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Memories of LIL' RAT
Lil' Rat was my first little "fuzzie" that I saved from a unwanted home. I had to rename him to protect him from his former owner, and I thought he looked like a big cute rat, thus the alias name "Lil' Rat". He was nearly dead when I got him, but with time, patience, and a lot of love, plus an excellent vet, he spent nearly 2 years bringing joy and hapiness into my life. He died exactly 7 months to the day of my father's death. He taught me what "being a ferret" meant. I dedicate this site to him, and still "feel" his presence with me. Your step-sister Gizmo has also joined you. Another "rescued" ferret, Beanie Baby, that you never met is with you also. My big boy, Sammy, and his girlfriend, Nipper, have joined all of you also. Ask Gizmo to introduce Sammy & Nipper to you, so they feel welcome. Don't forget to have Sammy and Nipper introduce Beanie Baby to you too! Gizmo used to play with Sammy by dragging him around the house by the scruff of his neck! Now maybe she'll lay off of you some! Gizmo and Nipper tend to quarrel, so you'll have to break them up. I know God has a special place for animals, because we are all on this earth as God's creatures. Until we meet again Lil' Rat, you have given me the strength and courage to care for others like you! You started a love of ferrets for me, and it hurts so much when I have to say goodbye to each of my babies. I know that all of you just sent me this stray kitty kat, and Meowzer will never replace any of you, but she does help fill that hole in my heart. God Bless your soul! I love you and miss you. Your Mommy Update: I went in to buy cat and bird food and came home with a little fuzzie that I named Snickers! She was born Nov 23, 2003 so she keeps me busy. I guess the time was right for a new fuzzie- she kind of looks like Gizmo...Since then Nasty the bird has died, and I adopted a rescue ferret Punkin. Here I go again with the pitter patter of little fuzzbutts getting into everything.... Another Update: I've added 2 more fuzzbutts that my friends kids weren't spoiling...Tigger a boy, and his girlfriend Jill (an albino)...now the cat is in great shape being chased by all four ferrets!!! Make that 5 NOW!!! I adopted another boy Clam Bone who looks like a black bear cub. He is HUGE!!! ANOTHER UPDATE: i adopted 2 more fuzzies- Tammy (a DEW-dark eyed white) and Rasco (another big boy, but more chocolate color) so now I'm up to 7 babies!

Please also visit Beanie Baby, Gizmo and Nipper.

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