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Memories of buddy

Buddy was an energetic salt &pepper miniature schnauzer who loved to play with his pen mates all day and dance around for treats. He was a loving friend and family member. We will never forget the love and joy he gave us when we came home daily. He was the king of the kruners when the siren went off. 6 months ago he stopped barking and we found he had a swollen lymph node, that was cured after awhile, then we noticed he wasnt barking or energetic when we got home, it got worse and worse daily. We got really concerned when he didi not eat or want a treat, and noticed his weight loss. We took him to the vet and they said his blood count was very low and he needed exploratory surgery. He had a blood transfusion for surgery and found he had a ruptured spleen, it was immediately taken out. 2 days later he came home in good shape and we thought in time he will be fine. 3 days later he was very listless and just wanted to lay around, we held him every day when we came home. We knew if he did not get better we would have a hard decision to make. His situation worsened and we decided for his sake to let him go, we could not stand him suffering, the day before the vet visit, kate took him to the pen to see the other dogs 1 last time and he collapsed. I knew then he had no energy left to survive. wE TOOK HIM TO THE VET THE NEXT DAY AND HAD SOME QUIET TIME WITH HIM, BEFORE PUTTING HIM TO SLEEP, OUR HEARTS ACHED FOR HIM, BUT KNEW IT WAS BEST. hE LAID IN kATES LAP WITH HIS HEAD ON MINE AS HE WAS INJECTED. tHE VET SAID SHE HAD NEVER SEEN A DOG GO DOWNHILL SO FAST AFTER SURGERY. Ilooked into his eyes and thanked him for being a wonderful companion for 10 years, kissed his head and closed his eyes. His ashes are on our mantel and a memorial stone sits in the pen with a picture. We will never have anpther pet quite like him, even though we have 5 others, he will be greatly missed, but not forgotten. Hope you have a good time with new friends at the bridge, till we meet again my buddy

5/19/11 Hi buddy. It has been nearly a month since you left for the bridge. i put a treat on your memorial stone. You nephew 'lil Butch had his teeth done today, and had to have some pulled. I think when I took him out of the pen, Rambo and Cindy were afraid he might not come back. They waited at the gate all day until he came home this afternoon. I just hope you know those last days after your transfusion and surgery are cherished as we spent every waking moment with you on our laps and in our bed sleeping. I mis looking into those beautiful schnauzer amber eyes. We have all sorts of pictures of you growing up with your brother Rambo and one time mate Cindy. I also have pictures of Cindy's and your puppies. I look at them every day. I miss you and love you forever

6/2/11 hi Buddy
I just talked to aunt theresa, and she will probably visit you soon. butch, cindy and rambo are going to get a bath and a haircut soon, but you don't need to worry about getting your beard shaved off this time!!!! you don't have a fence to poke your nose through anymore you are FREE!!
I can not wait to hold you in my arms again. I miss you terribly XXOO forever mommy

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