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Memories of Maxxwell

As soon as we saw you we knew we had to have you. We stayed at the pet store and bonded with you for 4 hours. Then we took you home, you adjusted so well and became part of our family. You greeted everyone with a sniff (we won't say where)and adjusted to each new grandchild as they appeared into our family. You went to work with dad everyday at first, you so loved to ride in the truck and then it tappered off and you were able to stay home and rest. Then along came Maddie Lynn, she just appeared at Dad's work all thin and hungry so we brought her home, rescued her just like we did you. You welcomed her into your home with open paws. Now you had company and a little sister. The two of you were never far behind each other. You taught her how to let us know when she needed to go out or needed anything. The two of you grew old together, now Maddie just walks around in a daze she misses you so much. We so miss you and your little ways of telling me you are hungry or the way you would go into the garage and stand by my car telling me you wanted to go for a ride around the lake. We miss you playing with your soft Raider football and throwing it in the air to get our attention and play. We miss you taking the wet bath towel from the bathroom and washing your face with it spreading it out just right so that you can wash your face. You taught Maddie to do the very same thing with a towel. Maxxi you were so smart, I knew what you needed or wanted just by you looking at me. The bond will never be broken and I can't wait to see you again some day. You got so sick so fast that we could not see you suffer any longer. I was with you till the end and held you in my arms so very tight as not to let you go. There is an empty space in our hearts and our hearts are still so very wet. Run and play our beloved Maxx continue to wash your face and we will see you someday again.
Love Mom and Dad Maddie Girl
Hello again my Gentle Giant, it's only been a few days since I entered you on Rainbows Bridge and already you have many moms and dads signing your guest book from all over. Dad and I miss you so much and Maddie girl is just not herself she will not even eat out of your bowl any more since you have been gone, I had to buy her a new one and she still refuses to eat in the same place your bowl was, I have to put it on the floor by her bed. Remember when she would eat right along with you in the same bowl, that was so cute and being the gentle giant you are you did not even care, if you did not get enough food you would just let me know. I miss you Maxx so much, I miss getting up early with you and make sure you ate, even though I had to give you 9 pills in the morning and 9 more in the afternoon and then 5 in the evening I knew they were just keeping your little heart going and somewhat comfortable, you had good days and bad I miss them all. I know you are feeling great now and waiting for us to cross the bridge so that all the furbabies can come to greet us. Oh by the way Maxxi it's that time of year for the watermelon eat all you want now. We love you our Gentle Giant Maxx.
Love Mommy XO
Hello Maxxi dog mommy misses you and I'm sorry I have not come to visit you for 3 days. Yesterday I went with sissy and the kids to Santa Cruz to play on the beach. It was relaxing and Austin and Serena, Henacee and RJ had a blast. I still feel so empty without you but when I came home Maddie girl had not even eaten, but she sure did as soon as I held the bowl for her. Daddy stayed home with her but he could not get her to eat. Please send your love to her and let her know it is okay and all will be fine. We may go in the big truck (motorhome) that you loved so much to the lake and just relax and sit in the sun. We will think of you and how you would lay in front of the camp and keep us all safe. You would stand there like a Gentle Giant just looking around and watching people go by and other dogs too. You were such a good Boy, no barking just looking around. It will not be the same without you Maxx, We love you and miss you very much. Mommy isn't feeling very well today I think I got too much sun. Love and kisses to my Maxxi dog and to all your friends.
Love MommyXO
Hi my sweet boy, how are you today? Mommy and Daddy are just getting along as good as we can. We miss you so very much but you know that and I feel your presence sometimes so please give us strength to get through every day. Father's day came and went we had sissy and the kids over and even Rosemary and Alexis brought Kali over for Maddy Girl to play with but neither of them played it was hot and too many people around. You were missed Maxxwell we so wish you were here. Well, tomarrow is the 22nd and you have been gone from us for 2 months and it seems like you were here yesterday. We are going to try to go see Dr.MacKie VCA in Sacramento your great Dr. and give him a gift that Daddy made in your honor. You know how he likes to make those ceramic fire hydrant lamps and he completed your urn it is so beautiful you will love it Maxx. We are just not ready to move you to it yet. We also will donate a fire hydrant cookie jar so the staff can put treats in it for all the dogs who come to visit the Dr's. We will also leave a fire hydrant urn in case someone might need it if they can't afford one. VCA, Dr. MacKie and all the staff were so good to you and us they are just great. This will be the last time we will visit them in your honor Maxx. I love you Maxxwell and wish you were here but I know you are feeling great and having lots of fun so until later all my love XO
Mom and dad
Goodmorning my Maxxi dog, it has been 2 months since you left us, my heart breaks and is very sad today, we are going in the big truck today for a few days by the lake and will take you with us. We hope Maddie Girl will enjoy the ride and the lake. It will not be the same without you my Maxxi dog, but we need to get a way for a while. Auntie Vicki visits you everyday and reads the nice messages people write and my words to you. She knows you are playing with Whitey, Baby, Little boy and having a great time. I wish you were here by my side so much it hurts, I love you so much Maxx. I will visit when I return my lovely boy have fun and please send me some love.
