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Memories of Morris

Morris or Mo Mo as he was affectionately called was one tough cat. I found him as a stray in Stockton with a beebee bullet in his belly! He was the bully tom cat in his early years, very fiesty, we always said he had to be tough to survive the streets of Stockton. Morris visited the vet often with bites, cuts, scratches and subsequent infections. As he aged, he definitely mellowed, but he still ran the house. Our 70 pound dogs would take the long way around to avoid walking by Mo! I swear I would watch him purposely sit in the middle of the hallway just to make the dogs go the other way! The vets estimate Mo was 6 years old when I found him in 1993, so when he passed away in 2010, he was approximately 23 years old. Mo has been with me almost half my life! He comforted me through the death of my younger brother, my divorce and the death of my father. Morris was the alpha male of the Viado pack which includes dogs and cats! As Morris got older he got slightly demanding with meal times. He definitely let you know when he was hungry and he wanted to eat NOW! Morris loved food, especially Mexican food. Not sure how he cultivated a taste for Mexican food, maybe it was his early years in Stockton. Morris loved to kick the dogs off the couch as well. If one of the dogs was in his corner, he would jump up on the couch and just stare at the dog.... It just took a couple seconds, but the dogs would jump down, allowing Morris to take his corner. I remember Morris trying to stop the dogs from fighting by trying to jump in and stop the action. It was quite dangerous for a 10 pound cat to think he could stop 3-70 pound dogs from fighting, but he tried. He also would try to stop the dogs from harrassing Ditto, the only female cat in the bunch. My husband's favorite memory, which he swears would win us $10,000 on the world's funniest video show, involves Morris, Bear (Daddy's favorite dog) and himself. One night, Bear apparently got too close to Morris, so Morris took offense and started to chase Bear. Bear took off not wanting to be at the end of Morris' wrath and daddy was in hot pursuit of Morris trying to stop him from tearing into Bear. So around and around the house they went... Bear, followed by Morris, followed by daddy and his newspaper trying to stop the mele!!! I would have loved to have seen that sight! While Morris was rough around the edges and at times difficult to live with, especially the spraying phase he went through, he provided me with love, joy and happiness at times when I needed them most. Our house is much quieter now, sometimes I feel too quiet. I miss you much Mo Mo, the pack misses you too! I will always treasure my memories of you, you will never be forgotten!

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