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Memories of Mama's Molly Girl
She was such a beautiful, precious gray DLH who lived in an abusive home her 1st 2 yrs b4 being rescued by Kelly & her Cat Rescue in 2000. We had just lost our Bailey dog 6 mos prior & I went to PetsMart 2 adopt another dog, but found my Molly instead!! Fell in love w/her the minute I saw her & knew we cld give her a very loving home!! She was very shy & untrusting at first, but once she warmed up 2 us, she literally became my shadow. She was the pic of health for 5 more yrs, except in 2004 when we think a car hit her, knocking out her front tooth, skinning her nose & she had a cast on her poor little front leg, broken in 2 places, 4 almost a year. Somehow she drug herself home, bleeding everywhere so I wld see her by the garage door. But with lots of love, her healing XanGo juice & her healing Rock Salt Lamp, she was a survivor yet once more...back to her precious/royal/regal/loving self again..until..that awful day 01/11/2006 when I came home from out of town 2 find a huge lump on her throat. I clld our Vet asap, but they could not C her for 2 days..Mistake# 1 in hindsight now, I wish I had taken her 2 another Vet, the ER or just kept her home bec. of what she suffered, totally unnecessarily, at our now ex-Vet's on 01/13, the day she left me. When we got there, they took her from me & put her in the back under oxygen & observation, thinking it was just poison in her system from an insect or spider bite inside her throat. They told me 2 go home & they wld call me..mistake# 2..I should have never left her. They FINALLY clld near closing time, hrs later, 2 say we needed 2 pick her up at 6:30 3 take her 2 the Animal ER 4 overnight. We arrived early at 6:15, but saw no one until the Vet walked out at 6:30 2 tell us our Molly had died on the table at 6:28. She did not deserve 2 die this way in pain/scared w/o her Mama there 2 hold her & all alone. I became very suspicious of the vet then..I had to INSIST he let me see her, he did not want 2 AT ALL, but I wanted 2 touch & hold her...she was still warm....then I INSISTED on taking her home right then. Vet was unhappy again, but I took her home w/me.

So we will really never know, Little One, what happened 2 U. It was God's decision 2 take you, this we do not question at all, 4 we know U are safely on His Bridge w/our other furkids, safe & w/no more pain. Molly 'visited' me several times in the following month..soft,warm wisps of air across my lap or around my ankles as I worked in my home office...I knew it was her, trying 2 comfort me. Her Dad & our other furkids at home tried 2 comfort me also. Her 2 furry Cat Brothers & 2 furry Dog Sisters knew how sad Mama was & tried 2 behave more. She was our Baron Cat's Protector, but did not like our other cats much, or our Dakota Dog (who was sorry she used 2 scare & chase Molly sometimes when she got bored, but never harmed her). If anyone messed with Molly, she would hiss/swat at them w/that fast left paw of hers!!

MooMoo as I affectionately called her,was such a regal Queen & dignified Lady, the Shining Star in my life & heart, so I wanted 2 give her a very dignified end of life & had her cremated. I will do this for 4 our other 10 cats & 2 dogs also, their ashes will spread across where we live, mixed in w/my own ashes when my soul leaves here 1 day & we will then all be 2gether 2 run/play/roll in the Bridge's grass 4 Eternity!! It will be absolutely fabulous!! It took me over a yr b4 I could move her throne/perch, an old, ragged cardboard box & I remember her every day as I go 2 feed our Koi 4 Molly loved 2 help me feed them. Until we all meet on the Bridge, my sweet Moo Moo, U have fun/be patient until Mom comes 1 day & take care of ur fur siblings 4 me. Mucho hugs & kisses, Sweet Molly.