Love mom XO
Hi my Maxxi dog, it has been 8 days since I wrote and I'm so sorry. we had somewhat of a good time at the lake. Maddie Girl is sick and we will take her to the vet on Saturday and see if we can help her cope with the loss of you a little better. I'm babysitting the kids while sissy is away and she will come home on Saturday so I can go home. I miss Maddie and Daddy very much. I think of you every day Maxx in hopes I get some sign of you or just a smell of your popcorn paws that I miss so much a long with your kisses. I miss giving you your so loved massages that would put you to sleep right on my lap on the floor. Even as sick as you were you never stopped giving me such joy and love, Maxx I miss you so much!! it hurts so bad however I know you are happy and playing and have no more pain and for that I'm so grateful and I know you feel the love everyday that I send your way...XOXO love you Maxxwell and I will visit you soon later.
Love Mom xoxo
Hello my Maxxi dog, I love you and miss you so much. I hope you are eating lots of watermelon and having a great time. Maddie Lynn is doing better with the meds the Dr gave her for her allergy. The 4th was not the same without you, we just stayed in the house with the TV loud so that Maddie would not be scared. We are staying home this week and not going in the big truck to the lake just to make sure Maddie Girl recovers enough before we go anywhere. Daddy is doing okay, still has not put you in the fire hydrant urn he made just for you it is very nice. When we are ready we will move you. When I was at sissy's house Derber stayed very close to me and would not leave my side. He knew I was sad and missing you. He tried to keep me busy all the time throwing the yellow fire hydrant toy we got him for Christmas. Oh, Maxx I know you are at home now in peace and pain free, and I'm so glad I miss you so much I send all my love to you and all the kisses,massages,hugs,paw rubs to you whenever you want them. I love you our Gentle Giant Maxxwell till later XOXOX
Love Mom and Dad Maddie Lynn
Hello my Maxxi dog,its saturday and you are on my mind. I went out in the back yard and pulled some weeds and looked at your favorite spot that you layed on the lawn and laid on your back and pushed yourself around in a complete circle and rubbing your back on the cool lawn, oh how I miss that so much Maxx, I'm doing better and so is Maddie Lynn she is feeling much better and eating better. She will not play with any of her toys even the new one I bought her. Today is cooler for us so I will spend some time outside with Maddie. I love you Maxxwell Mommy misses you very much. Have fun my lovely Maxxi eat that watermelon and play,run and watch over us send us your love and we will send you ours...bye for now baby boy XOXO
Love Mommy and Daddy Maddie Girl xo
Hi my Maxxi dog, I love you and miss you so much. Yesterday was not a good day but today is better somewhat, Maddie girl is doing much better she is not licking her self raw but she still lays in all the spots you did and just lays around most of the day. Today I will take her for a ride around the lake, just like you loved to do so much. Oh how I wish you could come with us, but you will be there with us in your form and we will feel your presence and love. Daddy does not say much but I catch him with tears in his eyes and know what he is thinking and missing. We love you baby boy please feel our love. Until we meet again, I will talk to you soon and enjoy your playing and meeting new fur angles...I love you xox
Mommy and Maddie Girl xo
Hi Maxxwell, I love you baby boy and I still miss you so much. I took Maddie Girl for a ride today to get the mail, she loved it just like you did. I have you on my mind today all day like everyday but today I was cleaning and Maddie started barking for no reason, just looking around and barking, I hope you were sending us a sign, telling her it was okay. You know she did not bark until you did then she would join in and bark with you. Now she is all brave and starting to bark loud by herself. I love you Maxxi and miss you so much I can hardly stand it. I know you are having fun and feeling great, I'm so grateful for that but can't help missing you so much and wishing you were here with me. Goodnight for now my baby boy and I will come back to visit soon.
Love Mommy xoxoxox
Hi my sweet boy, it has been 3 months today that you crossed over to the bridge and our hearts are still very wet, we think of you everyday all day. The cute things you did like dumping over your basket of toys so that you and Maddie could play. That basket has not been moved and Maddie will not play with the toys..yet I hope she will soon. I even gave her your Raider football to play with but she won't even touch it so I put it away for later. I really miss you washing your face with the wash cloth, that was so cute. I miss all the time we spent together Maxxwell you are my best friend and I love you so much. I miss seeing you laying in the grass with the sun shinning on you and your coat shines so black it looks blue, oh how beautiful you are Maxx, Daddy and I are okay, we miss you but understand you are having a wonderful time with all the other fur angels you have met. And we can't wait till we meet again and I can kiss your face. You touched our hearts in a way that we will never forget and you came into our life when we needed you the most. Well, my fur baby until I visit again play hard rest well and eat good and remember how loved you are and feel the love we send to you everyday.
