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Memories of Maxwell
Maxwell came into my life when I most needed direction. He came via the back door. I was thinking of giving a gift to a dear friend of mine who loved cats. So I heard about a teacher who had a special cat in a cage in her classroom, that needed a home. She had found him in a wood pile, all alone. So I went to see this cat, and I took "Max" out of the cage, and immediately, he put his paws gently on my face and started to purr. I knew he would be perfect. On the ride home in my car, he wanted no part of being in the box I brought along, so I held him in my lap. He was good on the ride home.

When we got to my townhouse, as soon as I put him on the floor, he began to purr. In his mind, he was home. That was his plan all along. Well, that plan didn't materialize until I tried giving Max to my friend, and my friend took him home, but the partnership didn't work out. Max was raising cane there, tearing up carpeting and drapes, and I had told my friend if Max didn't work out, I'd keep him. So back Max came to live with me, and he was my constant companion for the next 17 years.

When I got Max, I was somewhat of a wanderer. I had various homes, boyfriends, places of work, and just kept moving and moving. Little by little, I moved less and less, and started to settle down. But wherever I moved, and whomever I was with, Max was #1. He became like my soulmate, my lover, my confidant, my guide.

Every night Max cuddled up next to my shoulder and placed one paw around my neck and purred me to sleep. He was loyal to the core. I occasionally got the idea to introduce another cat to the household, either as a foster cat, or as a companion for him. He tolerated all this and really only threatened one of them - a small kitten. When I saw his jaws around the kitten's throat - well, off went the kitten to a co-worker's home. Other cats, though, he was good about and didn't raise a fuss. He was a real gentleman who shared with others and tolerated their idiocyncracies.

Max did not like to ride in the car, though. Not since that first ride home. After that - forget it. He'd meow his head off all the way to wherever we were going.

In his prime, Max was a fine, sleek cat, a real panther. He weighed in at 16 pounds at one point. I called him my 16-pound bowling ball. Everyone loved him. He was gregarious, kind, sociable, and dignified. Many people said he had a royal elegance to him. I think he used to be a cat of the Pharoah's, and one of my counselors said that he and I had actually ruled Egypt together in a past life, and he was my consultant. I believe it.

He ran fast, caught birds like you wouldn't believe, and was a magnificant specimen of a cat. The best.

As he grew older and started drinking lots of water, it was then we discovered he had developed diabeties. At first, I didn't think I could ever give him shots and tried pills instead, but they didn't work. He was 13 then and got thinner and thinner. I then realized I was going to do what I could so I didn't lose him and learned how to give him his shots twice a day. It was quite a process, but I was happy to do it and take on the responsibility. I taught his cat sitter how to do it, too. All was fine for four years, but then he started to drool.

The vet said the insulin was too much for him and that we needed to take him off from it. Well, that didn't work either, as he started wasting away quickly. I knew then the time was here. He had rejected the insulin and was signaling to me he was on his way out. It was only a couple of months after that, that he was rail thin, throwing up, having diarrhea, and finally, peed on my bed. He had been following me everywhere, never letting me out of his sight, and at the first indication that I was going to sit down, boom, was on my lap. It's as if he knew his days were numbered and he wanted one last sight of me before going away.

Finally, I called my friend, who was the original friend whom I had planned on giving Max to, and loved him as well, and asked if he wanted to accompany me to the vet when I had Max put down.

He did. And when it happened, we both cried and hugged each other to see our dear friend, Max, finally say goodbye. It was a huge loss, and as time goes on, I miss him more and more. The pain gets worse, not better.

I had Max cremated, and the wooden box, along with a framed photo of him, and a framed copy of the "Rainbow Bridge" story, are a tribute to him, in my family room. I promised Max before he died, that I would never leave him, and I have written into my funeral directions, that Max's box goes in the coffin with me, and we will pass on to heaven together. He will never be alone.

Namaste, Max. I will love you forever, and you will always be #1.

Your Mom.

3/26/11: Hi Max! I'm so glad I found out about this link to your Rainbow Bridge residency, so I can check in with you whenever I want to. I know you are waiting for me, patiently. You were always a very patient cat. I met a man online who has a cat also at the Rainbow bridge. Have you met Littleman? His Dad's name is Jack. When you see Littleman, please tell him Jack misses him, and it would be nice if you could become friends. He's a big cat like you, but snow white. I have your picture on one of the speakers Steve made for me, and a framed Rainbow Bridge story. Also, your box of ashes are there, waiting until I cross over to see you. I'll bring them with me, and we will be together again. I love you very much. I sent some tuna to you. I know you love tuna.
Love, Mom

3/31/11: Hi Max! I'm thinking about you today as the sun has come out, and the grass is so pretty and green. I know how you loved to lay in the grass in your Sphinx pose. I wanted to tell you that you have had a whole bunch of people visit your residency and say how beautiful and special you are. It has made me happy to hear so many good things. The Rainbow Bridge residency is a wonderful place, and one visitor even said she had no doubt but that you were now King of the Rainbow Bridge. I bet you are! And I know you are also quite a healer and are doing your loving, kind work as you wait for me. I'm feeling pretty good and am on a diet. I think I'll still be on the earth for quite awhile longer. But as it states in the Course of Miracles "Neither time nor season means anything in eternity". I love you so much!! Your Mom

4/20/11: Hi Max! I'm missing you a lot these days, wishing we could hang out together. I remember how upset you got if I went to visit a neighbor next door or across the street. You would follow me over there, meowing your head off, telling me to come home! And I really miss how you put me to sleep every night. I love Poppy and Munchkin, don't get me wrong, but you were my Numero Uno. What I wouldn't give to have you back in my life again. I hope you have found peace and contentment at the Rainbow Bridge. I'll see you there, one day, my love. Love, Mom

4/27/11: Hi Max! I just figured something out. You've been talking to Munchkin and convinced him to let you channel through his body so you can visit me. I just figured it out this morning, when he was sitting on the floor in front of me, in the kitchen, begging to be on my lap, with his eyes, just the way you used to look at me in those last days. As soon as I sat down there, you would want to be on my lap. Munchkin was doing the same thing, which is not like him AT ALL. He also will go to the window ledge and want to cross over onto my lap. You did that, too! Now I get it. It's YOU in Munchkin's body temporarily. Just like on the movie "Ghost", where Patrick Swayze inhabited Whoopy Goldberg's body so he could dance with Demi Moore.

Oh, baby, thank you so much for visiting me. You may come and see me any time, and it was wonderful to hold you again. You are so creative. What a great way for us to connect until such day as I come to the Rainbow Bridge and cross over with you. I love you so very, very, much. Love, Mom.

5/8/11: My dear Max. Today is Mother's Day, and I must have been compelled to log in and connect with you, because you were always so attentive to me as your Mom. Since I never had any human children, cats are my children. But you were my Number #1 child then, now, and forever. I miss you very much. My home doesn't feel quite complete without you here. Remember how I vowed you would never have to move again, when I bought this house? Well, I kept my vow, and now I'm staying here longer than I ever thought I would. There doesn't seem to be any end in sight, as long as I keep working, and it seems I'm called to keep working, working, working. People call and want me to help them with their real estate. God planted me here to do that. Now that is obvious.

Anyway, today is a day off, and I'm controlling my impulses to go and water a client's plants and just stay home and be happy. Yesterday I bought some new clothes and am looking forward to wearing them. It's a cold day. Munch and Poppy are sleeping on the chair, with no desire to go outside.

How are things at the Rainbow Bridge, King Maxwell? I bet they never had a better King in the whole world. I think you will have a long reign there, as I am very healthy, working at my peak, and it doesn't seem all that is going to change anytime soon. I know you are patient, though, and I'm sure your kind heart and wise guidance is helping many a new member who passes over to the Rainbow Bridge. Once I get there, though, you and I will walk together to heaven, and we will be together forever. No more work, no more having to run the Rainbow Kingdom. We can just relax and love being together. You are my first born, my King, my confidant, companion, boyfriend, husband, and son, all rolled into one. You turned my life around, and it's a good life. I could not have done it without you. Namaste, Your Mom

5/15/11: Hi baby! I miss you, so thought I'd come and say Hello. It's the concensus of opinion among those that I ask that you are, indeed, visiting me through Munchkin, and sometimes even Poppy (when she puts her paws on my face, which she never used to do). And now, Sally says, I could even say "Hi Max" when you do that, to recognize you, so I will. And today is the first time I've heard "The Little Drummer Boy" music on your site. How sweet.

Well, today is a day off, and I haven't figured out what I'm going to do yet. Fine with me! I put your last-worn collar on your alter today, and the angel pendant that protected you for years. I found it in a bag out in the garage. It still has your loving vibes on it.

Sad story here, Jagger, Karen Copeland's beloved cat, has cancer. Sounds like he's going to be transitioning to the Rainbow Bridge soon. Please prepare a welcoming party for him in advance and send him messages of hope and love, that even if he has to leave the planet earth, you'll have a Kingdom ready for him.

I'm feeling very healthy and strong myself, so it will be a long time before I get there, but we'll stay connected through our minds, hearts, and your Sister and Brother cats the whole time. I'll always love you and be with you, til the end of forever. I provided you a forever home. But we have a forever lifetime ahead of us.

Lots of Love, Mom

5/31/11: Hi, Dear Max. Seems it's been longer than 2 weeks since I signed in and talked with you. I miss you very much. I gave your green beaded collar to Munch today, and he broke it the same day, play-fighting with Poppy. :-( Sorry! Beads went all over the driveway. Good grief. I have sad news for you, too. Our dear friend, Dan Carver died in February. I just found out from an old friend of his. Kinda sad. I know he was very sick, but Wow, he died only 5 months after the closing on his townhouse. Sold just in time! Bless his heart. He hoped to travel and do things on that money, and bam, dead. I wonder if his black cat, Sam, was up there at Rainbow Bridge waiting for him. Would you check for me? Ah, that's right. You are the King, so you already know. He was? Oh, good. Sam was to Dan like you were to me. He even followed him down to the pool the way you used to follow me at Greendale Apts. Remember? Oh, how I miss you.