02/07/2006 Tyger was hurt badly 2day & at the Vet's. Watch over him 4 Mama as it is not his turn 4 the Bridge yet. Can't bear 2 lose him also only a month after U. Luv U, Mama ~~02/12/2006 Oh, sweet Molly, it has been a month now. My heart just aches 4 U. I want U back w/me NOW,OK? Thank U 4 watching over Tyger..he is doing great..has a big dbl splint on his leg 4 6 wks but he's alive/healing. ~~02/13/2006 Thank U 4 coming 2 see me last night, Moo..I felt/heard U..it helped my hurt a lot..lit candles 4 U. Luv U, Mama ~~02/17/2006 Mama finally got UR pic at RBB, the 1 taken only a few hours B4 U left 4 the Bridge that awful day. U are so precious. XOXO Mama

03/06/2006 I was at the service 4 U on RBB, Baby Girl, but guess my Tribute 2 U didn't post..U know I luv/miss UR Molly kisses/hugs, Moo Moo. Luv & miss U so much, Mama

06/12/2007 Oh, Baby Girl, sorry I have not been here 4 a long time. U have been gone 5 months, I think about U all the time & have UR pic right on my desk 2 see each day. I know U sent Starr (Persian) 2 me..thank U, baby girl. She is my shadow just like you were!! Miss you so much, Mama

02/06/2008 Guess what, Molly? Mama has a new baby grandson, Carter, born today. U would luv him, he is precious!! Luv Mama

05/31/2008 Oh, sweet Molly, Mama hasn't been here 4 a while, but I still luv/miss U so. We R having hard times & trying 2 survive, but have 13 furkids now 2 keep our spirits up. Love U, Mama

07/2008 Oh, Molly Girl, Mama is so sad, she has lost another precious baby, our 18 mo Siamese,Baby Barron, from a defective heart. U never knew him, but he & his 3 siblings came to us when they were only 3 wks old. They had been left, then found on the side of our busy hwy here. I know U R taking care of him now. His ashes are now w/URs. Pls take care of him 4 Mama until I can C all of U 1 day. Luv, Kisses & Hugs, Mama

08/2008 My Sweet Molly, our oldest Siamese, Symon, has also joined U, Barron & Mama's other precious furkids on the Bridge. His heart was bad also & just gave out. My heart is really breaking in 2 now, losing Baby Barron & now Symon a month later. He died quickly & w/o pain. U have a lots of Mama's furbabies to take care of on the Bridge now & I know U are doing a great job!! Miss all of U, Sweet Girl. Mama

01/18/2009 Oh, Moo Moo, can't believe it has been 3 yrs/I miss U & UR kisses/cuddles. Dad drives a big truck now & gone a lot, but the 11 furbabies, still here, give me great comfort & joy. Wish all of U on the Bridge were here w/us. C U 1 day. Luv U Mama/Dad/Baron/Tyger/Sully/Zak/Zig/Bandit/Clooney/Fritty/Starr/Kota/DJ

10/06/2009 Mama is sad again, MooMoo. These last 2 yrs, so many losses 4 me. My brother, UR Uncle Ken, died very suddenly & unexpectedly on 09/13 of a massive heart attack. We R just devastated. No one wanted his Maine Coone cat, GreenGo (bec. of his gorgeous mint green eyes), who just came 2 his house 1 day a yr ago, decided 2 stay & adopted Unc. Ken!!! So Mama brought him home w/me 2 add 2 our family pack. U would not like him bec. he thinks he's a dog (loves DJ & Dakota), but does NOT other cats at all...LOL. Dad is still gone most of the time, but our now 12 furkids keep me company & laughing. Luv & miss U, Molly Girl. Mama

01/09/2010 Oh, my Molly, Mama cannot believe you have been gone almost 4 yrs now..I miss U so much. All UR other siblings are doing just fine, Dad still gone all the time. XXXOOO, Mama

06/06/2010 Sorry 4 not writing too much, Molls, Mama stays very busy all of the time now...so much 2 do ea. day. Guess what? GreenGo likes to help me feed the Koi, just like you did!! R U whispering in his ear? Starr is still my constant shadow like you, & UR other siblings R doing great. Mama

12/26/2010 Well, UR Grandmommie has been sick in the hospital 4 5 days now, BP issues, so U might want 2 go visit her. She misses you also. We spent yesterday, CHRISTmas, in her hospital room .. she is doing a little better now. We drove home in SNOW, but only an inch, it is COLD here now, but warming to 65 by Thurs. Can't believe U have been gone almost 5 yrs (u wld b 10 yrs old now), seems like yesterday U were still here w/me. Big Baron reminds me more & more of U ea. day, he is 8.5 yo now, 'talks' 2 me all the time like U & wants 2 be alone like U always did. He & Tyger, along w/DJ & Dakota, sleep w/me every night. Miss U, Baby Girl...Luv, Mama

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