Love Mom and Dad Maddie Lynn XOXO
Hi baby boy, does it ever get easier? I miss you so much it still hurts so bad. Maddie Girl is doing much better these days. We took her to the lake this past week and just got home yesterday. We took you with us too. We took Maddie girl on lots of long walks and to all the places you liked and then she led the way. I remember when we would stop at the store you would hop up in the drivers seat of the motorhome and Maddie would get in my seat it looked like you were ready to drive so big and proud sitting up there. Things are not the same without you Maxx we miss you so much. We saw lots of dogs but Maddie couldn't care less none of them were her bubby. I'm so sad I love you so much Maxxi dog and miss you till it hurts each and everyday. I can't wait till it is my time to cross the bridge and have you running up to greet me...along with Max Sr. I know he is there with you and having fun running and playing. Well Bubby, it's time for me to go now, I will come visit later and feel the love I send you everyday all day and all the kisses on your kissing spots on each side of your face...love you till it hurts
Love Mommy xoxox
Hi, my Maxxi dog MaMa's baby boy I love you....remember those words? these words I always said to you so I said them again just so you don't forget even though I know you won't forget us baby boy just like we will never forget you and know that we will see you again when we cross the RB. I know you have met many friends and playing hard these days..hope you are enjoying all that watermelon you love so much. Maddie Lynn is doing much better these days, today is the first day she picked up her pink sqeaky puppy and made all kinds of noise with it...this is a good sign and she has stopped licking her paws..so they are healing. Sorry bubba it has taken 12 days to talk to you Mommy has not been feeling well but I'm okay now. And having PC problems with sending e mail so some of the wonderful people who signed your guest book and said such beautiful things about you I can't get the e mails to send yet..but I will soon. Maxxwell so many thoughtful and kind people read your story and send Mommy and Daddy nice cards and say such nice things and many of them are going through the same thing we are, they also lost a loved one so Maxxi all those new friends you are pawing it up with!! I'm talking to their Moms and Dads how cool is that? So remember how much we love you baby boy and play and run with all your new friends and I will talk to you later I love you Maxxwell xoxox
Mommy,Daddy,Maddie Lynn
Hello again my Maxxi dog, I love you Mommy's boy. I miss you so much, I have been sick and so wished you were by my side like you always were when I was not feeling well. I'm much better now and I know you are just kicking up your big popcorn paws running and having all kinds of fun. Maddie Lynn is all better now too she still sleeps a lot but she is getting older and slower. On Monday the 22nd you crossed the bridge 4 months ago and it seems like it was just today...the pain..oh the pain still goes on and on. The 22nd is also sissy Toni's birthday, she will be 34 wow...that went by fast too seems like I just had her..Daddy is doing okay, trying to keep busy. We just miss you so Maxxi I don't think we will recover..Well my boy I will close for now I need to go to the store, I love you Maxx and can't wait until we are together again..
Love Mommy,Daddy,Maddie Lynn XOXO
Hello my baby boy RIP today it has been 4 months since you crossed over the bridge we miss you so much. Yesterday for the first time since you have been gone Maddie Girl washed her face on a wet towel from the bathroom, she has not done this since you left. Did you tell her it was okay?? Something changed with her she is a little more spunky.. I'm sure she feels your presence and touch. I love you Maxx, miss you, and pray everyday I get more strength to get through the days. I will close for now, Maxxi dog and will talk to you soon...Love you much xoxoxoxox
Mommy kisses XOXOXO
Hello my angel Maxxi dog, it has been a week since I wrote, I'm feeling much better and getting over whatever I had. How are you my sweet fur angel? having a great time I know, no pain no more pills to take,and Mommy not begging you to eat or putting scrambled egg on your paw so that you would lick it off. But I do remember you always liked those pears and apples in the jar you would eat those right up and loved the juice too. I miss you Maxxwell.. Your sister is doing just fine she does need a bath so as soon as I'm up to it I will bath her. I miss bathing you Maxx you were so good and just stood there and all I had to say was "lift" and you would lift each paw so that I could wash them and you loved the warm water and I would massage your back when I put the conditioner on. I never got your face wet, I washed it with a wash cloth and cleaned your ears with baby shampoo, you did not like the water in your face.After you were bathed you were so soft and beautiful, your fur shined so black it looked blue.Well I need to close for now its time for bed, run, play, have lots of fun Maxxi and until we meet again I love you and miss you so much it still hurts not to have you by my side, but I know you are very happy where you are and you have no pain and that is what I am most relieved about you will never have any more pain..the pain that I have is just not having you by my side, I know you are still by my side in a different way. So my Gentle Giant, I send much love to you XO and kisses and hugs Daddy and Maddie Girl send their love too. Love Mommy XO
Happy Birthday my baby boy I love you RIP Maxxwell xo
Hi my baby boy,I have to share with you that a really nice person who visited your guest book sent me the most beautiful poem from you with her help and I read it everyday. It helps me get through the days. Well summer is almost over for us but I know for you and all your fur friends you will continue to romp in the sunlight and play all day with no change how wonderful is that. I wish nothing better for you than to continue to play and have a great time you deserve it Maxxi dog. You were so good to us for so many years and we continue to miss you so. I guess I'm being a little selfish, because I want you by my side but I know you are having too much fun where you are and that is a good thing, a very good thing. Your sister Maddie is just fine now she still sleeps a lot but I think she is bored but she is good. Oh and before I forget, You will be remembered at Best Friends Angels of Rest on Sept 29th you and thousands of other fur angels will be remembered and I sent a picture of you on a tribute card its like a prayer flag and Maxx listen for the thousand wind chimes saying I love you always and forever. All tribute flags are hung and many visitors and volunteers, caregivers will say a prayer for each one. To have you was the best thing ever and I will always remember you Maxx and never break the bond or say good-bye. Well Maxx I love you so much and miss you feel the love we send everyday and we send lots of it...until we meet again I love you XOXO
Love Mommy and Maddie Girl
Hi Maxxi Dog, its Mommy checking in to say Hi and that I love you so much and miss you. Remembering today when so much life was lost 10 years ago and how you and I sat on the couch and watched all the devistation on the TV and that night you stayed right by my side as I cried all night. We have come a long way in 10 years and again watching it on TV is still so sad and you are not by my side is even harder, you are with me just not in the same way. Auntie Vicki was over this weekend and it was nice to see her and we took Maddie to pet extreme to bath her she was getting stinky so she needed a bath she was okay with it and she looks so pretty. I used your conditioner on her and she smells so good. Well Maxx my baby I will close for now I'm very sad today and my heart is wet so I love you and will visit again soon...