I'm doing fine. On a diet, with my Brother, Rance, being my cheer leader now. No snacks. Can you imagine? No snacks? Humph! But I don't want to be a big ball, rolling down the street. Steve has amazed me with his class on holding his tongue as he's watched me get fatter and fatter, and I know how he HATES fat women. He said he's learned a few pages from the book of instructions on understanding women. The book is 6 feet thick, by the way, and that's only the introductory edition.

So I'm tired of working for the day. Been wrestling with photos all day for my new listing on Alvin, so I think I'll call it a day. It came out awesome, though, and I think it will be a hot property. I wish you were here to tuck me in tonight, like in the old days.

How are things at the Bridge? Are you getting a lot of new residents? Any new games to occupy all of you?

I love you very much.

Love, Mom

6/5/11: Hi, Sweet Max. Guess what? Mark & Kathleen and their family are moving to San Francisco, close to 19th Ave., so I can go visit them, even if I only take El Camino the whole way. They are quality family, loaded with love, and lucky me! I'll be their closest relative now. I think. Anyway, they won't exclude me, and I know I'll always be welcome there. They know how to give back and acknowledge, and that shows their good upbringing. Quite a shift!

Also, I got to know a new cat. His name is Mao, and he belongs to my clients, Ann & Steve Bishop, who are selling their house down the street. You may have met Mao. He's a good guy. They finally took him up to be with them in Danville this week, and I miss him. But he was all alone in that house, and he only saw me about 10 minutes each night, so it's for the best. I fed him and made sure he got lots of water. And I washed his blanket, too.

How are things at the Rainbow Bridge? Have you witnessed some wonderful reunions of guardians and their babies lately? I hope so. I miss you very much. Thank you for visiting me via Munchkin last night when I was brushing my teeth.

Lots of Love, Mom

6/26/11: Time flies, Maxwell. It's been 3 weeks since I checked in with you. I miss you very much. That has never changed. I wish you were with me at night to tuck me in, the way you used to. But you know, I've stayed stable, the way you helped me to become. I don't jump from thing to thing or place to place or person to person anymore. I'm like a rock now. Same house, same job, same friends, and no men. It's just wonderful. I'm even taking better care of myself now, and I started a new diet, with Rance as my coach. So far, it's working out well. Munch and Poppy are on diets, too. We all are.

Old Aileen next door got worse, and I called emergency for her. They took her off in an ambulance. Now, at last, her Son is on the job, looking after her. Her day is coming. I don't think she'll have anyone meeting her at the Rainbow Bridge, though. She isn't lucky like me, knowing I'll have company into heaven.

Right now there's a lull in my business and I'm absolutely relishing every second of it. Ahhhhh. It feels SO GOOD! It will be this way all the time when I meet my financial goals. I'm doing well getting there. Just keep on keeping on. You know me. Work, work, work. And when there is no business, I create it as I need to.

Anyway, boring to talk about work. I'm going to luxuriate in my day off, before the banging and sawing starts tomorrow with those contractors here.

I love you very much, forever, as long as there are stars in the sky or sand at the ocean, or air to breathe, and even longer. I love you into eternity.

Love, Mom.

8/21/11: It's been to long since I've checked in with you, dear Max. You have been on my mind, though. I think about you when I go to sleep at night and miss how you wrapped your paw around my neck and purred me to sleep. Now I listen to the crickets outside, or if they aren't chirping, I have that noise machine we used to have at the apartments, and turn it to the ocean noise, or the crickets noise. Your purr was much better! I hope you are loving your freedom and health and all your good friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I remember how gregarious and forgiving you were of other cats. You never took offense at a new one in the house and would always try to appease them, often giving up your own rights! I'd have to get rid of some of them, because of how they would take advantage of you. Such a love you were.

We had a big crisis with Munchkin a few weeks ago. He went and laid in Sally's bushes, not moving, not coming home, lethargic, with a fever. Thank God she spotted him, so I scooped him up and took him right to emergency. Then it was the spoon feeding scenario, made the contractors at my house go home for a week, and then took him and Poppy to a hotel with me for the duration of the construction. It was the construction that caused him to stress out. Poor little guy is so sensitive. Poppy rolled with it better, and as soon as the trucks would leave at night, she'd come running inside. She did sprout dandruff, though, which I later read on Google that it meant she was stressed. But little Munch is more tender, and he couldn't take it anymore. So it's off to the hotel again in 3 weeks when the painters and roofers are here. Ca Ching!

