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Memories of Murfi
Our precious baby girl,
It was a cold and damp November day in 1991 when we first met and you chose us to be your people parents. You were a tiny precious white ball of fur, with a gumdrop brown nose, shivering from fear, and we new instantly that you had to come home with us so that we could love you up and protect you forever. It was love at first sight. You were the perfect furbaby; so delicate, dainty, beautiful and your scent was perfect and sweet, like that of a baby. You grew into a beautiful angelic girl with your glowing long white hair and beautiful brown eyes. You lived each day to see your Daddy walk through the door at night so that you could demand his socks and play "come catch me" before dinner. You accompanied us wherever we needed to be or wanted to go. Those who met you along the way, fell in love with you. In your early years you went to work with Daddy everyday and became the store mascot. Your friends from the store, still come by and ask for you. You "retired" at home when Mommy stopped working and filled my life with joy and purpose each and every day of your life. You completed our little family, made our house a home, and brought endless laughter and joy into our lives. Your Daddy loves how you would spoon with him on the sofa and bed and your Mommy loves how you would lie on her chest and kiss her until she could no longer breathe. Mommy's heart is broken in a million pieces since you crossed Rainbows Bridge, but she understands that you had to go. Your precious little beating heart could take you no further on this earth. Our 17 years together flew by in the blink of an eye. We take solace in knowing that you are in god's warm embrace now and that you are running and jumping and playing once again with all of your old and new friends at Rainbows Bridge. Mommy's heart aches to hold you close and feel your little tongue on her cheek and to kiss your precious little head once again. Murfi, you are and always will be the greatest love of our lives and we live for the day when we can see your beautiful face once again when we arrive at the Bridge. It will be the most joyous day. Always remember how much we love you. Love, Mommy and Daddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/8/08 - My sweet yummy girl, it has been a long lonely week since you departed from our arms. Our hearts continue to ache from your absence. The house is so quiet. Nothing is the same anymore without you. Mommy picked up your ashes and blankets from Peter, who gave you the best care a mommy could hope for. It makes us feel a little better knowing you are now back home with us. Play, baby girl, and run free in the meadow with all your angel friends, and don't forget to greet all the new babies who are arriving at the bridge. I think about you every waking moment. Kisses and hugs and belly rubs, Mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
11/23/08 - Hi baby girl, it's a little over three weeks now since you left us, murfi. Our lives have changed so drastically. I used to know exactly what I needed to do everyday--stay close to home to take care of you and love you. Now I'm not at all clear what I'm supposed be doing. The days and nights are long; the house is quiet and empty. As little as you were murfigirl, you took up a huge space in our hearts, in our home, and in our lives. It's all starting to sink in now; we're never going to be able to hold you close,look into your beautiful eyes and tell you how much we love you. That is a truth I find unbearable to accept. It makes me so, so sad. Please forgive me for being so sad, sweetheart. Because I know, wherever you are now, that you are well again and I am truly so happy for that. You know, there are times when I actually feel you wrapping your love around me when I'm crying for you. And I know that is you giving us signs that you are watching over us, like, for instance, the other night when I spoke to you late into the wee hours, and then you made something appear that I was searching high and low for over a week. And that mini soccer ball that appeared in the driveway two Sundays ago which is still sitting on the lawn in front of the house unclaimed. So thank you for your gifts, pumpkin. i miss you so, so much and i always will, sweetheart. Send daddy some love from heaven for his birthday tomorrow. I love you always, Mommy xxxxoooooxxxxxoooooxxxxxoooooxxxxx
12/8/08 - Sweet girl, oh how i miss you. You are in everything i do, Murfi. With each day that passes i am happy knowing that i am one day closer to seeing you again. Until then, you are always in my heart. I love you Precious One. kisses and hugs, Mommy xxxxooooooooooooooooooooooo
11/1/09 - My darling Murfi, it is impossible to comprehend that today is one year since you left for the Rainbow Bridge. Today has been a difficult day for Mommy and Daddy with many tears shed. You are so missed, my beautiful girl. If i had only one wish, it would be to hold you again. You are the joy and love that lives in my heart. We will come for you murfi. So wait for us and in the meantime have happy, comfortable days at the Bridge with all of your friends and know that we love you always and forever. Love, Mommy and Daddy xxxxxoooooxxxxxoooooxxxxxoooooxxxxooooxxxxooooxxxxo
12/25/09 - Merry Christmas sweet Murfi. What a day it has been for Mommy! You know that special photo of you that i cherish? i went looking for it the day after you went to the Bridge. in fact, i tore the house apart but i wasn't able to find it. it's been making me sooo sad. i was sure it was gone forever. but when i woke up today and went to go on the computer, it was on the desk! Daddy found it and left it for me as a surprise. it was the best gift ever. i couldn't be happier, Murfi, not unless you were here with us. i miss you so sweetheart. you're my little angel and will always be. i love you forever, Mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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