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AUGUST 16, 2000 A Tribute To My Darling Macho Just a year ago today my love, I held you in my arms making the hardest decision I have ever had to make. You, looking up at me telling me it is O.K. to set you free to fly with the angels made it somewhat easier on me. Over this last year you just do not know how I have needed you. For 13 wonderful years, you were with me. You gave me unconditional love. You warmed my bed, you welcomed me home in a grand style, you kissed my tears away (if only you were here to do that now), and a thousand other times that I have needed you. You took such wonderful care of me Macho, and I did my best to take care of you. I gave you anything you wanted. I loved spoiling you. You had a way with me that no one will ever have or ever will. Your devotion to me was more than a child to a mother. Our love was so special. How you would rollover for me to rub your tummy not for just a minute but for hours. I loved making you feel better. I know I helped your pain. And when it was time, I held you and felt the last beats of your great big heart fade away as Dr. Delano helped you go peacefully to Rainbows Bridge. I hope you remember the fun we had and all my acts of love for you, including that final one, just as I will remember our good times and the love you gave me. I hope the last thing you felt were my arms around you and my kisses upon your face, the last things you heard was my voice telling you what a GOOD BOY you are and how I LOVE YOU, and the last thing you knew was the assurance how much you are loved so dearly. My beautiful Macho, you are so precious to me. I know when I leave this world you will be waiting for me again to welcome me home. I LOVE YOU BOY BLUE! MOMMY XO April 24, 2005 Hello My Darling Macho, It's been almost 6 years since you left us. You are so missed and so loved. Each and everyday we think of you. Your little soul-mate Heidi Marie is in the hospital. She is 15 now and is really slowing down. She has a bad infection and I don't know if she's strong enough to fight it. We are praying that she'll be alright, but if God takes her to the bridge, you two will finally be together again. Love her and take good care of her. Love, Mommy August 22, 2005 Hi Blue ~ I love you darling and miss you too. Heidi's still hanging in there. She really is slowing down, but doing O.K. You are in my heart, Love Mommy October 31, 2005 ~ Today Sweet Little Heidi went to the Bridge. Watch over her, love her and never let her go. You two are finally together again. I miss you both so much but feel better just knowing you two are together again. We will all be together someday. In the meantime the two of you live right here in my heart. Forever, Mommy xoxo July 25, 2011 Hello my Loves...It has taken me a while to post my first message to you, as you know that Mommy is with you now. To everyone that knew my Mother, "Toni" (whom originally started Macho's residency here at Rainbow Bridge back in 1999) passed away on January 24, 2008 and entered into heaven to join Macho and Heidi. I, Tara "Toni's Daughter",promised my Mother that I would continue Macho's residency if she was ever to join her babies up in heaven. So here I am. I am honored to live by my Mother's wishes, as I would love the memories to live on as me being the daughter of such a loving, beautiful, kind hearted woman who loved her animals just as much as I do. It has taken me a while to grieve over my Mother's passing, as my Mother was my best friend and I still hurt for her every day of my life. It gives me comfort to know that she is with her babies now. From my Mother's postings above, "Macho" (whom was my Mothers angel) passed away in 1999, "Heidi" (whom was Macho's soulmate and my Mother's other angel) passed away in 2005 and now I am saddened to say that "Scrounge" (our cat of 20 years old, whom was Macho and Heidi's best friend and my Mother's other angel) joined them at the Bridge this last Saturday, July 23, 2011. As much as it broke my heart to put Scrounge down on Saturday, I am happy to say that she is finally at peace and with My Mother, Macho and Heidi now. Scrounge has been in my life and a part of the family since I was 13 years old and I felt that I was losing a piece of my Mother all over again. I didn't want to say goodbye as she layed in my arms, still purring when she took her last breath. Today was the first day that I came home from work to see no Scrounge sitting on the couch to greet me. I felt so empty and lonely inside. Then I thought, I will go on Rainbow Bridge and begin to write for the first time, as I know my Mother would have to tell Macho and Heidi that Scrounge is with them now. I have smile on my face typing this and it brings me joy and happiness to know that I am doing something that my Mother would have done. I am waiting patiently to Scrounge's remains (ashes), as I have Macho and Heidi's. Once I get Scrounge's ashes back, I will scatter all three of them together over the ocean in Mendocino, CA per my Mother's wishes, as she loved the ocean. I will close for now by saying, I love you My Beautiful Mother, Macho, Heidi and Scrounge more than words can ever express and miss you more than you could ever imagine. Please hold each other close and know that I will be with you again someday...All my Love~Tara

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