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Memories of BOO-BOO

If my tears build stairs to get to you , I will be there soon to be with you and hold you in my arms and never let you go. I love you and always will .You are my baby and I am glad you do not have any pain and you are healthy again to play and party after your brief battle with dilated cardiomyopathy . Momma did everything she could .If love could have fixed you , you would still be in my arms . I LOVE YOU FOREVER . Please tell Uncle Max - Baby Boomer - Bogey - RueRue - Holley Four Barrel - Pretty Boy Floyd - Precious Pup - Sadie Mae - Dude - Mino - Cowboy and the rest of the pack , that momma loves them and misses them . I bet Magster was waiting for you (She is the fastest)and your big brothers Max and Boomer , were first inline to greet you . Bugzy sez he misses you and he will do his best to look after momma ,until we are all togeather again . I miss you hogging our bed , stealing all the blankets and waking me up to your woofwoof cover me NOW ! I even miss you ripping up your barneys and trashing the house . What I would not give or do to be picking up your barney stuffings off the floor right now , with you in your chair looking at me , with a smug look on your handsome face . Your kid , mooo and I were talking about you today , about your " i got bugs " dance . I miss you and think of you every minute of the day and night . Thank you for choosing me to be your momma , I could not of asked for a better baby boy .3/10 It has not even been a month since you crossed the bridge , It seems and feels like forever to me .3/17 Happy 10th birthday Moose !!! You are not in my arms , But you are forever in my heart . Momma loves you and misses you very much . 3/18 Well Boo , It has been a month since you have crossed the bridge . I hope you have lots of barneys to shred and I am sure you and the rest of the pack are togeather and happy . Remember when I brought you home for the first time , We went to the barn so you could meet everybody and you decided to mark me as yours ? I was thinking about that and the time we had ribs for dinner and the next day , when I was at work , you got into the fridge and ate all the leftovers ? When I got home and saw the mess , you just smiled and how could I get mad at you ? 4/7 Hi baby ,I hope you are having fun , partying and playing with the pack .Bugzy and I still have sad hearts , missing you . I have been working the nite shift , and I still cry at the gate . All I can think about is you running to the gate to greet me , in the dark , with a big goofy smile on your face ! And that dang stray cat that wandered in , is taking over the yard . Bugzy is not able to put him in his place and that is one big crazy kitty !!! .4/15 Happy Easter Boo ,It has been a long 58 days . 4/18 Hi Boo , Well today is 2 months , since you have crossed the bridge . I think of you and miss you every minute of the day and nite . I love you and know one day we will all be togeather again , Forever ! 5/18 Hiya Moose , You have been gone 3 months today . Momma adopted a blue dobie from the pound . His name is Marco . Bugzy is not sure if he likes him . We miss you and love you and think of you often .6/18 Hi BabyBoy , Well it has been 4 long months , Bugzy and I think of you daily and miss you and love you very much .Hiya Moose , Today marks 5 LONG months since you have been gone , Bugzy and I miss you and think of you every day and night .I love you .Hiya Moose . I am sorry i have not visited more . MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND THE PACK . Bugzy and I miss you and think of you often . And love you ! Happy new year Moose . Hi Boo , I cant believe a year has passed since you crossed the bridge , I think of you day and nite .Bugzy has not bonded with Marco or Dewey , the other rescue dog .I know he is trying to get along with them , but he stll misses his big brother , as i miss my baby BOO . We love you and miss you !1/28/08 Hi Moose, Another year has passed and Puppy and I think of you and miss you everyday. We love you !

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