Love Mommy and Maddie Girl and Auntie Vicki xoxoxoxox
Hello my Maxxi Dog, I love you and miss you so much, just a note to let you know how much I love you..RIP Maxxwell will visit again soon. Love Mommy xo
Hello my angel I miss you so much.I hope you were able to hear all the prayers comming from Best Friends Pet Resort in Utah as they said a prayer for all the fur angels who crossed over to the Rainbow bridge, still missing you Maxxi Dog and my heart is still wet...Love Mommy xoxox
10/20/2011 Hello my boy I miss you so much, I love you we are doing fine, Maddie girl is doing just fine and we have started to walk her a little bit each morning and she loves that.Soon it will be 6 months that you have crossed over the bridge and it still hurts so bad. I know you are just fine and I'm so thankful for that. I will come and visit later and Daddy sends his love and so does Auntie Vicki. Love Mommy still missing you XOXOXOX 11/22/11 Hello my special angel it has been 7 months today that you crossed that beautiful bridge to a place of pain free and never ending playing with all your fur angel friends. We so miss you everyday and wish you were still here. Maddie Girl is okay she still sleeps alot. Mommy and Daddy are okay still trying to cope without you these Holidays, we will so miss you opening up your Christmas gifts and you did it so well and so gentle not even eating one piece of wrapping paper you took your time it was so cute. Then after Maddie watched you she would just tear up the paper to get to her toy as well. Our Christmas wish this year is that you are pain free and having a ball at the Bridge,we will cope this year without you because we know you are safe and well. Our hearts are still wet and we love you Maxxwell and always will. The bond we have is deep inside our hearts and can never be broken Happy Holidays my Maxxi dog, my special angel lots of lovexo Mom,Dad,and Maddie Girl 12/15/11 Hello my baby and Merry Christmas I love you and miss you so I have wrapped some gifts and included one for you and Maddie Girl will open it for you we know how much you loved opening your gifts. Please continue to send your love as we will always do to you we miss you and wish you were here. Maddie met a new friend a lab when we were walking and she did nothing but wine and showed how much she misses you Maxxi, please feel our love everyday by for now Love Mom xo 12/22/11 hello my angel it has been 8 months today that you crossed over the rainbow bridge and it seems like just yesterday you were here with us. Christmas is not the same without you, just yesterday I put 1 candy cane on the tree, as a reminder of how you loved candy canes. I remember one year we put candy canes all over the tree and when we came home from work all along the bottom of our tree the candy canes were missing...you left the wrappers on the floor you didn't bother anything else on that tree just the candy canes. That was the last year we put candy canes on the trees. Lots of love my Maxxi dog I miss you so much and love you so much RIP my angel love Mom and Dad and Maddie Lynn Merry Christmas baby.1/10/12 Happy New Year my fur angle,Christmas was okay, still missing you. Maddie Lynn openend your gift and it was a Hedge Hog so you will notice I put one by your side.Dad and I got a new TV and a new lap top so that I can continue to visit you. We are all fine and we are still missing you and love you baby boy xoxox love forever mom and dad and Maddie girl.2/6/2012 Hi baby boy we miss you so much I take Maddie girl for a walk every morning and wish you were with us. Daddy is okay, it is so hard not having you around us. Auntie Vicki still comes over to visit and to play with Maddie Girl. Soon it will be Valentines Day and we send all our love to you Maxxwell my Gentle Giant we love you so much. Welcome all your new friends with open paws and keep playing and running and just enjoy yourself I can't wait till we meet again my baby boy Mommy loves you xoxox bye for now I will visit soon. Love mom,dad,maddie girl xo 2/23/12 Hello my angel fur baby, so sorry it has been a while that I have visited you, I think of you hourly and miss you till it hurts still we are getting ready to go to the lake for a few days and we will take you with us and set you in your favorite spot on the dash of the motorhome maddie girl is doing okay she has lost some weight which is good I walk her daily and she likes that Well baby boy it has been 10 months since you crossed that bridge and it seems like yesterday and my heart is still wet Soon it will be spring and get warmer and the days longer I know you are doing just fine and having a great time and know how much we love you and send all our love to you Maxxwell!! love you so much love mom and dad and maddie girl xoxox I will visit again soon.3/18/2012 Hello my angel it's your Mommy I love you so much I still think of you everyday and will rejoyce the day you come running to me and kiss me again. Maddie Lynn is doing very good, she loves her walks and loved her time at the lake but she does miss you we can tell.At the lake she went to all the spots you and her had went and walked around, she even layed in the spot by the water hose where you layed all the time. Things are different without you my Maxidog, but we know you are so happy and healthy and we could not ask for anything better, and we look forward to the day we can play with you again and feel your wet nose on our face...I love you so, please continue to send your love as we send all our love to you my baby boy....kisses xoxox mom&Dad & Maddie Lynn.3/30/12 Hello my angel baby, it has been 7 months since you crossed the rainbow bridge and it seems like it was yesterday. I miss you so much, still my heart is so wet. It is now spring, and I know how you loved to rub your body all over the nice green grass, now my Maxi dog you have lots of grass and it is always spring for you and for that I am so happy. I can't wait util we meet again and you come to greet me and I can kiss you again. Until then Maxxwell I love you. 4/22/12 Hello my baby boy it has been 1 year today that you crossed that bridge, I'm so sad today and miss you so much it still hurts so much not to have you here with me and feel your little kisses. I went to visit a little dog named Charlie who was hurt last week and is staying with our friends who are taking care of him and he is doing very well and I thought of you and wished you were beside me. I love you Maxxi dog and I know you are having fun running and playing and I was so lucky to have you for as long as I did you made my life complete. Your little MaddieLynn is doing great, she loves to take walks and I walk her daily. Well