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Memories of Einstein
He never dug a hole, Never chewed what was not his, and he loved Dragonfly's He alway's knew just before his daddy came home, and was alway's there the greet me it the door.

Hi Einstein it's mommy were starting a new year now.with out you here it feels like were starting a new life, as you are too. Tori misses you as do all the cats. I feel like cleaning up the house a bit and changing things nothing big. the place you laid is still there it looks like a big empty hole. daddy sends his love, Happy new year and new life love you, good boy Einstein, love Mommy

Hi Einie, Mommy and Daddy for still so sad But we did not want you to suffer I know you did not want to go but now you are comfortable and well. It saw time to send you to heaven to wait for us I know you"ll look over us in this new year and forever. you will always be in your hart's I wish you could still be with us. One day we will see you again. night Einie bed time, good boy Einstein good boy. love mommy and daddy

Hi Einstein, It's mommy It is so cold here it's 32 outside I know you. You would just go outside go to the bathroom, play find the treat and come right back in. you should be happy your in heaven were your not cold. I do wish you were here with mommy and daddy, daddy sends he love, You go make some new friends and wait for me at the bridge, I love you Boy! good boy Einstein good boy.

Hi Einstein, It's Mommy It's realy cold tonight there ice on the patio Iam go glad your warm. I wanted you to know that mommy and daddy will come to get you, but we do have a little more time to be here on Earth, It's every lonely with out you, and I need to feel safe. I know you are looking over us. We have a puppy in mind until we can come to you I hope we have your blessings He's a little red Dobie boy born 1/4/10 Iam hopeing he will be you or just like you. maybe you can help guide him and us I don't have a name for him yet. maybe you can help, I wish you could have lived
as long as I could I just miss you so much. Things will never be the same with out you. Rest, play and look over mommy and daddy. I love you. good boy Einstein good boy. your the best dog I ever had.

1/14/10 Hi Einstein, wish you could be harer for daddy right now he not feeling to good. He would love to have some kind of a sign from you that your ok he and I thing about you every day just poke daddy with your nose or brush up againt him or send a bark let us know your still with us in gods way I love boy. send us a sign. good boy Einstein good boy. Love mommy

1/18/10 Hi Eine, I miss you more every day I know your sprit is with mommy and daddy the puppy is coming soon I named him Ozzi I will call him Oz for short I hope you like it and I hope your sprit will guide him and us thougth our lifes until one of us comes to get you at Rainbow Bridge Love you boy good boy Einstein good boy.

1/28/10 Hi Eine, It's mommy I got your letter today I am happy that your not sick any more, But I still want you back. Daddy and I cryed as we read you letter today. remember I told you about the puppy we get to see him next Sunday. I would like you to help us take care of him please look over him from heaven and welcome him until mommy and daddy meet you at the bridge hes your little brother here on Earth until we come to be with you if ozzy gets here before us he will meet you and stay with you and let you know how we are. We miss you very much I wish you never had to leave love you boy. good boy Einstein good boy

2/7/10 Hi Einstein Hope you have ment some new friends look out for Newby He's a good dog who come use a good friend to play with now. mommy and daddy miss you very much we wish you never had to leave us the day we had to give you to god was very painful we know your better off in heaven we went to see the puppy you sent us today and it seemed like he knew just who we were he's going to be a great dog please bless us and him and we will meet you at the bridge when it's our time I will pick you up and take you to heaven with me love you boy good night Einstein bed time good boy Einstein good boy

3/2/10 Hi Einstein we picked up the puppy Ozzy saturday he's a good boy but I wish you were till here I always wanted to get you a puppy but I did'nt know if you wanted one or not then you grew old and got sick.Ozzy is having a truble with the crate maybe you can help him you always loved the crate Ozzy,s not going to be you nor just like you but with your help he can be a good dog so for mommy and daddy look down on him and us and help mommy and daddy to raise him. love you evey much Einie good boy Einstein good boy

4/4/10 Hi Einstein it's mommy hope you are having a good Easter today sory I hav'nt talked to you sooner, But we've been busy with puppy Ozzy he's a hand full I still need your help traing him he's getting better but your the best trainer you know. Please look down on mommy and daddy and Ozzy and let us know what to do. My car is not so good now I know you loved your rides. I love you and miss you daddy misses you too. I wish you were here with us we will see you again I promise. buy for now. right to you soon love mommy. good boy Einstein good boy

5/9/10 Hi Einie, it's Mommy's Day I wish you were here to hug. Daddy and I miss you very much. Ozzy been a hand full. He starts school tommrow just like you did when you were a puppy. maybe you can help me with this he does good but he won't come when we call him you always did. I miss what a good dog you were. Have you ment a lot of good friends there. I sure you have. all the kitty's say hi. well wish us luck with Ozzy puppy. I can't wait you see you again. Love Mommy and Daddy good boy Einstein good boy.

