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Memories of Marshall Tucker
When I saw you, I felt in love with you the moment I saw you. I rescue you from what I thought was an unfaired home. Your eyes captured my heart, but most of all your simple loving kindness was soon to engulf me. I never had such a loving Baby like you. I was never alone. You were always beside me where ever I went. You laid your head in the pillow next to me and together we took naps. You never went to bed without me. To loose you unexpectedly, it broke my heart. Now, I sit alone thinking of you and always in my heart. I do not know what cause this tragic event, but maybe it is best to leave it alone. I know that you are in heaven and now you are with Pinto. You both were and now are forever buddies in addition with Trey. Please tell them I love them too for the three of you were my Babies. Tell God I said hello and that I want to be in heaven too so I can share the beauty with the three of you. For ever my Pooh Bear...May the Lord always bless you even in heaven.


Hi Sweety

This month you would have been 6 yrs old, I miss you so much. You were the longest to be with me and to keep me company and I cannot help but miss you. I know you are ok and in very good hands, but it is hard to believe that you are gone. I guess in my heart I feel that you weren't suppose to be gone, but God call you so you went to Him. It is ok, I would not say no to the big man either. After all, you are in a beautiful and loving place. I do not think I am the only one to miss you, your sister does too. Amber now spends time with me a lot, and I know she knows. You two would chase each other around and now i know she feels lonely like me. However, now we keep each other company and think a lot of you. Until we meet again my sweet little boy.

Love you



Hi My Pooh Bear

It has been a year since you left us. I want you to know you are always in y heart. It has been hard to find closure since I never knew what caused you to leave. However, I know the Lord has you on the other side of the rainbow and you are healthy where you are. I know when the Lord comes, I will see you again, and Pinto and Trey. I love you baby.


It is hard to believe that it has been two years. It doesn't seem that long. I have a little brother, he kind a looks like you. The funny thing is that he has a little bit of your character, Trey, and Pinto too. The thing I miss the most is when you use to give me kisses. I miss that much and you sleep right beside me putting your little head on the pillow. I know God knows that I took very good care of you. You were like my child and cannot do that. I miss you little angel, but now you are with God.


Hello Angel

I cannot say how much I miss you. Your time like the other babies were cut short. The worse part is, I will never know what happen and forever it will be weight in my heart. Dr. Zetler loved you too. It bother him he could not do much for you, but I assure him, it was not his fault. It was something that was out of our reach and was not meant for us to know. He told me he only cried for two pets and you were the second one. That touched my heart. You see are being loved own here ;-0). Always! You take care of your brothers and tell Jesus to reserve a space for me, ok? Love you Angel!

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