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Memories of Mint Julip

Mint was abused and left at a shelter to be euthanized a rescue agency I was helping came in to rescue dogs you were on there list to be eutanized that day. She went with the agency to there unit there was no room there so they brought her to the vet office I worked for. We keeped her a few weeks spayed her dewormed her and scheduled her for heartworm treatment. 3 weeks later she returned for treatment crawling on her belly she still smelt like shelter. I went up front picked her up to take her to the back. Me and the other girls keep feeding her to put wieght on her.In the mornings she jump on the kennel and bark at me excitedly to give her food and would not do this for anyone else. Everybody thought she would be great with me and my other lab for he was in need of a companion. After talking to the organization I called my husband (without telling him that I was planning on getting another dog) to bring oreo down for the introduction. When put in the room together they meshed it was like they knew each other. After grinning and informing my husband we know had a new dog we brought her home.
After getting her home she adjusted well she fit right in we contacted a trainer and started work with both dogs. It took her a while to realize it was ok to bark after she scared herself trying and ok to lick your face, go through certain doors and get used to books or papers being over her head she would duck and go belly up. She always was submissive in some form she would go belly up if at a vets or doing her nails. The very rare kisses were highly rewarded and did not come often for any of us they were special juju kisses. She was very gentle and very rarely jumped in your lap it took alot of coaxing.
We worked with her alot and over time she came out of her shell.Mint would raid the counters for bread (witch caused her to bloat once). The garbage and cat box became a favorite to, I many A night would here her get up and make an effort even till the end.
Mint loved her bones and tennis balls she would catch them for treats. She liked to run in the baseball diamonds at the park, go for walks along the river bank. We would go camping alot and had to get a hard shell camper because everytime we tried to go swimming together her and my other lab would walk the tent to try to be with us, they moved it 10 feet one time. She loved the beach we would go to the jersey shore on vacation take them to island beach state park unsecured beach but she would love to lay in the sand she would dig herself a hole lay in it let you cover her with sand, put her head in the air pant with her eyes shut enjoying the sand and sun. Every now and then she would try to swim like her brother did but she would somehow get burried in the waves or jump off the dock wrong and go under the water she had to make a slow gracefull entry to do it right. We would go on vacations she would ride in the back of the truck she would put her nose up in the air sniff to see where we were and dicide if it was important enough to stand up(she seemed to know we were at rest stops, campgrounds or family (she seemed to know every time we were at my sister in laws road in upstate New York) it was almost time to get out and investagate her surroundings.
At home she loved to go out on the deck and lay in the sun with her head up towards the sun and pant with eyes shut and give you an ugly look when disturbed like how dare you upset my sun time. One time her and I fell asleep on the deck my husband come home I had a burnt back and mint a burnt belly not to bad but if he had not of woke us up it would have been worse. She loved her treats I would go out of my way to find natural and special treats that would taste good and add quality to there diet but of corse the favorites were the junk like jumbones, beggin strips, and the big cow bone she would get every christmas and by easter have hers and oreos polished and chewed(oreo preferred his broke in before he touched it so it worked out great) she even nicely broke a tooth on one in christmas 09 pulled root and all out. Christmas time she would lay and wait under the tree from the time it was up till christmas, we always said she was waiting for the tree to produce. Christmas morning she would get her stocking she would stare at it till oreo would go over dump it and open the gifts then we would pick a couple treats out usually a beef stick and jumbone, ore would get the same. After we ate breakfast and would give them some egg they would be allowed to open their bones ore of course would unwrap both and mint would chew them enough he would start chewing them. It was always comical to watch on christmas that made my christmas.
Trips to New York in the winter she would love to go up there visit friends and family romp in the snow, play with the other dogs and take off through the farm fields and woods on a great big jolly romp. My sister loved to see her and so did my grandmother she loved people and loved to snuggle and con anybody into giving her food. She loved her nephews and would allow them to do anything to her and they loved to feed her.
My favorite times with mint were the snuggle times.She would sit there and groan as you pet her and nuzzle you if you stopped or very gently wave her paw especially if she was laying down. When she did get on the couch next to you she would curl right up let you hug her like a teddy bear for hours and take away any hurt or sorrow you would have it was easy to sleep at night. She always laid close to me every were I went. She was always great with the kids never growled bit or raised her head she took food from them nice and even let them lay all over her although we grumbled at the kids for that. Everywhere we went she tried to get somebody to pet her or feed her. One day in petsmart she saw a man which ignored her, wrong she started following him all I could feel is the retractible rolling, when the man turned around she sat when he started to walk away she followed he turned again, I told the gentlemen if you pet her she will come back so he pet her and she was happy and came back to me, that is what had me get her the canine good citizen then therapy dog certificate. She loved the nursing homes and dealing with the sick children. One day getting ready for halloween to pass out candy to the kids she bolted the door ran out to great a child that was a nono I appoligized to the mom and the mom said no thats fine her daughter had smiled for the first time in days somehow she knew the little girl had leukemia and made this little one happy like everyone else.
My memories of Mint are large every holiday, vacation, picnic, walk and even private time was special she was one of the best a rare personality to be blessed with. A treasure one that will be greatly missed she was better then stricking gold , A gift granted to me from the lord above for such a short time. Now she is on the rainbow bridge and my heart broke unrepairable or so it feels in a few short weeks her buddy oreo whom we know is very sick will be joining her and I will be broken more once again they were my life. I will miss you mint julip jubelee roll or my mint mint or juju my heart will always have a hole in it I will see you on the bridge someday.

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