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Memories of Bo

Bo Diddles, Boseph, Our Babiest cat of all....You were so beautiful --gray and white with gorgeous hazel green eyes. You used them to communicate with us every day. Your blinks quietly told us you loved us or that it was time for your dad to feed you turkey. Your head bumps were equally expressive -- I would do anything for just one more "good morning" bump.
You grew from a mischievous little kitten, always into everything, into a beautiful cat, but you were always our "baby". You went from knocking over plants to "hiding" behind them -- you never knew your exposed tail gave you away every time. Your strength and athleticism amazed us -- you glided from floor to table effortlessly. The others knew you were the boss -- "quietly alpha". It was funny how you could tiptoe your way around a cluttered end table without touching a thing, yet if you wanted Chloe's seat, you would walk past her and "accidentally" step on her. Although you never fought with the others, you and Rum Tum Tugger did have some pretty aggressive wrestling matches. You guys were such good buddies -- he misses you as much as we do. Your dad has been picking up the slack and spends lots of time playing with Tugger -- trying to distract him. He's pretty good at catching that felt streamer but we know he'd rather be playing with you.
Bo, you seemed so healthy. We always thought you would grow old with us.
You dodged so many bullets in your 9 lives - first as a baby, then when you developed a urinary tract blockage at 3 years old. You went through so many tests and procedures.. Last summer, the vet noticed a heart murmur. But an ultrasound determined that no medication was necessary. You never showed a sign of illness. And then, on April 7th,your heart stopped and our hearts were broken into a million pieces. We had ten wonderful years with you - not nearly enough. If love could have saved you, you would still be here with us. But, it couldn't and now you're with Sam and Jess. We miss you all so much. Not a day goes by without us thinking of you. We love you, baby boy. Momma and Dad
Hi Baby boy! It's been a month since you left us. We aren't getting used to the idea of you being gone - today your dad went to open the basement window, but he couldn't do it because it brought back memories of you. You loved to sit in that window and just look outside. Those are the kinds of things we miss - the normal, everyday things that made you you. We haven't been able to buy turkey yet - the others don't seem to mind. It was always you who patiently waited for us to unpack the groceries on Sunday morning. You knew your dad would open the turkey and share it with you and Tugger and Shadow. I was sitting on the deck yesterday and looked up at the window you would sometimes sit in. Bo, You are everywhere we look and nowhere we look, and it still hurts terribly. We love you baby. Sounds like you may have met some friends at the bridge. We got lots of nice messages from people who have lost their beloved pets. They understand our pain and have tried to help us feel better. We don't. We miss you everyday. Love, your mamma and dad.
6-17-07 Hi Baby boy, Wednesday would have been 10 years since I picked you out of that rabbit hutch in Tara's backyard. She had rescued a bunch of kitties and you were one of them. Of course, she didn't have space for all of you - even though you were so little. Carol introduced me to you and we both decided to foster care you guys and the rest is history. We always thought you were the lucky one - surviving when the others didn't. But, now we know WE were really the lucky ones - having you own us for almost 10 years. Still waiting for the time that your memories make me smile rather than cry.
3 years have passed and we're still missing you terribly. We adopted a new little girl 2 years ago and she often shows many "Bo like" qualities that make us smile, but of course she doesn't replace you - no one ever will - you are forever in our hearts. We love you and miss you daily.
4.7.2011 - Hi Baby boy, We are still missing your head bumps and quiet love. Abby reminds us of you often with her funny behaviors. Bo, You continue to live very much in our hearts - our memories are snapshots of your love.

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