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Memories of MOLLY

My sweet Molly, so cute, so loved, so missed!

Snatched from my arms, doctors couldn't save her, gone so quickly, never to hold her again. I'm so thankful for the 10 yrs we had together. She was born 2/29/2000 (my leap year baby), adopted us on 4/18/2000 (she picked me!), and passed on 10/3/2010 (suddenly and unexpectedly from sudden onset congestive heart failure). She was on this earth 10 yrs, 7 months and 3 days and we were blessed with her love for 10 yrs, 5 months, and 2 weeks. I don't know how I could have loved her more or treated her better. She was my baby, a real Momma's girl, I loved her and she loved me above everyone else.

I will always remember the day she found us. After we'd held her and a few of the other female pups, we put each back in the pen. I can still see her just sitting there a few feet away, just looking at me, all the other puppies running around in the pen playing and paying no attention to us. She was the only one who ran to lick my fingers when I wiggled them through the chicken wire. She picked me and I knew she was the one!

I loved how she followed me into other rooms, how she would lay on the rug near me in the bathroom, or curl up by the doorway when I didn't have rugs down. I loved how she loved me, how she'd snuggle on my left side in my recliner, or curl up on my side when I laid on the couch, then inch toward my face when she wanted something, how she'd beg for her special chew every night, and greet me at the gate so excited I was home. How her ears were so expressive, up and down, and the cutest little face ever! How she'd lick and lick her big sister Katie's face and eyes. How she'd lick me so much I'd have to tell her to stop. How I miss her wet kisses, her precious face, her soft velvety ears.

She was so sensitive. If I cried, or even just gasped, she'd jump in my lap to comfort me. She'd go to Katie and whine and cry if she thought something was wrong. It was Katie, 3 years older and with health issues, who we hadn't expected to make it through the year. I'd often thought how hard it would be for Molly after Katie was gone. I have no doubt she would have grieved.

She was my constant companion. Always by my side. I made several trips by myself to visit my brother, a full day's drive, I'd always take my Molly with me. She was such good company on a long drive, I wouldn't feel so alone driving by myself. If I didn't have her with me, I wouldn't have stayed as long, usually 7-10 days, I would have missed her too much. Katie stayed at home with my husband to keep him company.

Losing Molly has been so hard. Maybe because it was so sudden and unexpected, because she was so young (only 10) and seemingly healthy, still acting like a puppy, maybe because of the ways she loved me, maybe because of our special close bond, my travel buddy, my shadow.

I still miss her. Even though we have added a min schnauzer puppy (Mindy now 2 1/2 years old), a min schnauzer mix (Zoey, 7), and a beagle mix (Chelsie also 7) to our family, I still miss my sweet Molly. She was one of a kind. There will never be another like her. Molly's big sister Katie joined her at Rainbow Bridge March 12, 2012, one week after her 15th birthday. They were quite a team. I miss them both, but Molly a little bit more.

My sweet Molly, No longer by my side, Forever in my heart.

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