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Memories of Morgan

Dear Morgan,
Today is the seventh anniversary of our saying goodbye (for now) and with each passing day I still miss, love and hope that I can wake up from this dream.
When you came to me you were an orphaned baby who had just lost her mother. You and the other babies in your family sat on the side of the road sitting there freezing until all of you were rescued. I know that your life started off rough and I knew we were meant to be together when you came to spend the night.
How did I know? While you were sleeping in the box I peeked in and your name came to me right away. I didn't want to admit it but it was love at first sight. Even when I came home from work the next day I didn't realize just how tiny you were and you had me at the first "bark" and wagging your little tail. You hooked me in. Hook, line and sinker.
Even though I didn't teach you to play ball, fetch or go on long walks, I intended to but didn't have the time. I regret not doing those things with you.
But, you did like to go to the party store where you would always get a treat and even though you really didn't like taking rides in the car, you always found a way to sit in my lap and think you were the one driving. Maybe I should have taught you how to drive instead.
As each year passed and the more I had to work I always knew that you'd be happy to see me as I came home from many hard days. Maybe I took it out on you by not seeming interested but I did and when I'd have to do it all over again the next day I always felt bad as you jumped up onto the couch, head on the arm and sighed. It would be another long lonely day for you waiting for me to come home.
When I had nothing, I had you to count on. Even if I needed a shoulder to cry on, you'd let me hug you and didn't mind if I cried even if it over something stupid- and you know Felixia didn't want to get involved.
Every day at some point I can't help but think of you.
I miss having a movie/pizza buddy, I hate it when I can't sleep and you were taking over the bed snoring and I'd be mad that you were sleeping away without a care in the world. Okay, I know that when I was sleeping you would get mad that I'd roll over and the sigh always gave it away or the kicks to me just so you could get comfortable. I never thought I'd miss those nights but I do (although now that I can have the bed to myself I miss just having six inches of space at times).
Now when I tell the stories of how I was ordering paint (and you thought I was ordering a pizza and went back and forth from the window to the door only to be disappointed when I came home with paint) or the time after you had gotten a haircut and I took you to the store and that bird kept saying how pretty you were and then you raced into the house and went up to Little Willa's cage thinking she'd talk to you I have to fight back tears.
Right now it's the early morning and about this time I made the decision I didn't want to make. I hated making that decision but I knew you weren't feeling good and were in pain. I was selfish to want to keep you, but I knew it was time to say goodbye.
First Felixia, you and then Shelby. There's a deep hole in my heart for all of you which will probably never be filled again. I know Little Willa misses you too.
Thank you for the love and joy you brought to my life and whenever there's a lot of snow I look in the backyard I make a snowball and hope that one day, if only for a brief second, you'd be there to run after it.
Sleep well until we see each other again and thanks for being the guest who never left.
**I hope "mom" is taking care of you and let her know that I'm doing the same with Bindi. Everyday I want to call her by your name but I guess I see a lot of her in you.

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