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Memories of Beethoven 3
Dear Beethoven: You and your littermate brother Cookie, came into our lives, at the age of 10 weeks old. On July 04, 1996. Unfortunately you left us at the age of 6years. Osteosarcoma took your life on July 01, 2002.... ...During your 6 years with us, you were a content and happy Fur baby. Playing with your brother, Cookie, other furbaby playmates Furgy and your Fur Mommy Tippy..... ...When you were about 3years old another Fur baby came to live with us, his name is ChewChew. You developed seizures, at the age of 3, daddy took you to the Dr. Dr. Moffett kept you for a few days to get you under control. When you came home you were on meds 2 times a day. Daddy gave you your meds in Peanut butter, which you loved. Daddy being the kind person he is, would give the other furbabies a treat also. Your lives were uneventful, just doing doggie things. Everything went along fine until March of 2002. You developed an abscess on your right rear paw. Mommy packed your foot in ice and Daddy took you to the Dr.. DR. Balch saw you this time. gave you some antibotics and kept you over night, she wanted to work on your paw the next morning. Dr. Balch thought it would be best for you to stay a few days, to give your paw a chance to heal. She knew you would get it dirty as soon as possible. You stayed a few days. While you were there, you were spoiled even worse. They didn't get Saint Bernards very often. You came home in a few days and daddy would change your bandages, he even put a sock of his on your paw, try and keep your bandage clean. Unfortunately, the paw would not heal. Dr. Moffett, Dr. Balch and Dr. Freeman, all decided the best thing to do was to keep you and watch what happens. You became the delight of everyone, The Drs. and Techs would bring their children in at night and on the weekends to play with you. On May 2nd,2002 you were out for a walk with some of the staff, you started limping and they immediately X-Rayed your Left Rear Leg. To their devastation you had Osteosarcoma.... We were given the options, no guarantees. We decided against Amputation, Chemo, Radiation. The Cancer had spread to far, It was already in your lungs. We were told to bring you home, give you pain meds and LOTS and LOTS of TENDER LOVING CARE. This we did. You seemed to be doing okay until June 30, 2002, You took a turn for the worse and never recovered, Monday, July 01, 2002 at 4:55P.M. you went to Rainbowsbridge, with daddy, Judy(Breeder)and mommy, there with you telling you how much we love you. Dr. Balch administered the meds to relieve your pain and send you to Rainbowsbridge, where you will be a pain free and happy puppy again. Playing with your mommy and daddy and grandpa and all the other fur babies. You are missed and loved by your Furry family, also Mommy and Daddy.

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