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Memories of Emie

She came into our lives and captured our hearts. For months I had seen Emie and her puppy running around my place of employment. One day a co-worker saw her puppy on the side of the road with Emie standing by her side. We took the puppy to the vet but her tiny body did not recover from the accident. Emie stood at the spot were her puppy was hit for days. After about three weeks Emie was back. Our building supervisor decided she was a a problem and had animal control come to get her. I tried previously to catch her to no avail. I could not stop thinking about her so I acted on it. My mom and I drove to the pound picked her out of the crowd and adopted her. I had to wait five long days to bring her home. In the meantime we bought her everything needed for a proper homecomming.
Emie came home and just slept as to be expected.She was recovering from being spayed. I took her to the local vet the next day and was told that my girl was sick with fever. She was given antibiotics and I promptly took her back for a checkup the next day. Her fever was gone. She had her first bath and on went the pink collar. The next few days she had a mild appetite and was just content to rest and go for short walks. We would see other dogs playing and I couldn't wait for the day to see Emie out there playing with them. On the the fouth of July we went on our first visit to my moms house and she sat up in the back of my suv. I was so excited to look in my rearview mirror and see her little face. I welcomed the nose art on my windows. She was starting to follow me around my house! She even started to give me kisses. The next day she lost her appetite but the vet called with good news. All of her blood work looked good. He said if she did not eat for the rest of the day to bring her in the following day. After her walk the next day I gave her the usual kiss on the nose and told her she needed to eat or else back to vet. Emie passed shortly after I left for work.
As quickly as she came into our lives...she left. Im in agony over the million "what if's". My mom summed it up this way. You dont know what she went through before she was yours. She was heartbroken over the loss of her puppy not to mention the ones that didn't survive as long as the one that was hit. Emie died as a part of family, in her home, loved, with a name. She touched us with her sweet soul and then she was gone. I cried over the fact that she never wagged her tail or played with her toys. My mom said all she could do was give kisses. I was the only one who got kisses...she knew. Instead of playing with her toys here on earth she is playing with her puppies...this is comforting. Emie came into my life to be remembered.She has the sweetest soul. She didn't come and go without notice as so many dogs do. She found a new family and a home. She is loved...her puppies needed her more.
7/27/05 Hi momma girl I miss you so much. It's been three weeks without you now and I wish I could think of you and not cry. I'm sure your puppies are happy to have you...I wish I could have taken care of you longer. I have your leash and collar at the door so I see them every morning when I leave. My little girlie I miss you..Love Mom

1/24/06 Hi momma girl..I miss you. Happy new year. Can you believe we had a bit of a cold snap here in Florida. I changed your season to winter although I dont think we will see snow anytime soon. I wish you will here laying in bed. How is your little girl doing? Mamma girl I just wanted to say hello...xoxo Mom

6/02/06 Hi Mamma Girl...I miss you so much. Its almost a year now and I still cry. This weekend is the only weekend we had together. A lot has happened this past year. I just want you to know that you're my girl and miss you. Otis is up there, please take care of him. Mamma girl I'll see again someday you're in my heart forever. Love MOM

7/6/06 Hi Mama girl its a year today...I miss you more. Love MOM

7/6/07 Hi Mama girl, I miss you so much. Two years and it feels like forever. Lots going on here. Nickey is with you know please look after him with your motherly love as he is a gentle soul but still a boy! I miss you so much and am thankful to have known you if even for a short time Love MOM.

7/6/10 Hi momma girl, miss you so much. Chopper is with you now as well, look after him for me. It was blessing to have you in my life. Love mom xx

7/12/11 Hi momma girl miss you so much. I do hope you are minding Chopper and Nick...they can be a handful! You are loved and missed my angel. Love mom xx

7/6/2012 Hi momma girl, I'm missing you as always. My angel our time on earth together was so short but such a lesson. I love you and you have touched me in a way I cant describe. I know you have your paws full minding the little ones Otis, Chopper, and Nickey. I know you will manage and I hope they are being good. My angel one day we will pick up where we left off. xxxx love Mom

7/17/2013 Hi momma girl, I'm still missing you and thinking of you often. I still can wonder what would have been. We found each other for reason. I hope the boys are behaving but I know you're minding them just fine. I miss you my angel. Love always, mom xxx

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