happy. He has made many friends already and he is giving the angles the run-around! Such a beautiful, funloving & fablous dog he brought such joy & happines to everyone that he met. He will never be forgotten, and may we all have the chance of seeing cute Wiggles sometime again xxx

From: Gretta Southwood
On: 8/2/08

Rachel,l'm sure the following is what Wiggles would say to you.I stood by your bed last night,I came to have a peep.I could see that you crying,You found it hard to sleep.I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear,It's me,I haven't left you,I'm well,I'm fine,I'm here.I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea, You were thinking of the many times, your hands reached down to me.I was with you at my grave today,You tend it with such care.I want to assure you,that I'm not lying there.I walked with you towards the house,as you fumbled for your key. I gently put my paw on you,I smiled and said,it's me.You looked so very tired,I tried so hard to tell u,that I was standing there and say to you with certainty,I never went away.The day is over I smile and watch you yawning and say good-night,god bless.And when the time is right for you to cross the divide,I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand,side by side.Be patient,live your journey out then come to me.love G x

From: Julie
On: 7/31/08

Rachel, I am so sorry for your sadness. I lost my faithful friend of 16 years, Timmy, last Saturday and I know how much it hurts. Wiggeles is happy and healthy at the Bridge! Yay! May God comfort and Bless you.


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