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Memories of Max
My lovely boy. My whole life changed when you entered into it. Your instant love and affection, the smile on your face, I fell in love with you immediately. You had conversations with us, you were like a human. Your love of going for a ride with me every day, if we didn't take you one day you certainly showed your disapproval. So I took you for your last ride and you died in the car with my hand on your head. You looked at me for the last time, and then you left. I love you and miss you. Please come home, or wait for me to join you. Mommy.February 20, 2006. It is almost 4 months since you left for the bridge, I miss you so much. We moved to South Carolina, and I think, God must have planned to spare you for the stress - you would probably have gotten sick from that. But you are still here in spirit, and maybe, when summer is here, we could find a sister for you. Not to take your place, but to help us get over the loss of your daily smile. I know now, that you can't come home, but maybe you can visit me in my dreams? I love you so very much. Mommy

March 30, 2006

My dearest Max. I am holding on, but miss you so very much. But here is a few words that maybe will help me, and you at this time:

Weep not for me though I am gone into that gentle night. Grieve if you will, but not for long upon my soul's sweet flight. I am at peace, my soul's at rest. There is no need for tears. For with your love I was so blessed for all those many years. There is no pain I suffer not, The fear is now all gone. Put your pain out of your thoughts for in your memory I live on. I love you and miss you. Mommy Dearest Max. I still miss you and love you. "Viggo" is now called Charlie, and he loves Mommy as mush as you did. IWe miss you terribly, wish you could come home. Love you, my great big boy. Mommy
Dear Max. Today is the last day of May, and you have been gone for so long. I miss you so much. But one good piece of news, we have gotten a brother for you, he is white like you, but small, he is an Eskie, his name his Percy.He loves me as much as you did, and follows me around everywhere. He doesn't like the car, tho

Dear Max. Today is the last day of August, I can't bellieve that so many months have passed since you left for the bridge. I miss you so much, think of you every day. I am taching Percy to ride in the golf car, you would have loved that. One of these days we shall do that, you and I. Take care, my lovely boy. I love you. Mom.
Dearest Max. The other day a Samoyed came to the park, he looked so much like you, but he was only one year old. But the nice thing was that Percy saw him quickly, and then they made friends. And after a while, another white dog joined in in their play, so somehow, I believe you were there in spirit. Percy has learned to ride in the golf car, but doesn't like riding in the cars too much. daddy misses you so much, specially when he wants to drive and have a cigar. You used to keep him company, remember? I love you so much and miss you every day. Love, Mommy. Dearest Max. Today is June 2. You have a new brother, his name is Viggo, good Norwegian name. He looks like you when he smiles, and like Percy nose and coat. He came to us just before they were going to kill him.God must have decided to bring Percy to you, so that Viggo could come home to us. I know you would love him, and play with him. He is sweet, like you and Percy. Take care of Percy, my lovely boy.

Thanksgiving 2013. The best happened to our lives when you entered. We miss you always. Wish you would be here and play with Charlie who lives his mummy as much as you do. We will let him have a special bite of the turkey on Thursday. Love to our babies, Kimo, Chiquita, Flicka,, Duke, Saga, Priscilla, Sparky, and Percy. Love from your mommie, dearest boy with the big smile, we miss you every day

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