baby, I love you and will be back to visit you soon. Daddy has some tests to go through tommarrow so I will be back to visit you soon...love Mom xo 5/9/2012 Hi my baby boy I miss you and hope you feel the love that we send to you each and everyday. It is getting to be summer and getting hot but we keep it cool for your sister MaddieLynn since she has so much fur. The little Beagle I told you about "Charlie" is doing so good, he is healing just fine and he is so cute he just loves me and I visit him daily and bring him a denta bone to chew on. We are getting very attached to him and remember Kali, we went camping with her and you were so cute with her, well she is also getting attached to Charlie and plays with him all day. We wish you were here to meet Charlie you would love him too. Well Maxi dog i will close for now and I love you and miss you please send all your love to us we love you xoxo Mom 5/23/12 Hi bubby, still missing you so much, you have been gone for 13 months now and it still seems like yesterday you were here by my side. Maddie girl is doing fine she goes for her shots on the 24th of this month and I will bath her too at pet extreme. Daddy is okay he keeps busy still crys for you. I know you are having a great time romping and playing. Look for Uncle Bill, he crossed the bridge on May 5th he always loved you and played with you when he came to visit. He got real sick fast and was gone so welcome him and keep giving all your love to us. We love you Maxxwell and will never forget you xoxox Mom,Dad and Maddie Girl.6/12/12 Hello Maxi my baby boy, I love you and still miss you so. Its very hot here now so we stay inside most of the day. I take Maddie Girl for walks at night and she likes it. Maddie had her bath and she still smells good just like you did after your bath I used your conditioner on her so she smells like you I so miss your shiney coat and the smell of your fur. I love you fur angel and think of you daily. Until I visit again send love and kisses. love Momxo7/2/12 Hello my fur angel, I miss you. We are doing okay for now it is still hot here so we just are taking it easy these days. I forgot to tell you Charlie, the beagle we were taking care of after he was attacked, went home to be with his family, he made such a great recovery we are so pleased, he is the cutest little thing and his hair is all growing back and you can't see his scars any more. Dad and I took a little vacation to the casino, but came home in 2 days as we missed Maddie Girl so much. Aunt Vicki was here with her but we still missed her. I'm sure you are doing fine and having a ball of a time. We love you Maxxwell and will never forget you. The other day we cleaned the vacuume and I could smell your paws? don't know why but I did. Bye for now send us love as we send it daily to you. love momxoxo7/24/12 hello my baby boy I miss you so I had a dream about you the other night I could almost touch you you were so close but I couldn't maybe next time I will get to touch you. Maddie Lynn is doing great and so is Dad, they just miss you so much. We have not gone to the lake yet, we may not this year we are so busy around the house. I bought Maddie Lynn a new bed and gave the old one to Derber and he just loves it. Well baby I will close for now please continue to send your love to us and we know you can feel ours we love you and miss you bye until we visit again Maxxwell xoxo love mom8/13/12 Hi my baby boy, I miss you so very much it hurts it is very hot here and Maddie Lynn does not like the heat so she stays inside until this evening when I take her for her night walk. I miss bathing you and making you smell so good, Maddie went to the vet and got a bath last week she smells good now well Maxi Dog please send your love and feel ours that we send you everyday and you are thought of several times a day...I love you Maxxwell and till I visit again continue to welcome with open paws all the other fur angels that cross the rainbow bridge and watch over the ones still here on earth.love mom xo9/3/12 Hi baby boy, I love you and still miss you so much pretty girl is doing fine Dad is going through some tests these days but i think he will be fine hope you are having fun and i know you are feeling great and that makes my heart happy I still look for you and dream of you often please send some love our way as we send all our love to you each and every day I miss you so much it hurts I love you Maxxwell and I will stop by soon again and visit love you too much Mom 10/11/12 Hi baby boy, I miss you and love you so we have been busy with tests Dad is sick and will need surgery in the near future. We think of you often and pray everyday and can't wait till you come running to us again. We met two new fury friends Lady and Babe they are sisters and they are boxer mixes they are so cute Maddie Girl didn't seem to mind them but she is getting old and just does not care, I'm helping with them as there mom and dad can't really take care of them like walking them and bathing them and would like us to take them but with Dad's illness we need to wait and see and Maddie is not too keen on the idea I don't think. Well my Maxi dog I will close for now and will visit again soon please send your love to us and as always all our love is sent to you my gentle giant I miss kissing you. Love Momxoxo11/11/12 Hi baby boy, I miss you and wish you were by my side today and eveyday. The last few days have been hard without you I don't really know why they just are. Its cold and I could always lay with you and keep warm. Maddie Girl is fine still taking her for walks when the weather permits. Dad is doing fine still gets tired sometimes. The kids are fine and getting so big now. Well it is almost Turkey day and I know how much you liked turkey and licking the spoon when I made cookies or cake now maddie girl licks it all by herself. Well baby boy please send your love and we love you so much and miss you so much until I visit again I love you Maxwell love Mom xo12/14/12 Merry Christmas my baby boy we miss you so much i have all the shopping done and we only put up a little tree this year because dad isn't feeling too well maddie girl is getting slower day by day but she is doing okay we still walk her daily and she enjoys that very much well it is almost christmas and it just is not the same without you i bought you a gift so maddie girl will open it for you i love you Maxxwell and miss you daily please send your love and welcome with open paws our friend Rosemary's cat little midnight he went over the rainbow bridge yesterday 12/13/12 he is a great cat so show your love Maxxwell i miss you love you love momxo12/29/12 Hi Maxxwell we miss