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Memories of MUFFY

Muffy's Nicknames:

Muffy snicker-doodle-head
Queen Muffertiti (of Mud Creek)
Sissie ("sister" -- to Roscoe)
Sunshine Girl
Little Face
Flat Beard
Half Beard
The Grandchild
Little Muffy-cakes
Birthday Girl (Birthday Muffy)
Monkey Dog
Pillie-Thief (pillow-thief)

Muffy's Not-So-Secret Language:

Creature (dog-food-creature) -- canned dog food
In the Bowl -- "do you want your food in the bowl?" (obviously a rhetorical question)
Bone (Treat)
Cat or Mailman (type of peanut butter flavored bones)
Grape (before we found out they were poisonous, she loved them!)
French fry
Paw-paw's house
Dinky & Lady
Granny & Paw-paw
Santa Paws
Go Bye-bye
Go seeping (sleeping), Go nite-nite
Breakfast time, Lunch time, Dinner time
Sock! (invitation to play)
Hurry! (apparently this meant walk real slow...)
Bye! (used as a scare tactic when saying "hurry" didn't work)
Bye-bye bone!
2-Bone Friday! (she got 2 bye-bye bones on Friday)
New Bag (meant a new bag of chips was open, she had to taste-test one for us)
New Can (great excitement when a new can of creature was opened)
Dr Venhaus
Daddy's Home!
Momma's Home!
Who is it? (preceded by a knock on just about anything; to make her bark)
Shoe (or "stinky shoe" -- would make her run away in mock-terror)
Muffy Cakes (pancakes)
Get the warm spot (she would steal the warm spot on the bed when I got up)

Muffy's Vocabulary:

Wanna go out
I want it

Muffy, I will never forget the day we met. You were the tiniest cute little fuzz ball with a pink tongue that never stopped! You crawled right up the front of my shirt and kissed me. I was crying... love at first sight.

We had so much fun over the years. I thought of you this past weekend, May 26th. They had the annual Pets in the Park celebration in Tyler at Bergfeld Park. You always had such a good time going to that. I missed you so much as I drove by the park and realized what was taking place there.

Aw, Muffy, I miss you so much. I know that you're always in my heart, but I miss seeing you and touching you. It's so hard to believe that you aren't waiting for me on your beanbag when I get home from work. I catch myself listening for the soft jingle of your tag...

Momma and Daddy love their little sunshine girl! Oh and Roscoe loves you too. That silly kitty has been sitting on your grave every chance he gets and he follows me around and meows all the time. (How did you ever put up with him? Ha-ha!)

To all of the people who have signed the guestbook, thank you so much! Your kind words and thoughts have touched our hearts in these difficult times. Several of you mentioned that you hope that Muffy sends me a sign. I want you to know that she did that before I ever even set up this site.

When we took her on that last ride to the vet's office, she was in no mood to kiss anyone goodbye. That was especially hard for us. We held her and stayed with her as the shots took effect. We brought her home and since it was the middle of the night, we placed her box on the table--to be buried the next morning. That night, I only got about an hour of sleep. However, when I did doze off, I had the most wonderful dream.

In the dream, I woke up and the box was moving... Muffy was alive. I opened the box and there she was: beautiful, happy, healthy, and young! I cried, Muffy! And then she kissed me and I woke up for real. Crying for real, I know that Muffy came to tell me goodbye. Well, actually, it was more like, "see you later!"

Yes, baby, Mommy & Daddy will be Home as soon as we can.

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