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Memories of Bracco
It was November 6, 1998. A friend of mine kept pushing me to get a dog. I had my birds and I was pretty content. Finally I said, "Fine, as long as I get a small one so he can't reach the birds cages".

We went to the Norwalk animal shelter. All big dogs. I looked at the warden and said, "I am looking for a small dog". The warden took me further into the kennel. There he was, the very last cage on the right, a little dirty white dog with his tail going a mile a minute. "I'll take him" I said. "I'm sorry he's not available until tomorrow" said the warden. "I'll be back tomorrow". Tomorrow came and I had to pay for him at the police station: $50. I got back to the shelter and I opened the door and the dirty, little white dog greeted me at the door.The warden let him run around the shelter until I got there.

I immediately brought him to Petco and bought everything in sight. I didn't know what to name him, I thought about "Donut" and everyone talked me out of it. I asked Mario, "Mario what is "dog" in Italian?" and he said, "Bracco".

Two years to the date I adopted Bracco I closed on my house. I knew he needed a nice yard to run around in.
He was pretty much the reason why I bought a house.

In 2006 I left my corporate job to a start a pet sitting service.
Once again, all because of Bracco.

Steve and I married in 2006, (he'll tell you he only married me for my dog). Bracco was our ring bearer. It was very important to have him there. He stole the show.

The past 2 years Bracco and I have spent so much time together because I had a short work day. It was heaven for both of us.

He had his yearly visit at the veterinarians the end of February and his blood tests came back normal.

I could tell he was slowing down. I never knew how old he was so I just figured he was just getting old.

When I came home last Wednesday, June 11, Bracco fell over and his gums were white. I rushed him to the emergency clinic.
I drove like a maniac and Bracco just stared at me the whole way.
Bracco had a mass on his spleen. I lost it. I couldn't believe it. I saw him again before I left and he kissed me and I told him I loved him and that we'll go for a nice ride in the car and we'll take a trip. He cocked his head and his ears went up. He was kept there overnight because he was to undergo a blood transfusion. They would remove his spleen early in the morning. Dogs, like humans can function without a spleen.
There didn't seem to be anything else abnormal, his heart and lungs were good. I truly felt he would come out with flying colors and even if they saw other "masses" I knew I would still have some time left with him.

During his surgery the next morning I was informed that his body was riddled with cancer. They couldn't even see his liver as it was covered. Everything was ready to rupture and he would of lost more blood and the transfusion he had the night before was creating complications.
I was sick. I pleaded, I cried, "Is there anything we can do?" "I will pay anything". There wasn't. Even the vet was crying.
I asked if they could wake him up so I could say "goodbye", but they said he would be in excruciating pain from the surgery and to wake him up just to euthanize him minutes later would be torture for everyone. They were right.
So while Bracco was under anesethia I buried my face in his body and we whispered in his ear how much we loved him and that we would see him on the "other side".

Steve and I drove him to the crematorium in Stamford. I took his body out of the "casket" and held him. His body was still warm. I prepared him for his cremation and put his favorite stuffed squirrel toy between his paws and kissed him one last time. He looked so peaceful, like he was sleeping.

It's been 9 1/2 years. Bracco slept with me every night. He was smart, happy, full of life and taught me so much. Everyone who met him adored him. He never bit or growled at anyone. He truly was, "The perfect dog". He was my child.

Bracco made such an impact on my life I truly will never be the same and I will mourn him until the day I die and am able to be reunited with him once again. - Jody

2010 - Bracco, I miss you so much. Dad is now a dog groomer! All because of you!
2011 - Bracco, your video was on TV! Thank you for all the signs you have given us. We can't wait to see you again! Love, Mom & Dad

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