you so much our Christmas is never the same without you but Maddie Lynn opened your gift again and she is also playing with a little grey squirrel we know you would like the way it squeaks well Maxxi boy please welcome with open paws Charlie remember the little beagle that we nursed back to health after getting attacked by a nother dog well saturday 12/23/12 he was hit by a car and crossed over to the rainbow bridge and we are all so sad I cried most of the day so if you would make sure he is welcomed to the bridge that would be nice and you will love him he is such a great dog I love you Maxxi dog and miss you so it still hurts we are all okay here Dad is getting a little tired these days but doing okay please send us your love and always remember how much we love you my baby boy love mom xo1/29/13 Hi baby boy still missing you so much soon it will be 2 years since you went over the bridge and it still seems like yeterday i have been sick for a few days and i slept with you right by my side and i am feeling better now it has been very cold but at least the sun is shining i hope you are okay Maxxi dog i am sure you are i just miss you so i have an empty place in my heart i feel like a piece of me went away when you crossed the bridge sometimes i get so sad and wish you were here all the kids are doing fine and maddie lynn is okay too she is going to have a bath and groomed tommarrow well baby boy i love you please send me some love and i send you all my love always love momxo/2/13/13 Hi Maxxwell I miss you so and love you so much,tomarrow will be Valentines day and I send you a big red heart full of love from Daddy and Mommy and Maddie Girl and lots of kisses too Maddie Girl is on some medication for her hips and is doing just fine she has a little more pep in her step these days and I still walk her everyday. Daddy is doing okay and feels much better these days too. My heart is still wet and I cry often for you because I miss you so much and miss cuddling up to you and getting kisses whenever I asked for one you are the greatest dog ever,I don't think I will ever have that kind of bond with any other dog Maxxi my boy well I need to go cook dinner so i will say bye for now until I visit again and think a big heart for you and lots of kisses...love mommyxo2/28/13 Hi baby boy I was thinking about you and missing you today again, I love you so much and miss you so much it hurts still. Maddie girl is doing okay she is walking much better now that she is on meds for her hips. Well Maxxi dog I jusst wanted to say I love you..we will talk again soon love momxoxox3/18/2013Hi Maxxwell my Maxxi Dog I miss you wish you were here to cuddle up with I dreamed about you the other night and it was so real just like you were here but then i woke up and you were gone i cried all day you were so a part of me and i still feel a part of my heart is missing but i know you are so much happier and healthy too and that is all that matters but i can't wait till the day we meet again oh what a joy that will be my Maxxi Dog well your sister maddielynn is doing okay she still just sleeps alot and we still go for walks everyday well my baby boy i love you and will be back soon to talk to you please send me some love and we send you all of ours love mom and dad and maddielynnxo 4/8/13 Hi baby boy we miss you and love you very much it has almost been 2 years since you crossed the rainbow bridge it will be 2 years on 4/22/13 the sadest day of my life, we are doing okay it is very windy here today so we are inside and Maddie Girl is sleeping at the moment i took her for her walk this morning and she did not like the wind well it is almost summer my Maxi dog and we are going to the lake to your favorite spot to watch the deer come down to eat i remember when you saw your first deer you were alittle scared and wanted to go back in the motorhome so you did and we just laughed you are such a gentle giant you would never hurt a flea but your looks were enough you were so big and beautiful and regal no one knew you would just lick them to death but that was okay the people that knew you the best knew you would not have hurt anything or anyone well my sweet Maxxwell i will close for now i love you so much and miss you so much after 2 years it is still so hard not to have you around my baby boy love you much and i will visit laterxo love mom APRIL 22, 2013 RIP MAXXWELL it has been 2 years my baby boy oh how sad i am today it seems like yesterday we were together and playing with your favorite raider football I love you so much you are forever in my heart and i send you all my love today and everyday for as long as i shall live and looking forward to the day we meet again oh how happy i will be to see you running up to me and give a big kiss RIP my baby boy love mom and dad and maddielynn.5/27/13 Hi baby boy its Memorial day and I'm missing you we usually go camping but not this year, Dad doesn't feel well. We love you baby, your sister is doing fine she is on an antibiotic for her teeth they are a little infected but not bad, she had all her shots on Friday and feels a little under the weather but she is doing fine. Auntie Vic came out this weekend and stayed a few days with me and we did some spring cleaning around the house. Well Maxxi I hope you enjoy your perfect day and run and play all you want with no aches or pains I'm so thankful you are in a better place but it still hurts so bad to not be able to kiss you or touch you but someday we will meet again and until that day I love you so much it hurts and I miss you my Maxxwell love momxo6/28/13 Hi my baby boy I love you and miss you so well it is summer now and very hot here so we are just inside the house today I know you are happy and staying very cool as I'm sure it is just perfect over the rainbow bridge running and jumping and just having a good time and how I wish I were there with you. Maddie Lynn is doing good I still take her for a walk everyday and she just loves it. I know she wishes you were right by her side sometimes when I try to play with her she looks so sad and just stares at the toys she does not play much anymore she just lays by the toys. I love you Maxi Dog and still think of you everyday you are still very much in out thoughts and hearts we miss you everyday and love you so much, I will close for now my eyes have tears and I can't see because I miss you so much have fun Maxi and send your love to us my baby boy love momxoxox7/24/13 Hi my baby boy Today my heart is wet and I miss you so much you have been on my mind all day and everyday since you went over the rainbow bridge I cried today again for you and so wish you were here by my side. Maddie Girl is