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Memories of Monique
Those of you who have been fortunate enough to know the love and devotion of a pet will understand my need to share stories of Monique's life. Monique passed peacefully on September 7th at the age of 16 people years/80 doggie years. Though I am saddened by the loss of Monique, I find joy in all the memories of the many ways that she showed her love. Cindy and I brought Monique into our lives when we were on our own and both of us needed to have a little pal when we were home alone. She came to us as a tiny little two pound fluff of white fur. When she was just a puppy she would sleep with me and crawl up under my nightgown to stay warm. She was always by your side. We used to call her Florence Nightingale because she seemed to sense when you were sick. She would curl up next to you laying quietly and napping all day by your side. She had a tolerant nature. Cindy would dress her up in cabbage patch doll clothes and take her out sledding in the snow. I would dress her up in little dresses that I made for her, paint her toenails, put bows in her hair and we would go to the nursing home to visit Cindy's grandmother. It would take us forever to get back to mom's room as we stopped for everyone to fuss over her. Monique loved attention and seemed to sense that she was dressed for the occasion and that she had a very important job to do. And, of course, there were all the Halloween costumes. Monique would stand patiently on my sewing table as I measured and sewed. Monique always loved men and when Jim came into our lives, she adopted him instantly. Jim had never had pets and didn't quite know what it was all about. I watched over the first months of our lives together as Monique would jump in his lap when he came home from work. I watched as his post workday stress period went from about two hours to ten minutes. She seemed to melt his stress away. As she got "up in doggie years" she lost a lot of her strength from what we suspect were small strokes. She spent most of her time on her pillow in the family room but, every once in a while, she would get up and fly around like a little puppy. When she went out, sometimes she would just fly down to "pooper's row" keeping pace with Heidi and her new little sister Snickers. She enjoyed the outdoors on warm sunny days and would hold her head up to feel the breeze in her face. She even got a chance to take a couple of little swims this summer. A dear friend of mine once said, "Animals are people too". For sure, they are angels sent by God to stand by us when we are sad and give total unconditional love and affection. Monique's loving spirit will live on in our hearts forever. 5/22/02- Dearest Tiki...I have missed you so much these last few days. The weather is getting so nice and I can almost see you sitting on the grass with your nose up in the air. Heidi's getting so old. Daddy says she is starting to act just like you. Snickers was a year old last week....she's still very very busy! She doesn't let me hold her and sing to her like you always allowed me to do. I miss that so much. Cindy's a Doctor now. She loves your memorial as much as I do. September 7, 2002 Hi sweetheart. Mommy misses you so much. It's been a year but I still feel your spirit next to my heart. Snickers is settling in and calming down a little but you will always be number one in my heart. Heidi is getting older and slower. Daddy says that she's doing some of the things you used to do as you got up in years. No one loves to be held the way you did, though. You were always happy to be in my arms and I miss that so very much. I hope you're happy in Heaven. Watch over me, ok?? 11/20/02 - Hi precious. Mommy has been sick with a bad tooth and tonight when I laid down on the sofa and covered myself with the afghan I said..."This is when I miss Monique...she would curl up on my side and keep me warm"...and just as I finished saying that, Snickers jumped up next to me and cuddled up and licked my ear. I still miss you so much but I thought you would be happy to hear that Snickers is starting to calm down and become a snuggler. Snow's coming....you never did like the snow sticking to your fur, did you? