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Memories of Max

Max came to us abandoned and looking like a long, matted hairy poodle. We finally found his owner, who admitted she threw him out "because she wanted a bigger dog". Max was named, by us, after Mel Gibson of 'Mad Max' fame because of his tenacity. I won't even go into his antics. We had him for 18yrs and he made our life such an incredible journey. He was a toughy, but a lover of all people, dogs, and cats. Sometimes he acted like the cats, the way he would play with them and walk on top of the couches and chairs. He never believed of gravity. When his favorite housefriend, Trooper (a Brittany) died of cancer, he went into such a serious depression, we thought we might lose him. One day he picked up a stuffed Reindeer out from a box of Christmas decorations and I think it actually saved his life. He started eating and playing with the cats again. Somebody gave him a stuffed hedgehog and then he had two best friends. But everynight he snuggled at my feet and my day's stress evaporated. Max had a tragic stroke last year, which took his ability to stand. He had already lost his hearing and sight and this was just unfair. We'll never really know how old he was, since he was a stray and the nearest we could find out, he was one year old when we found him, so he would have been over 19yrs. As everyone knows, we still miss him. We adopted Bingo, who was an older Britt with severe kidney disease last March, and just lost him on the 15th of February. They never knew each other, in their earthly lives, but I hope they will find each other at or over Rainbows Bridge and run and play together as pups again. We'll always miss our babies, large and small, and will cherish the great memories forever. For Max alone... Have fun, Max, meet Bingo and thanks so much for your love. I'm sorry it took me so long to set up this dedication to you, but it is only recently I found out about this residency. I'll visit you and Bingo often, I Promise..Love, MOM

Please also visit Bingo.

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