fine and stays by my side these days. Last week one of the girl boxers crossed the bridge so please welcome her with open paws she is a sweet girl and only 2 years old so please show her around for your mommy. Her sister is still here and I go visit her just to make sure she is okay she is lonely like Maddie so I bring her over to our house so she can lay around with maddie. And Derber came to visit for the weekend he stayed here with us and he really liked it and Maddie she didn't really care much she let him play with her toys and even sleep in her bed. Well baby boy I love you please send your sweet love to us we will never forget you love momxoxox8/28/13 Hi Baby boy, miss you Maxxi dog so sorry I missed national dog day on the 26th but I think of you everyday and always Maddie girl is doing good we walk every morning just to keep her legs moving she is getting old Maxxi she sleeps a lot. we will go to Hawaii in November and auntie Vicki will stay here with Maddie for a week we get to see Ted and all the grandkids. Well my Maxxi dog I sure miss you so much I miss you laying with me and giving me kisses we have a friend who has a dobie that looks just like you and when I see her she comes right over to me and rubs against me like she knows I'm missing you and looks at me right in the face like she knows what I'm thinking and that I am sad her name is Hally she is a good girl. Well my baby I will close for now and please send me some love Mommy loves you Maxxwell!! I will be back soon love mommy xo. 9/23/13 Hi Maxxi dog, how is my little boy? I miss you baby boy we are fine here looking forward to the cooler weather Dad had watermelon last night and we cried thinking of you and how much you loved watermelon we miss you Maddie Girl is okay still walk her every morning and she likes that hope my baby boy you can feel the love we send you everyday and please send us the love too our house is so empty since you have crossed the rainbow bridge but I know you are so happy and that is all that counts well Maxxwell until I visit again oh one more thing I did go visit Halli the dobie that looks just like you she lost her daddy a few months ago so she has been very sad and started licking her back paw really bad and had to go to the vet but she is on the mend now I told her not to lick it and that I would come back and visit her soon so I was a little sad that day she looks just like you Maxxi and her paws smell like yours too so feel the love my fur angel I love you always love momxo10/25/13 hi baby boy how are you mommy has been sick with a cold and now a cough but I'm feeling better now we miss you we are dog sitting Marie an Phil's little doggie Maggie she is cute and your sister madddielynn does not want to be bothered she just walks around the little dog and pays it no attention but Maggie has played with some of the toys we have well maxi dog daddy and I are going to see ted in Hawaii in November for a week we will miss Maddie girl but she will be here with auntie Vicki so she will be okay we sure miss you Maxwell and still think of you often Halli the dobie around the corner is doing just fine now her paw is all healed up I prayed for her to heal and now she is almost back to normal she so reminds me of you she looks straight into my eyes and seems to know I'm missing you so much the weather is still warm but it is starting to cool down at night well baby boy I love you please send some love and we continue to send all of our love to you oh and the kids said to say hi they miss you too RJ,Serena,Henna and Austin love you until next time have fun maxxi love mom12/8/13 oh my baby boy so sorry it has been so long since my last visit we went to Hawaii and had a great time we saw all the kids and just loved it we miss you still and think of you daily and around this time of year gets real hard missing you so Maddie girl is okay she still enjoys her walks auntie Vicki stayed with her while we were gone on vacation and you know she loved that we are getting ready for Christmas and we had a great Thanksgiving spent it with the kids and had RJ'S birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year he is now 8 years old and just a dream well Maxi dog I love you wish you were here Maddielynn will open your gift again this year for you so send us love we send all our love to you every single day bye for now Maxxwell I will visit soon love momxo1/19/14 Hi baby boy happy new year and mom is another year older and still missing you so much maddie girl is okay still slow but im still walking her so she is okay Christmas was okay wish you were here maddie wasn't real excied about opening her gifts this year so we just let her be and she opened them on her own later dad is doing okay has had a lot of tests and will have for a while the kids all are okay Austin go a job and is real excited we are so proud of him derber is doing well too I go see him often and bring him bones and bones to duce as well well baby boy I love you and miss you so still wish you were here please send us love and we send all of ours to you every day until next time I love you Maxxwell.2/21/14 Hi baby boy I love you so much and miss you I went and got a tattoo in hnoro of you on m y ankle it is a dog paw with a halo and every time I look at it I think of you like I always do everyday anyway well Maxxi it is almost spring again everything is green and pretty oh how you loved to lay in the sun on the grass I can still see you laying there and rolling in the grass on your back I miss you so well my baby boy I will close for now and please send all your love to us and maddie girl who is getting so old so fast and has had some problems with her kidneys but doing fine now I'm afraid soon you will welcome her to rainbow bridge too so that you can be together again please send her love I love you Maxxwell love mom.3/26/14 Hi baby boy well I got your tattoo on the inside of my left ankle it is so cute it is your paw print with a halo above it and it is very cute I think of you when I look at it so I now think of you even more if that is possible your sister maddielynn is doing okay she is now on new food because her kidneys were a little out of wack so dr wanted her on a certain food to help her out and she likes it I miss you Maxxwell and so wish you were still here with me Dad is doing okay he is on some new meds and doing good so far. Well bubby spring is here we are having some liquid sunshine today but we do need the rain but I want sunshine well baby boy I love you and miss you please send love to us and we send all out love to you until we talk again love you Maxxi Dogxoxox4/21/14 Hi bubby boy I cant believe that tommarrow it