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Memories of Missy

It was in July, 1999 that I received an email, asking me to check on a Bichon in our local Humane Society so off I went. There she was in all her Bichon glory, barking at me to "get me out of here" so I did. She was filthy dirty, mats upon mats, obese, and in poor health. Ed and I decided to get her cleaned up and in good health, then to look for a good home for Missy. As the weeks passed and prospective owners weren't "just right" for our girl, it finally dawned on us that Missy wasn't going anywhere. She had worked her Bichon charm on us and we couldn't give her up so she became a member of our family which already included 2 Bichons, an elkhound, 3 cats, and 3 horses. We had four wonderful years with Missy. She became my shadow and followed me everywhere I went. She loved going to the barn with me each morning. She took a special interest in our newborn colt, Jet, right away. When Jet became critically ill in February, 2000, she was by my side as always. As the days passed, Jet grew weaker and so did I. I couldn't spend 24 hours a day at the barn with him but that was the only time that Missy left my side. She stayed with Jet when I couldn't be with him. She nursed him back to health. The big red colt and the little white dog always had a special relationship. My fondest memories will be of them walking side by side. Jet would slow down his steps so his little buddy could keep up with him. Missy had many health problems and surgeries over the years. She fought them all with great courage, bouncing back each time, surprising everyone with her stamina and her will to live. Then in July, 2003, she was diagnosed with cancer. It was an aggressive type of cancer that had invaded her trachea. Once again, Missy fought this battle with great courage but in the end, the cancer took her from us. Missy is buried near our barn so she can be near Jet. She was buried wearing a beautiful bandanna. She has her favorite toy ( a stuffed green dinosaur that was a Christmas gift from her Grandma Mary) and a bag of treats with her. Missy will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her. She loved everyone she met. She was a living testament to willpower and courage in the face of adversity. Even though she had been mistreated and neglected early in life, she was able to trust and love when given a second chance. I'm so grateful for that email in July, 1999. It led Ed and I to sharing our lives with a wonderful little Bichon girl for four years. I hope you are bounding over green grass, playing tug of war with Heidi, and eating sumptuous meals while enjoying perfect health. We'll see you again someday, pumpkin. Until then, we'll hold you in our hearts.

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