6/21/10 Hi Einstein it's mommy it,s the 1st day of summer and boy it's hot the first time I spoke to you in heaven it was real cold. I can't beleave it's been 6 months you've been gone I miss you so if Ozzy were not here I would not be busy and I would be lonley it's not like having you here nothing like it or did I just forget how puppyhood is I wish you would come back, Ozzy is as big as you where I still and always will need your help with Ozzy and Daddy too. send me a sign that your o.k. love you boy good boy Einstein good boy

7/14/10 Hi Einstein it's Mommy I miss you boy well Harley passed away today he should be there with you soon if he's not already. Please tell him Daddy and Mommy love him and miss him and mommy did every thing I chould to save him just as I did with you daddy said to tell you hi. The dragonfly I keep seeing is that you sending him. Tori almost eat him. I will speak you again soon take care of Harley and be a good boy you alway are. love you good boy Einstein good boy

9/23/10 Hi Einnie it's Mommy how are you I wish could be here with Daddy and I it's fall now still hot but it will get cooler soon I rememder how you love to take walks at night with Daddy how is Harley take care of him Ozzy is so hard to train mayby you can help me You were so good when you were a pup I send you some new toys and a mouse for Harley hope you like them I can't wait to see you again love you boy good boy Einstein good boy

12/3/10 Hi Einnie it's Mommy will it's almost Xmas. Xmas was the last day of your life with us this is Mommy and Daddy's frist Xmas with out you. we miss you very much Daddy is going to have a hard time with it. I got Daddy a frame with a photo of you your birth date and death date and a rainbow bridge saying for Xmas You need to guide me and how to give it to him I am going to renew your Rainbow Bridge so we can talk. I will speek to you Xmas day hope you like your flowers I send don't eat them there bad for you love you boy good boy Einstein good boy

12/24/10 Hi Einstin it's Mommy it's Christmas Eve this time last year I was feeding you by hand to keep you alive thru Xmas so you could spend it with us tomorrow it going to be hard for mommy and daddy. Daddy said to say Merry Xmas to you and he will open your gift tomorrow after everyone leaves We miss you I fell you here with us do you have every thing you need let me know last year we started the new year without you this year we start with Ozzy's first Xmas and his first new years his a very hard puppy to work with nothting like you. you were a good boy mommy with take to you tomorrow after daddy opens his gift from you Merry Xmas Einstein good boy here a Xmas song for you

12/25/10 Hi Einnie It's Christmas Day last Xmas was your last day with us daddy opened your gift it made him cry mommy too tomorrow will be hard too a day we had you put you down I want you to know that was a last thing we wanted to do but that was no way to live even if you lived on for a little longer I love you and will never forget you love mommy good boy Einstein good will talk to you tomorrow

5/21/2011 Hi Einie This Mommy I sorry I hav'nt talked I to for a while mommy's been very busy I know your looking down on me and hope you understand why Daddy & I miss you very much still Ozzy is nothing like you he's hard to deal with he is getting better but has an anxity thing going on hope you can help have you seen Harley is he ok are you ok I will always remember you and what a good dog you are give us a sign to let us know you are still with us in some way don't foreget mommy or daddy will stop the Rainbow Bridge to get you some day love you boy love mommy & daddy good boy Einstein good boy

12/25/11 Hi Einstein it's mommy Merry Christmas boy, I know it's been a while since I wrote to you daddy and I have been working hard to get every thing done. we are moving from the home you knew when you were with us. and I know this was the last day you spent with us Xmas Day. we miss you so much and always will. I think you would have liked the new house mommy and daddy are going to your ashes will be there with us Please give me some kind of a sign today that you are with us in some way Merry Xmas boy. good boy Einstein good boy

1/4/13 hi Einstein it's mommy it's been a year since I spoke to you i don't know the date the Rainbows Bridge is up so I am speaking to you now daddy and I still miss you very much we have moved into a new house we are doing ok it has taken this whole year the get settled in it's a big house but lots of stairs to go down paige is with you now please take care of her Ozzy's birthday is today the puppy we have now pain in the neck you were realy good he's getting better I wish you could come back to us well i may not keep rainbows Bridge I will see if I don't take to you on this site we will take thru our soles love you boy good boy Einstein good boy

12/26/13 Hi Einnie, It's been a long time since a talked to you today makes 4 years since your passing. 2013 has been a bad year grandpa broke his hip the music closed down daddy got new eyes that was good mommy can't see good any moore we realy miss you and always will. Ozzy has turned out to be a good dog but still nothing like you. Daddy siad he misses you and he will stop to get you on his way to heaven. mommy will see you on the way too. be a good boy and take care of Paige, Tawny, and Harley love you boy good boy Einstein good boy

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