So I gotta sell some more houses to pay for all this.

I wish you were here sweet Max. I have your ashes, though, and they are in my bedroom on the dresser. I'll keep my promise that you will go with me some day in the distant future. For now, I'm healthy and happy, and life is going well, except for missing you.

Love, Mom

9/6/11: I miss you today, Max. I wish I had your calm, loving presence around me and your real, warm body. You were such a soul-mate. You have a permanent place in my heart. The Contractors will be back again next week, for a final round, so I had to put your picture and ashes away, in my bedroom drawer, to keep them safe and clean. They'll be out again as soon as the painters and roofers finish. Off we go again to the Marriott Residence Inn. Won't be so bad, I suppose. I like their breakfasts, and it is a little get away type thing. But I like it better at home.

I wish you could see how pretty the house is coming together. You'd like it.

Love you so much, Max. I wish I could reincarnate you and have you back for another 17 years.

Lots of love,


10/15/11: Max, I'm missing you so much today. I even cried while listening to my special New Age CD. What I wouldn't give to have you back with me. You were my life and my soul. Without you, I would not be doing nearly as well as I am today. You stabilized me. Loved me. Never left my side. Gave me affection and companionship, consistency and loyalty. I can never replace you. Remember when I asked you not to die? That I couldn't live without you? I meant it. You were my life blood for so long, and I leaned on you heavily. You were quite capable of all the leaning I needed to do - right there - steady as a rock. Oh, how I miss you ssoooooo much!

How are things at the Rainbow Bridge? I'll have to confess I told Barbara she could join us at the Rainbow Bridge, too, when she dies. She doesn't want to feel alone. I told her all about it. She loved you dearly, too. I think she'll be meeting Abby Cakes there, so when Abby Cakes dies, you'll have her as a companion while you wait. She's a dog, but she acts like a cat.

We are back home, settled into the newly remodeled family room and office. You'd like it, Max. There's even a custom built-in cat door in my new screen door. Munch and Poppy love it. It's the only one they want to use. It's all painted here, ceilings are caulked, the City has signed the permit, and it's done with. Whew! The biggest stuff is now behind me. I call myself semi-retired now, since I have little desire to work except for selling Monta Loma houses, and my prime motivation is to stay in this house. It means everything to me. You were a big part of me being here. I moved you around a lot. I'm so sorry.

You didn't like moving, but you knew I'd never leave you behind. First Dale Avenue. Then Anna Ave. Then Gallinas. Then a short stint in Pueblo. Then back to Gallinas. How you hated those two rides and got so sick. I'm so sorry! You knew what a big mistake that place was! Then back to California to Shadowbrook. You liked it there, and once again were the King. You put up with Munchkin and Sonny and were always so good to the other cats I brought around. Such a gentleman. Never facing off with them. God bless your big heart.

Then finally here. You know I've been here 6 years now? Aren't you proud of me? Breaking all records of how long I'm in one place, since I left Wisconsin. I left Wisconsin when I was about 30 years old. So that is 30 years of moving from place to place until I settled down here. 30 years! Thanks to you!! I promised you this was your last home, and I kept that promise.

If only I could hold you in my arms again. You and your deep purr. I remember how you followed me everywhere during your last days, never letting me out of your sight. You knew, didn't you? Oh, God bless you. I'll love you forever and am so thrilled I'll be joining you again at the Rainbow Bridge when God takes me away. It might be awhile, though. I'm healthy as a horse.

Love you soooo much, Mom

11/10/11: Hello my dear, sweet Maxwell. Mom has been thinking about you and missing you. The cat statue I have in my front yard reminds me so much of you. The cleaners broke off the ear, by accident, and I glued it back on, but the glue ran in a white streak which I haven't cleaned off yet. Sorry, but I will!

Big news. I'm going to be the Assistant Manager of my office now. Here I was heading toward retirement, but it didn't seem feasible, and I think I'd be bored, and I'd have to sell my house, yadda yadda. All the way around, not good choices. So this idea came to me in a very small whisper last Friday, just in time. Already, I'm hired, just like that. I have only told Steve and Rudy so far. Something tells me I don't want anyone raining on my parade, so I'm going for it and will tell people AFTER I start.

So I'll be busier again and contributing to the profession that has done so much for me, and now I can give back even more, helping agents and helping my manager. So I'll be working for several more years, and that's good. I look and feel young and am very healthy.

Today, when Munch started coming around the corner in my bedroom, I saw a flash of what looked like you. How I wish you were with me in your black body until I die, and we could just tuck in together. But I'll be taking your ashes with me, and you are on my dresser there, by the Rainbow Bridge framed story. I love you very, very much, and hugs and kisses on your head goodnight. Love, Mom.

