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Memories of Domino
He found me in an unlikely place. He was lost, sick and hurt. He found me after the storm and somehow understood that I would help him. Home he came with me and we've been together since- through thick and thin. With troubles and a deadly disease he was a brave little guy. He fought for life and gave me his love. I will always remember him and there will be a place in my heart that is empty until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Sleep well Fifat and rest until that day .
I put you in the pine forest because of the beautiful music the wind plays through the pines. You used to love playing in the stream that runs by.
May 14,03 Hi Domino, It's so good to visit with my little boy. I know you are well and having fun at the Bridge. It's about summer now so I'll change your scenery... Hope yopu like it. Karen signed you guest book and I bet you have met her little boy Bob. She sent you a yummy sandwich and she hopes you will send a butterfly to me. You Mommy sent one after she left us so I know it can happen. Take care little guy and have fun till Lucy and I see you at the Brigge. Love you, Dad
Feb 5, 2014. Hi Domino, Guess Dad has been neglecting your site but I think about you a lot little guy. It has been a cold and snowy winter here this year and now already it has been five years since you left us. Lucy is getting a little gray around her muzzle. She is fine and says hello Fifat. We try to get out and do some hunting but it's too cold now that she and I are getting older. So we will just take things a little slower now and continue missing our Fifat
I checked your resting place and cleaned it. You stone is there in memory of you. Have fun with your buddies at bridge and Dad and Lucy will see you some day.
Mar,2014 Hi Domino, Well Spring has finally arrived. Although it's still a little cool out I'm sure it will warm up soon. Hope my little boy is happy and doing well. Lucy and I miss you. We have had two roosters coming up from the Steenrod's. I feed them and Lucy points at them. She would like to chase them but I have scolded her and she now knows to hold on them. It is funny to watch her point them like they were wild game birds. Well that's her job, isn't it? Changing your scenery to Spring now so things will be refreshed for you. Miss you little boy. Can't wait to see you again some day at the Bridge, Rest easy and have fun till next time. Dad
April 2014, Summers almost here and I think of you often. There was a visitor kitty here a few days ago that looks a lot like you. I sure would enjoy petting and talking to him. Hopefully he might come back. I'm afraid for him as he is white and black like you and easy to spot. Hope something bad doesn't happen to him. He lives with several other kittys across the road. I'm changing your scenery for summer. Hope you like it. Have fun and play with your friends and Dad will see you later. Lucy says hello.
6/25/14 Hi buddy boy. Good to talk with you again. It has been a wet summer so far here and now getting hot. I'll bet it's beautiful at the bridge. Hope you are having fun with all your friends there. Dad misses his Fifat. Someday we'll be together again. I have tried to befriend a kitty from across the road here that looks just like you but he is afraid so haven't made contact. It would be fun to be friends with him even though it is not you. Dad has some walking issues trying to get rsolved. Just getting older Domino so time is passing and I'll be seeing you someday soon. Lucy is fine and misses you too. I know this because I tell her to look for the ki ki and she does but you're not there. Love you little guy.

August,2014 There's my boy. Hi Domino dad's back with you. Hope you're finding the bridge lot's of fun. It's still summer here and the weather is nice. I don't look forward to winter weather any more. I'm going to see Robin this weekend and have dinner while she's in the area. Hope we have a good time together. You didn't know Robin but she would have loved you because she loves all animals especially Kitty Cats. Lucy is here by my side and says hello. She goes to Doc today for her heartworm exam. Trying to keep her healthy. She is 7 now and doing well. So I'll go now and see you later. Love you, Dad
9/24/14- Hi Domino. Dad's here to visit. It's Fall now and the leaves are changing color.Changed to Fall scenery and new song "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU." Mowed the grass in your resting place yesterday and everything is fine there. You've been there for five years now and Dad will never forget you. I will keep this place as long as our FATHER keeps me here. Don't want anything tochange for you. Looking forward to the day we will meet at the bridge. Won't that be grand?Always thinking of you.Have fun until the next time I visit. Love you little boy.
12/17/14 Hi Domino. It's almost Christmas here and I'm sure it's also at the Bridge. Hope you get lot's of presents to play with. Dad left you one. It's been good weather but cold now. Dad's been leaving some kitty food out in the well house for a feline visitor that lives outside. He's hungry cause he has been after the birds. Hope the food helps. Debbie was here and spent some time with LUCY and me. Dad misses Domino. There is a Ki Ki that looks like you, a little, that comes from across the road. He is afraid to stay and let me pet him. Maybe some day he will stay a while. Well Merry Christmas little boy and I'll talk toyou later.

2/06/15 Hi Domino, It's been 6 years since you left us and Dad still misses you a lot. It has been great weather here. Wish you could be here to enjoy it with Lucy and me. I suppose the weather is always nice at the bridge. It's early but I put Spring in your residency. Hope you like it. Lucy is such a good girl. Dad has to leave here sometimes for a few hours and she waits to go outside. I am so proud of her. I'm going to check your site soon and clean the tree droppings. Have fun with your friends at the bridge and I'll see you some day. Love you, Dad and Lucy.

2/17/15 I love my buddy.I put your photo on the desktop so I can see my little boy more often. It's still cold and snowy here but Spring is just around the corner. Dad loves the memory of my favorite Ki KI.
3/16/15 Gosh buddy it's been over six years since you left Lucy and me. I miss you still but I know you are having fun at the Bridge. I have been doing a potrait of the neighbor's Wyandotte rooster. I plan to enter it in the Lake Art's Council Art show this month. Unfortunately he atacked dad today and his spures dug deep in my leg. Been feeding him but now can't trust him.
Anyway,it is spring here in Missouri and 80 degrees today. I will till the garden soon and remember when my Domino loved to play in the Garden Bye for ow Love You, Dad
Hi buddy boy. It's April 2 today and all the April fool's jokes are done. It's raining today.It will be good for May flowers. Dad clened up the brush over by your place yesterday. It overlooks the little stream you loved to spend some time at. Miss you so much I do hope and pray you are happy at the Bridge. Bye for now. See you
May 2015 Hi buddy. Dad's here. I know you miss me and Lucy like we do you. Lucy had surgery yesterday for some tumor removal and she had her teeth cleaned also. She looks so good now. We miss you little boy. Summer is about here and it has been raining so the grass and flowers will grow now. Hope you're doing well and miss you. See you later, Dad
July 27,2015 Hi Domino, It sure has been very hot her. Really miserable, so Lucy and Dad don't go out much. Summer is about half over now. Hope we have a good winter. I know it's great where you are. Hope you are having fun at the Bridge with all of your friends. Sure miss my little boy and Lucy says hello. We have a lot of furry friends about. Namely, bunnies, and Lucy tries to catch them but she can't. Many have been born this year. Brian and Lauren came up from Dallas to help Grandpa last week. You never met Lauren, Brian's wife, but I know you would love her. They helped clean the house and yard. The weeds are getting out of hand but good places for the bunnies to hide from Lucy. Best go now and we'll see you later. Have fun little boy. Love you.

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