will be 3 years since you crossed the rainbow bridge seems just like yesterday I miss you so much it still hurts and I still cry I have helped a few homeless dogs and that makes me happy maddiegirl is still doing okay I take her for her morning walk she is starting to limp a little but still have her on the medicine and she is doing good oh Maxxi I miss you I just miss you so bad my heart is still so wet I love you Maxxwell and think of you often so on this anniversary I will be sad but know that you are very happy and running and playing and not having to take all those nasty pills and feel great again I cant wait to see you when it is our time to cross the rainbow bridge please welcome all the doggies that come over the bridge with open paws please send your love to us and you have all of our love always and forever until we talk again I love you Maxxwell love Mom xox6/7/14 Hi Maxxi so sorry it has taken a while to get back here May was a busy month with the club and being Vice President has been really busy I miss you so I get lots of comments on my dog paw tattoo with the halo that I got just for you so I think of you everyday. Maddie girl is doing okay she has her nails trimmed the other day she did not like that and had to have a few shots but she has recovered I had sissy Serena here for a few days and we cleaned the back yard in the heat but it looks nice now I can still see you laying in the sun on the lawn love you so much and miss you Maxxi dog Please continue to welcome all the other fur angels with open paws and cant wait to see you when I cross that bridge and Auntie Vicki has been sick but she is recovering now it will take some time for her to get her strength back I miss her too but cant wait until she feels better. I love you Maxxwell and I will visit again soon my heart is still very wet and I think of you often kisses bubby and Daddy says hi he is doing really good now an feeling lots better bye for not I love you Momxoxo7/18/14 Hi Bubby Mommy misses you still just had a dream and you were in it oh how wonderful it was to see you again from afar I just couldn't get close enough to you but I keep trying in each and every dream well it is hot here Maddie girl is having issues with her hips she thought she was a teenager and there was a cat in the back yard so she tried to chase it and it really set her back she has a hard time getting up and down for about 5 weeks now but we help her up and down and she has had some improvement we uped her meds to help her along per drs orders of course. Well my Maxxi dog I love you miss you I will be back soon to visit please welcome all the fur angels with open paws I love you and will be back soon love Mom8/27/14 Hi baby boy mommy misses you I have been busy with daddy he is feeling much better now and is getting his energy back otherwise we are doing fine I know you have welcomed Kye the police dog with open paws as he crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago from an injury he got on the job and Im sure many more fur angels have crossed Maddielynn is going down hill fast Maxwell she just sleeps and sometimes she has a burst of energy but not very often Im sure when she arrives at the bridge you will be waiting for her she misses you so much Derber came over to visit for a few days Maddie was okay with that she did not really care hes so cute his paws smell just like yours popcorn paws but he now back home with sissy and the kids well baby boy I love you and miss you so please send some love and we send all our love to you I will come back and visit soon my Maxxidog miss you to the moon and back love momxoxoxox10/6/14 Hi bubby so sorry it has been a while since I came to visit dad has been going through some treatment and is now over and he is doing very well we are blessed. It was hard for a while but we are fine now maddie girl got her nails cut today and did not like it she is all stressed out and she misses you we saw a Doberman at the vet today he was so beautiful just like you and when maddie saw him she perked up and just starred she misses you just like we do we miss you so much auntie Vicki is trying to recover from being ill its just taking a long time but she is getting better im doing okay so far but my heart is still wet when I saw the Doberman at the vet I just broke down it is so very hard my maxi boy I so want to pet you and kiss you and I cant not yet but I will I know we will meet again when I cross the rainbow bridge. Well maxxwell we are going on a little trip to vegas next weekend for a few days just to get a way and then come back home I miss you my fur angel think of you everyday say goodnight to you everynight and until we meet again I love you bubby I will visit soon again have fun run and play and be happy love you mom 12/17/14 Hi bubby so sorry it has been 2 months since I have visited you November has been so busy and now its December and its just as busy daddy is going much better and auntie Vicki is getting better both have been sick with medical issues maddie girl is getting slow and its hard for her to get up these days but she is still okay I miss you so much maxi dog sometimes I think I smell you paws and it brings me such joy cant wait till Christmas is over and the new year starts we have had lots of rain the last week too much too fast I get joy thinking you are in a great place without any worries and just having fun all day cant wait until we meet again I love you I miss you and I will come visit again soon maxxwell mommy loves youxo2/13/15 Hi Maxi Dog here we are another year has gone by missing you so I think of you everyday maddie girl is slowing down now she doesn't see very good anymore so im afraid it wont be long until you welcome her with open paws so she can be by your side running and playing with no pain dad and I are doing good dad is feeling much better these days I miss you so much all the cuddles and kisses I dream of you often but just cant get close enough to touch you or smell you sorry it has been so long since I visited but I have been sick with a cold but I will be back soon to let you know how much I love and miss you bubby I love you so much until I visit again love you baby boy love mom xo3/.16/15 Hi baby boy well by now you know that Maddielynn is there with you now just today she crossed the bridge at 11:30am she could not even walk anymore or go to the bathroom im so sad and once again our hearts are so very wet..she has messages for you please watch over her and welcome her with open paws now you two are together again to run and play with no pain im so sad I will visit later love you both so much xo

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