5/28/12: Dear Max, it's been waaaay too long since I visited you, and much has happened since then. But the good news is, I'm still in our same house, despite another round of considering renting an apartment then renting out our house. Once again, the CPA said "Don't do it". So my stability continues, just like you helped me set it up. I miss your presence. Since we last connected, poor Munchkin finally went to join you at Rainbow Bridge. He was a sickly boy, and I couldn't keep up with all the emergency visits, medications, force feeding, pills, etc. with him. I think he just wanted to go. I'll have to admit that I said "He was bringing me down" with all those repeated emergency visits to the vet. Now he's laid to rest and romping in full health with you. Maybe he knew your were lonely. He was only 8 years old! I know the two of you were great pals. So, a few months ago, I adopted a kitten "Feathers". He's a good boy, kind of skittish, but very sweet. I got him to go along with Poppy, kind of like I got Poppy to go along with you, but that didn't quite work out. Now Poppy and Feathers are getting along fine.

I don't know Max, I've kind of lost my get up and go with real estate. I'm becoming more and more disenchanted with the job, even though I took the management job to try to make things better and the money better. The sales sort of slid off the cliff, and I have no leads on anything right now, in the heighth of the late spring market. It's bad, bad, bad. CPA says don't move unless I sell, and selling isn't an option yet. So I have to tough it out. What is my purpose, I say? I'm getting old and don't know what to do with myself. I have very few interests except working, and I'm not so interested in that either. <sigh>. I watch a lot of T.V. Not good. Well, a few more months will tell the story. Every year is different, and depending on how this one plays out, I may make decisions of change.

You know, I don't let Poppy or Feathers sleep with me. Poppy purrs too much and too loud, keeping me awake. Feathers is too young and would probably walk all over me and run all over. So I sleep alone now. Not like the old days with you and me!!

Love you so much, dear Max. I'll be back later. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love. Mom

6/3/12: Dear Max, I'm back to visit you soon this time. I have big news. I've put a deposit on an apartment in the Shadowbrook apts. again and will be moving there with Poppy and Feathers on July 14th. I am aiming toward retirement which cannot come fast enough. Weekends are giving me the taste for freedom and I love it. I don't feel like selling real estate anymore. I want to stop and smell the roses while I'm still healthy and do other things with my life. I am still the Assistant Manager, though, and I still have financial obligations I need to tend to, so this is an interim step. Dear Max, I stayed here all while you were old, promising we'd never move, and we didn't. This was your last earthy residence. You'll remember that you were happy at Shadowbrook, though, too, and remember when you and Munch would go down the steps and watch the ducks? (You gave up trying to chase them). Those were good days, too. So back I go, and this time, my apartment looks over the creek and waterfalls. It will be glorious! I just had a nice picnic dinner with Rudy on my back patio tonight, which is very good for me. We told stories, drank wine, and had chicken, potato salad, and baked beans and Gouda cheese. Very nice. I'll have him over to my new apartment, too, and we'll repeat this exercise out on my balcony.

Well, dear Max. I love, love, love you, and wish you all the finest hours of joy at Rainbow Bridge. Mom

6/17/12: Hi dear Max, here I am again already. I felt like talking to you, because you were always such a good listener. I got new tenants lined up for our house now. They move in July 21st, so now it's full speed ahead with packing, etc. It's a little nerve wracking today. Maybe something is sinking in. I thought I'd feel impervious to it all and be steeled against my emotions of leaving my house. I'm doing pretty well but am procrastinating with packing, which tells me something else. There's no going back. I gotta go. To think I may never live here again is something I cannot get my head around. Poppy and Feathers are doing fine. They haven't a clue as to what is coming up. I'll train them about going down the steps and coming to the door and meowing to get in. But Feathers will have to learn to Meow. That is the quietest cat I've ever had. Narry a peep out of him! Well, I just wanted to say I miss you very much but am glad I'm not putting you through another move. At least I stayed here long enough to make it your last home ever.
Love you soooo much, Mom

11/22/12: Thanksgiving day. I want to sign into your residency and say that I'm thankful for every day you were in my life. Your were my friend, companion, guide, boyfriend, lover, mate, and inspiration. You gave me love, direction, companionship, guidance, and joy. Out of all that, I got grounded and became a more practical person, not looking for outside things to make my happy the way I used to. I became joyful just "because". There will never be another cat like you as long as I live. Of that, I'm certain. You were a God sent angel in a cat's body.

Things are going well here at the apartment. Poppy and Feathers are doing great. We just got done with a round of play in wadded up papers. I know you used to like that game, too. They aren't very adventurous about going outside, though, even though I prop the door that they can. They are nowhere near how you and Munchkin were about buzzing around, visiting the neighbors and camping outside for long periods of time. Oh no, they stay really closeby, especially Feathers. But that's o.k. I don't have to worry about getting them inside.

This apartment life is really good. No worries. I haven't missed my house, and I am happy to think it is giving joy to 5 people, and shelter, and a good way of life. That's a contribution to society, you know. It's more glutenous to live there alone, rattling around in all that space, and wasteful of my monetary resources. I stayed as long as it took to repair and fix things, then sayanara. You know me. But I didn't venture far or change anything else. Well, I did move to the Los Altos office and quit that thankless Asst. Manager job. What a joke. It cost me big time, now I have to dig in and work harder again. Decided not to retire yet, or until who knows when.

