Here are some pet transport options:  (ask if there is a rescue rate)

Happy Tails Travel, Inc. (door-to-door): Happy Tails Travel will
assist you with all the necessary details and logistics of your pet's move.
Our goal is a hassle-free, worry-free, safe journey for your pet. All pet
moving and pet shipping services related to pet air travel and animal
transportation are available.

 Linderland Stage Pet Transport Service (door-to-door):  (click on Pet Transport) Linderland Stage
is a door to door small animal delivery service traveling the 48 states. We
offer personal hands on care to your dogs, puppies, cats, or kittens.
PBS Pet Travel -
 A member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation 
Association with over 20 years of experience transporting pets around the world. 
Companion Air:
 "Companion Air is the first airline created specifically for pets and their
owners. We fly very safe and reliable jet-prop aircraft so that we can
operate out of small local airports, fly high and fast, and provide a roomy,
executive class interior. The use of more, smaller aircraft allow us to
provide services much more broadly and at a more reasonable cost. During
peak times we may supplement our fleet but the Companion Air fleet is
comprised of new aircraft purchased and configured for Companion Air, our
pets and owners."

 Sky Ark:
a.  Please check out this website story about a recent long-distance air
transportation rescue of numerous pets nationwide, involving several
shelters and some absolutely wonderful private charter pilots from Sky Ark!!
 Pet Air: offers express counter to counter
airfreight service to assist in rescue placements. We service over 150
airports with the USA. Discounted rates for documented rescue shipments.
 For more information visit our web site at or give
us a call toll free at (877) 359-7387, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Pet Air
1527 Grand Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64106
(816) 471-2412
Toll Free (877) 359-7387 M-F 8:30am - 4:30pm CT
Fax (816) 842-7387
Email flypetair @  (Remove 2 spaces)

The Flying Paws organization is 'Wings of Hope' for companion animals
(dogs, cats, birds, small exotics, rabbits and other small animals) and
those who care for them.  Our volunteers combine the wonderful worlds of
flying and animal rescue to help animal friends in need.The mission of
Flying Paws is to provide fast air tansportation for special needs animals
from rescue groups, fosters, or shelters to a recover NO KILL foster,
shelter or forever home.

Here a list on which there might be some info on flying dogs, as well as
some possible opportunities to find someone to transport them as baggage
(but in cargo):

There may be some volunteer transports announced that are going up and
down CA on:

Here are some lists on which you may find some resources for transport
by volunteers. One would have to map out the entire journey, and coordinate
the legs and the volunteers:

This list is for pets in need, especially puppy-mill dogs, to get to their
forever homes.

Pet Transport Net This list is
for requesting or volunteering to transport a rescued pet  to its new
forever home

 Dog Rescue Railroad This
is a place to post your transportation needs.

 IMOM-xpress Our main purpose is
for the transportation of special needs, older, and/or abused animals,
we will never turn away any animal that needs to get somewhere.

PacWest-Dog-Cooperative Open to members of all
transport/rescue groups, this forum is for dog
rescuers to request and coordinate shelter pulls, foster-care, home visits
and transport within California, Oregon, Washing and B.C. regions.

Rescue Transport This list is
dedicated to the transportation of  Rescue animals. It is a resource in the
transpiration needs of rescue animals.

NHA Rescue The purpose of this group
is to help in arranging transport, to provide support for  "Animal Angels"
who need it in this stressful duty, and to help in finding animals of all
sorts a happy loving home or foster home.

Pet Travel This is a list where you
can post if you are trying to set up transportation for an animal.

CA Rescue RR The purpose of this
list is to network animal lovers throughout California and neighboring
states in an
attempt to transport dogs in need to new homes,rescue groups, etc. Areas
covered: CA, OR, WA, BC, ID, NV, UT, AZ  

Dalmatian Overland Transport Service Sign-up Form

All Breed Rescue This list is
to find volunteers to pull dogs from shelters or foster or keep them
overnight for
transportation and to transport dogs anywhere from to 50 - 100 miles per

 DogTransport This list is for
assisting rescues and shelters in finding drivers to take dogs to
rescue/forever homes.

 Rescue Angels on Wheels We
are a group comprised of Rescuers who transport, Transporters who rescue, or
Big Hearted Animal Loving volunteers willing to help with both.

 At the recommendation of our consulting veterinarian, Continental Airlines
will now require the following to reduce stress and heat exposure, when
shipping or  handling the above-mentioned breeds: Use 1 size larger kennel
than is normally required. Use a kennel with ventilation on 4 sides. (If the
kennel does not have ventilation on 4 sides, modify the kennel by drilling 7 holes in the rear
top and 7 holes in the rear bottom of the kennel using a 3/4 inch keyhole
bit). Acclimate the animal to the kennel by letting the animal spend time in
the kennel for several days before their departure. Do not place food in the
kennel during the flight, just water. Provide plenty of water to the animal
(including frozen water bottles with tiny holes punched in the sides makes a
great watering tool for several hours when placed in the kennel's watering


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