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Memories of Maverick
Maverick came into my life exactly when I needed him. I had just moved into my first apartment and had a sense of freedom and independence. As a kid, I was very allergic to dogs so we couldn't keep any for long. I always said that when I grew up the first thing I would do is get my own dog. So I did. He was a crazy, loveable, hyperactive puppy. My Dad, who has also passed on, laughed at the sight of me proudly carrying this new, small puppy in one hand as if I had just won the lottery. That's how I felt. Maverick was a handful, but he was also always there for me. Living alone for the first time, whenever I was sad, he was there to comfort me. He always wanted to be with me and that felt good. Anything that went wrong with that dog, I ran to the vet. I knew, early on, how important he would always be to me.
About a year or so later, Jessie came into the picture. My ex and I thought it would be a good idea to get a playmate for Mav. Truth is, they wound up being inseparable. Jessie is deaf, so she heavily relied on Maverick to be her ears. They developed a strong bond that has been called brother-sister, boyfriend-girlfriend...not sure exactly how to classify it other than just pure love. A few years later came Molly. And several more years later came Cleo. Mav was the luckiest dog in the world. How many dogs do you know that have 3 bitches?
Mav loved my Aunt Carol...and she loved him. Thank God he had her in his life. She was one of the people that he received constant affection and unconditional love from. I hope that she has him now. She was a blessing to my life also, and I miss her.
He was constantly hunting for anything. Rabbits, squirrels, birds...it amazed me the critters he noticed from far away. He loved running around chasing them. Once we moved to the new home we have been at for a while now, he loved the beach and just sitting out in nature. Actually, he always loved that, everywhere he lived. Fourth of July and New Years eve were always fun. He hated fireworks, and would bark and bark until they stopped.
The last few years have been amazing. All the years I've had with him have been, but the last few were blessings. They (the doctors) found a mass in his abdominal region over 2 years ago. It was not cancerous, nor attached to any organs, but they still suggested it be removed. After seeing how poorly he handled the sedation given for the tests that were done, I made the decision, and put my trust in a higher power, that it was best to not operate. My fear was that he might not have made it through the procedure because he was 12 at the time. Now, 2 years and 6 months later, he had a long, happy life. Everyday, I have been grateful for the gift that he was in my life. Every milestone and occassion that came since the mass was found, was a blessing. And after every one, I would ask, please Mav one more Summer. One more Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween. And you know what...we had 3 more summers together and 2 more years worth of holidays. As I write this, I am welling up with tears because, even though I am grateful, and will always have those memories, I still cannot believe that my baby, my buddy is not here anymore. He became ill very suddenly and within 1 week a vet told me it was time to consider his quality of life and that he was getting worse, not better. After a few days of fighting it, it was impossible not to notice how uncomfortable he was, and how much pain he was in.
When I finally made the decision that it was time to let him go, he was having so much trouble walking and breathing that I finally knew what the right thing to do was. I stayed up with him for 3 nights before coming to this conclusion. The night of his transition,tonight, my sister and Matt spent some time with him while I was at school and saw how quickly he was fading. Later that night, the plan was to take him to the hospital as soon as I got home but he seemd as though he might be passing peacefully at home. Matt and I sat with him with the hope that we could be home and say goodbye because this is where so many of our best memories were shared. unfortunately, Mav began struggling even more and I knew it was time.
His transition was peaceful and I am so grateful for that. One of the girls that works at the hospital told us how sweet Mav is. What happened next was so profound to me, that I just felt thankful, extremely overwhelmed with sadness, and in awe that something like this was said. She looked down at Maverick, held his face in her hands, kissed him on the head, and said, "Have a good journey". She then left the room. I know I'm crazy so you don't have to say it...but, to me, she was an angel. She made me feel so at peace with what was happening just by saying those four words. Thank you, whoever you are. Thank you.
So, most of my adult life has been shared with Maverick and now he is not here on earth with me any longer. I feel sad, and lonely, and miss him terribly. As i write this, the night before a major exam, I cannot sleep. The other part of me, most of my soul, feels grateful. Grateful to have had him with me for so long. Grateful that he had a long and happy life. That he got to move here with me and experience all the nature in our surroundings that he loved so much. I am so thankful that he had Matt in his life and experienced the love we share. Thankful that he got to share the love that came from all of the friends we've had throughout the years. I am also so happy that all of our dogs got along so well...with Mav as leader of course.
Mav, you will always be with me in my heart, my thoughts, and by my side...always.


It's been 1 week since your transition. It is still extremely difficult adjusting to life without you here. I am starting to accept that this had to be for you to be happy and peaceful...but I still miss you terribly. Hits me at the strangest moments. Simple, everyday things that you would have been there with me while I did, and now you're gone from my side. I believe and hope that you are joyful and healthy, and that you will still be by my side when you can be. Also, comfort Jessie, Molly, and Cleo because they miss you very much. Let Jessie know you are happy and that she is safe even though you are not here in the same form anymore. Oh Mav...I love you, and I miss you, and I hope to see you in my dreams and in all good things in life.

Well...after watching Marley & me for the 3rd time, I realize that I needed to see this movie. As difficult as it is to watch, it reminds me so much of you and our life together. You always loved me Mav and I am eternally grateful for that. No matter what happened, you were always there for me. Even now as I'm crying I remember how you would comfort me, or anyone you saw crying. You would start giving kisses until I laughed or felt better. I miss that. I miss you. I found some puppy pictures of you that I will add on here soon. It's almost 3 months since you're gone. Sometimes it feels less...sometimes longer. But all the time, I wish we could go for a walk together again. I know that you're with me, with us, still loving us. I love you boy.

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