So anyway, I love you, and I wish you still were by my side, sleeping every night. They other two - not so much. I'm usually laying alone there, with Poppy on the opposite corner of the bed and Feathers in the other room (often because he's made to go there - he scratches on the back of the bed and doesn't want to settle down).

I love you very much. Happy Thanksgiving, Baby.

Love, Mom


Hi dear Maxwell,

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas ahead of time, so I wouldn't forget. What a blessing it would be to have you here by my side as I go through life. Poppy and Feathers do their best to keep me company, and they have both come a long way, but I still miss you so very much. You have a special place in my heart forever.

I hope you are enjoying life at the Rainbow Bridge and playing with Munchkin. You know, I just thought of it - maybe he exited life early so he could join you at the Bridge. Maybe he wanted to keep you company. He would not have been happy in this apartment. Poppy and Feathers like it here, as they are more timid and like small confines, but Munch would have wanted to roam and be out a lot, and I probably would have been worrying constantly about him. So now he can play and run with you, dear Max.

I also hope you aren't taking on too many responsibilities as King there and can have lots of fun. I won't be coming to see you for awhile yet, as the older I get, the healthier I get! But you will always be my Number one, no matter what. Your ashes are still displayed in my office, and the Rainbow Bridge poem is right next to them, and the collar you wore to the end. The ashes go in my coffin when I die and transcend, so you go with me. I told you I would never leave you, and I meant it.

Namaste, Baby. I love you so very much.



Dear Max,

Happy Valentine's day a little in advance. You are still the best lover I ever had. Anyone who has not had a good cat like you would not understand how they can fulfill your every heart's desire for affection, nurturing, companionship, understanding, a good listening ear, fun, and love. You did all of those things. Now Poppy and Feathers are my friends and companions, and they are doing a good job, too. News about your old cat friends: Ellen's cat Princess died of a heart attack. Sally and Chris's cats, Toughy and Fluffy (?), both have died now, and they have two new ones, currently 7 months old. And the cycle repeats itself. It isn't fair that cats have such a short life. We love them so much, and then they get old. Poppy is already 8 or 9 years old. She's come around, though. Now she's a love and minds me and everything. She shares with Feathers, and doesn't hiss and growl at him all the time like she used to. Feathers is coming around, too. It takes awhile with cats. Years usually to create new habits, but they can and they do.

Anyway, I'm doing o.k. Business is the pits. When it gets like this, I think maybe retirement wasn't such a bad idea after all. I have decided that beating my head against the brick wall isn't something I'm going to do. I'll work in a way that I'm comfortable, and if that isn't good enough, I'm outta here. No more spending money in buckets on gimmicks. I've decided to not add a new farm, either. Just stick with Monta Loma and whatever happens with it. Back to Plan A.

Enough about work. Today is a day off, and I look forward to it. I'll get busy enough when the time comes, which is right around the corner. My arms hurt from typing right now, so I'm going to say Bye Bye. Love you Max. I guess this was more of a listening session.

Love you forever,


9/6/13: Oh my dear Max, I found out I'd let your residency expire. They didn't warn me! So sorry it's been so long since I've visited you. I am learning what really counts nowadays. I just walked away from a 3-1/2% blood money commission on a house, which would have netted me $20,000, on principle, and because the woman had me shaking in my boots every time I had to talk to her. I couldn't take it anymore, and I don't care if we can save the listing in house or not. So you see, I've deeply changed. In the old days, I would have put up with the abuse for the money. NO MORE. I'm one listing away from retiring now and turning the whole kit and caboodle over to Shelly Potvin. Max, you would love her. She has a heart the size of Texas and is amazing. I've got her so I don't need to worry about that stupid listing. Between Shelly and I, we will rock it, and I'll make money without having to be on the front line anymore.

Yea! I'm almost retired! When I found out that Shelly would take over that listing, and that my manager stood behind me, it was like the whole world was lifted off my shoulders. I thought "Wow! Now all I have to do is sell Ferne Ave., and that's a done deal, from what I can tell from the Realtors". I KNOW we will sell it high, and that we will have VERY happy clients. And then, my sweet buddy, I'm DONE. Then Shelly and I go to work getting her up to speed in Monta Loma.

So, dear Steve is coming over tonight. I wish you were here to join us on this historic night of the finale of Burn Notice. The last show EVER where the truth comes out about everything. And what makes it special, and it was Steve's idea!!! Love him!

So in the meantime, Poppy is currently laying on top of my desk, keeping me company. You remember Poppy. Then Kiki, whom you have never met, is who knows where. They both stick very close to home. So it's flea city around here, and Kiki had these little bumps all over this chin which turned out to be flea allergies! The dirt outside is stirring up fleas and ants! And they have been plaguing my apartment and my pets. Jeez Louise. But, we are toughing it.

