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Memories of Calliope
July 19th 2012. I never expected you to leave me so soon Boom-Boom. I thought for sure with all the meds you were on we could beat this rotten CHF, but it was not meant to be. When I saw you on the floor I scooped you up in my arms and cradled you like a baby. I kissed your sweet face, stroked your precious head. You took both your front paws and patted my face with them as if trying to comfort me. You then leaned closer to me, licked my chin, looked me straight in the eye and then....you left. I tried CPR. But your journey had already begun when you kissed me farewell. I held your warm and still body close to mine, not wanting to let go. Honey, you left me with such a deep hole in my heart that I know it will never mend.

I took you to the rock garden where your sisters Sew-Phey and Sadie Rose lay sleeping. I buried you close to them, wrapping you in one of your favorite blankies. I placed a tiny little daisy in your paws, gave you one last kiss goodbye and gave you back to Mother Earth.

September 17. Honey, I have no idea how I managed to get through these past 2 months. Every night ends the same way it began. Weeping. I miss you my beloved little "Soul Pet". I can't begin to tell you all the nights I have cried myself to sleep. I don't know why the Good Lord took you. I can only guess he had a sweet young child that needed someone to love and hold. I miss you Boom-Boom......Forever will I love you....Forever will I mourn for you. Sleep on a soft cloud with your sisters Honey and come to me in my dreams so at least I can see you. I love you Calliope Primrose Jane....Mommy

9/19/2012 My baby, you have been gone for 2 months Honey. How sad to not see your precious face under the covers when I awoke. I miss you Boom-Boom. Things are not the same since you kissed me farewell. I'd give anything to have you back in my arms. I love you my beloved little girl!!!! Mommy

9/26/2012 Been having a lot of tearful nights Honey. I miss you so much baby! I can't seem to understand why you left when you seemed to be ok that morning! I love you precious Boom-Boom....Mommy
10/12/2012 I am still weeping for you baby! Fozzy Bear is a noisey little Hamster. That wheel of his keeps me awake all night long. I don't mind. Brings me back to the days when you were a kit and squaked all night. I'd give all I owned to spend one more day with you Boom-Boom...One more day to hold you, caress you and rain kisses all over your precious face. One more day to tell you how much I love you, just one more day...........I am so lost without you.....Mommy

10/19/2012. You have been gone for three months today baby! I am so terribly lost without you. I miss you Honey. The days are long, but the nights grow cold and lonely. I wish you were here! My love for you will go on for all eternity....My precious little angel...I love you...mommy

11/19/2012. Happy 4 months in Rainbows Bridge Honey. Mommy misses you so much! I LOVE YOU!!!! Mommy

Sad to say I had to let Jeepers go to a man who raises GP's. Billy said Jeepers is already a 2 times daddy to a whole litter of little ones. I miss him, but the alergies were driving me nuts! He is happy....I miss you.....


6 months today my beloved one. I miss you so much Honey. I wish you were here to kiss away my pain. I wish you were here so I could hold you, kiss you and bury my tears in your precious fur. My love for you is eternal baby! My heart aches so much for you Boom-Boom. I look out of my bedroom window and can see your tiny little grave. Oh Honey, why did you leave me? Were you in that much pain that you could no longer stand it? Sweetheart, Mommy loves you.....

January 31, 2013 Forgive me precious Calliope, but I need someone to kiss away my pain. So this coming June another skunk is coming to me. A little grey and white boy whom I am going to name of all things Mosquito, then I can call him Bugsy for short. I hate to think of another skunk taking your spot next to me, but honestly Honey I can't bear it another night without a skunk in my arms. I will for all eternity love you Boom-Boom you know that. Nights are so hard to fill. I still wake up each and every night searching for you in my bed, then realize you are forever gone...then I weep so hard I wake my daughter Mite up. She sits with me for a while, but she is still so young that she doesn't understand the pain I am going through. Bless her heart, I love her so much. He is due to be born sometime in May. Look over him Honey. Send his Heavenly spirit to me and tell him he will be loved and spoiled by me. You were so loved it hurts! And yes Honey, I did spoil you so much. I miss you Calliope so much. The tears will always be there, just the way they are with Sew-Phey and Sadie Rose. Send my most cherished little girls my love will you please? You girls were my salvation in this crazy mixed up world. I wish you were all here with me. I will send you a picture when he arrives. I do pray he has Sew-Phey's sweet temperment, Sadie Rose's shy ways and your spitfire personality! You will always walk with me baby and when my time is up, I will meet with you all again never to be parted again. I truly wish that is the truth! I miss you love, I love you so much. Sweet dreams baby....Mommy

March 19, 2013 My precious one, you are gone 8 months today and oh how much I miss you baby! Everynight I cry for you I
hold the skunk that looks just like you and cry into that make believe fur. To have had more day with you Honey. One more kiss and one more hug. I miss you night and day. Today is the first day of spring, but to me I am still back on July 19, 2012 when you said farewell Mommy. Mommy loves you My Boom-Boom! So much....

April 19, 2013 My love, you are gone 9 months today. So hard for me to get into my rock garden knowing you are sleeping there for all eternity. The only form of peace I have is knowing we all will be together someday. Precious little angel...I love you so....Mommy

May 19, 2013 Happy 10 months in Heaven baby! I miss you so much Honey....I LOVE YOU BOOM-BOOM'S A LOT!!!!

July 18, 2013 Know what tomorrow is baby girl? One year ago that you left me! I miss you Boom-Boom! I love you!!! Mommy

July 19, 2013 5:35am One year ago today Boom-Boom you passed away in my arms. I relive that day over and over again! How I ever got through that year is amazing! I miss you baby....I love you Honey....Mommy

May 5, 2014 Happy 9 Birthday Honey! I wish you were here so I could help you blow out your birthday candles. Honey......I love you so much! Mommy

Tell me Honey, what do you think of Snickers? He is a handful!

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