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Memories of Murphy
Hi. I'm Robert, Susan's Partner. I was there the day Murphy died. The previous evening Murphy seemed to stagger on our stairs but appeared to recover after a short time, since he had suffered a similar episode some weeks previous and had recovered with some tablets from the vet we assumed he would recover from this as well...

The next day Murphy appeared to be much improved. It was my day off and Susan was at work. We had workmen in that day decorating our bedroom and Murphy wanted out so I opened the back door and let him out into the garden. He went down to bottom of our fence and went through the gap to our neighbours garden to meet his pal (another elderly cat!) and all seemed to be well.....

At about 11:15am, I heard the most horrendous mewling noise (I can't describe it...cat owners have probably heard something similar from cats in severe pain) I ran to the back door and saw Murphy trying to drag himself up the garden with just his front paws. I ran down, picked him up and put him as gently as I could onto the kitchen floor and went into the living room to telephone the vet. The vet said to bring Murphy in to the surgery at 12:10pm. Murphy never liked being handled or put into pet carriers, but this time it was different, he made no objection to being put into the carrier which made me dread the trip to the vet....

I told the decorators that I had to go to the vets and to let themselves out. The entire 9 mile car trip to the vets in Dunfermline seemed to take an age with Murphy crying in pain the whole time. Once we got to the vets the dreaded truth was revealed. Murphy had a massive blood clot in his back which had starved his back legs of blood and as a result of this his back leg muscles had been damaged badly. However, the real damage was to his heart which was going into failure.

He was breathing shallow and rapidly which the vet explained was fluid in his lungs building up due to his failing heart. I telephoned Susan at her work and explained the situation. The vet had informed me that treatment would only delay the inevitable and since Murphy was in distress, advised that I had him put to sleep. This was one of the hardest phone calls I'd ever had to make, but Susan agreed with the Vet and I that the kindest thing would be to gently send him away...

The vet asked me if I wanted to wait in the waiting room while they put Murphy to sleep but I felt I owed it to him to be with him at the end, so holding his head in my hands while they gently pushed the needle into his paw I murmured 'good boy Murphy' as he slipped away. We had Murphy cremated and we have his ashes in an urn in our living room. He gave us so much joy and happy memories, although I still feel guilty at ending his life, I couldn't let him suffer any longer. as it turns out, after he had died the vet informed us that the damage done to his system was fatal so at least we had spared him any more suffering.I felt a bit better that the last sound he heard was a familiar voice sending him on to the next life.


Hi Murphy. just thought we would tell you about some news about your sister. Remember her horrible matted fur? well, we took her down to our vet and had them take all her nasty tuggy fur out. She had to be sleeping during this as, well you know this of course, she doesn't tolerate brushing of any kind far less somebody shaving her fur off with a noisy machine! anyway your mummy and I were a bit comcerned with Molly having to be knocked out but she came through it perfectly well if a liitle grumpy with us for the next couple of days. However, she is back to her old self now. Your mummy and I just thought you would like to to know. We also want to let you know that we are thinking about you and we hope you are playing happily with all your new friends. We hope you and your friends have a happy christmas at Rainbow Bridge. Lots of hugs and kisses from your mummy Susan and daddy Robert,


Hi Murphy. Today we got Molly a new friend, a lovely tortie cat called Rosie, she is 10 years old and is very shy, we hope that Molly will make friends with her and give her the compaionship that shes used to have with you. You would like Rosie, she is very shy and purrs almost as loudly as you used to do! Lots of hugs and kisses from your mummy Susan and Daddy Robert.


Hi Murphy. Sadly, Rosie could not make friends with your Sister. We tried our best, but every time Rosie saw Molly she hissed and ran away. We were left with a situation where Molly wouldn't come up the stairs to see us because Rosie was there and Rosie wouldn't come down the stairs because Molly was there! We tried everything to make them friends, but it just didn't work out so we had to take Rosie back to the shelter where we got her from. Perhaps in the future we can find her a friend to keep her company, who knows? .....Lots of hugs and kisses from your mummy Susan and Daddy Robert.


Hi Murphy. We haven't forgotten about you, hope you are enjoying playing with all your friends at Rainbow Bridge. Lots of hugs and kisses from your mummy Susan and Daddy Robert.


Hi Murphy. Sadly, your sister died today. Please welcome her to Rainbow bridge!! Lots of hugs and kisses from your mummy Susan and Daddy Robert.


Hi Murphy. Today we got a lovely cat called Fluffy as we could not bear to be without a cat. The house was so empty without you (and your sister Molly!). She is 1 year old and full of fun. Her Mommy couldn't keep her as she was moving house and because of the move we decided to give her a home. Please don't think she is replacing you, You and your sister will always be in our hearts till we meet again at the end of our days. Please be happy for us....
Love from Mummy Susan and Daddy Robert.


Hi Murphy. Mummy, Daddy and Fluffy the cat hope you've had a lovely christmas day. We still think about you! Hugs and kisses from us all!

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