How are things at the Bridge? You have a very glittery crown on your head, and I hear you are a real gentleman as you always were, about new arrivals. I love you so much, my dear Max and miss you to the core.

Namaste, baby.


12/1/13: Hi Dear Maxwell, I'm visiting you on the 4th anniversary of your "graduation" to the Rainbow Bridge. I do still miss you in your earthly body, very much. You are still the King, and I will never forget you and all you did for me, helping me get settled and steady. And giving me the love and nurturing I needed. In turn, I gave you a good life. But I think I got the better part of the bargain.

So these days, I'm thinking of moving to Florida, mind you. I bet you are glad to not be involved in such a plan! After all those other moves I put you through. How you hated moving. So I'm checking it out with Steve in April to see how it feels in my "gut". Boy, would that ever take the pressure off if I moved there! I would no longer have to worry about if I had enough money. I could join a community and have instant friends and things to do. Life would be free and easy. The weather is tropical, and you know how I love Hawaii, so it would be similar. Righteous. And maybe Steve could retire early, as is his greatest wish, and afford to live there now as well, without working. I figured out I could live on Social Security alone! Wow, I think being that far away from California and all I've known for 20 years would be compensated for by no longer ever ever having to worry about money again, and having a nice lifestyle. Hurrah! Steve's Dad is there, and his lovely wife, so we wouldn't be on a little ship in the ocean. There would be family connections, and that would be nice. I'll let you know how it goes.

Merry Christmas in advance, dear Maxwell. I love you very very much. Poppy and Kiki say "Hi", too.

Love, Mom

4/14/14: Oh my, look how long it has been since I visited you, Dear Max!! 5 months! I'm sorry I've been absent so long. There have been BIG changes in this 5 months! First, I love you, and you are still my all time favorite cat ever and always will be. No other could ever take your place. You made all the difference in the world to me, and that will never change.

We are moving again Dear Max, I'm finally retiring! I turn 70 years old next week, and it's about time. No matter what, it behooves me to quit working and explore the rest of my life while I am still healthy. So I'm doing a great job of turning over my future business to Shelly Potvin and have rented a lovely condo in Roseville, close to Maggie and her family. I'll be with family after so long of not having been. The last time would be when I was in New Mexico, although I'm not sure that was the same as my experience of family. Being with Maggie and Drew, and Jeni and Jack, I think will feel more like home. They have a come one, come all attitude, which is wonderful. Holidays, birthdays, movies together, laughing, drinking, and having fun. We move May 17th! Pray for me with the drive up there. Maggie is going to drive my car, and I'll have Poppy and Kiki in the back, meowing their heads off, probably. May the force be with us. But once we get in the car, it will be all down hill from there. The truck will be loaded, I'll be out of my apartment, office, Alvin house, and Santa Cruz. Everything will be consolidated into one location. And the cats will be confined until we get to the condo. Once we hit the road, I'll say "Finished!". Even though I have to brave a ride up the freeway in someone's front seat. I'm going to take 1/2 a lorazapam before we hit the road. That will do it.

So dear Max, a big party is coming up, too. 70th birthday and retirement combined. I don't remember if I planned on moving yet when I planned that party, but it's sure a lot to do for now. I don't think I had. I think I was going to wait until October and wait out the normal expiration of the lease on Alvin. But I moved that timetable way up when I leased that condo and told my tenants they could get out early if they wanted and decided I could trust Shelly and Mike to sell my house without me here. So there you have it.

So I'll take your spirit with me up there to the new place. It has great views of the whole valley from the living room balcony. How I wish you were there! I thought about you last night when Poppy was cuddling up to me, purring the way you used to purr. You know what? I just got it. You were channeling through her body!! Of course! It was *your* pose! Thank you dear Max. I love you ssssooooooo much!

Your Mom

6/17/14: Well, we're here, dear Max. How I miss you. Poppy is trying to emanate you by cuddling next to me and purring, and also playing the way you used to play with the pom poms, batting them around our new apartment. The move is OVER. We survived the drive, which wasn't so bad after all, I got all unpacked, and I'm now settled, except for hanging the art work. My house sold for big bucks, enough to fund my retirement for 20 years, if I'm careful. I DID IT!!!! I DID IT!!! This was the moment I was waiting for, to know that through all my efforts, by God's will, I could financially afford to quit working when I was 70. And I can! I'm relatively healthy, still, with small murmurings of problems w/ my eyes (I have a stye, and dry eye), dry nose (spray for it) and the incident last night that has me worried about the future. No more liquids before bed time! Oh my. But I feel o.k. And I am getting old, sorry to say..... Yes, I am. I may not be as gracious about dying as I thought I would be. But I'm in good hands here with the Brosts and Harveys. At last, the family I never had. They are providing it for me. Chris stays here 2 nights and 3 afternoons a week while he goes to Sierra College. Nice to have him here. I hope he does well. I worry about that.

And dear Max, how is it at the Rainbow Bridge? Do you see much of Munchkin or Sonny? Kiki and Gigi say "Hi". Kiki never knew you, but he loves you anyway. He knows all about you being the King!

So I'll let you know what the next tidbit is. I miss you!!!! There never was or will be another one of you!!

Love, Mom

8/4/14: Hi baby, seems it's been a long time since I wrote to you, even though it's only been 2 months. Seems I've been here a very long time. I'm all settled in. Now in the stage of getting out and trying to make new friends and get some activities going. It's no good sitting around my apartment all day. I still have "to do" lists of silly stuff like "grocery shopping", "Go to Walgreens", do your Quicken entries, etc. Beats the real estate to do lists, I tell ya. The only negative here is the weather. It is soooo hot, I can hardly stand it!!! I can't wait for it to cool down. Anything under 100 is a blessing, that's how hot it is!

I'm going on my first trip in a couple of weeks, back to the bay area. It's getting out of my skin and being out there - train, bus, hotel, seeing old friends, driving around the bay area again. I'm a little nervous about it, but it will be good for me. Then going to St. Louis of all places at end of Sept. with my Sister. More getting out of my skin.

Poppy and Kiki are fine. They've adjusted quite well to being here. Never get to go outside in any form. It suits them. It wouldn't have suited you! I miss you so much that I reinstated your grand photo on the fence on my wallpaper background. Those were your glory days when you were catching a bird a day!! Remember that - on Dale Avenue? My heart hurts to think about you being gone for so long. You are still my favorite cat of all time. No other could take your place. Poppy and Feathers give me good company. Feathers is really a trial with how slow he is about eating, then Poppy wants to rush in and finish up, so feedings for Feathers are like 4 for each meal. Put dish down, take it up. Repeat, repeat. Sigh.

No more Steve by the way. I know you loved him and he loved you. He and I had a parting of our ways after I moved. It was just as well. Had to be done. But thought I'd let you know.

Love you so much!! Mom

9/9/14: My dear Maxwell, I have a special favor to ask of you. Spikey passed over to the Rainbow Bridge today and needs a helping paw to show him around and keep him company. Now that you are the King of Rainbow Bridge and the gate's guardian, please look after the little guy so he isn't scared and lonely. His Mommy and Daddy loved him deeply, as did his Sister's Faith and Hope. They miss him terribly. He passed way before his time, only 1 year old!! Little guy! I know how loving and gregarious you are with other cats, always having tolerated the ones I brought into the house, even when they were a pain or even a threat. God bless your heart and deep soul for looking after Spikey as long as it takes for him to be happy and comfortable. Maybe even until his Mommy and Daddy come to join them. I know there is no such thing as time in eternity. I will probably be there to greet you before they are, so we can nominate a new King to look out for him when that time comes. Thank you dear, Maxwell. I love you very much. Mom

12/19/14: My dear baby Maxwell. It's almost Christmas, and I wanted to wish you Merry Christmas!! I will miss you laying underneath the Christmas tree this year. You always did know how to pose proud and regally. I wish you were here in body with us! You would like this nice apartment where you could look out the windows at the humming birds (no, not catch them!), and watch the clouds go by. It is very serene, and I'm not as busy as I used to be, so I'm home more. It's wonderful.

Good news, I earned my Heart yesterday at the PSPCA, so now I can help them adopt out cats!! Yay!! I will have regular hours of 5-7 PM at the Pet Food Express, but other than that, I can go into the Center anytime during public hours and help out with adoptions to whomever walks through the door. Some of the babies there have been there a LONG time and really need a good home. So pray for them, please. Kitty prayers to kitties.

I hope you are enjoying the good life at the Rainbow Bridge. It may be similar to my being retired. I'm in good health so am able to enjoy all this freedom. And you have a new body, so you can enjoy your freedom, too!

I love you soooo much, and you will always be my #1!

8/12/15: My how long it has been since I checked in with you, sweetheart! I think about you all the time but haven't come to visit you here. I'm so sorry!! No excuses. I'm here in my Roseville condo, getting very used to retirement and love it. What a great life, after so many hard working years! Poppy and Kiki are doing great, too, and send kitty kisses to you!

How is it going on the green grass with your friends? Poppy and Kiki don't get to go outside the way you used to. How you loved it out there. Not them. It's all inside, and that is that. They don't know much different, though.

I'm trying to buy a bat-cave condo but fear the deal may not go through. If it doesn't, I'll reassess everything before trying again. What is meant to be is meant to be.

I miss you purring next to me at night, putting your paw lovingly around my neck. You were such a great cat. None better out there, period. I have helped lots of kitties get good homes at the PSPCA, so as a tribute to you, I am doing my best to bring other deserving kitties a good home.

Love you sooooo much! Mom

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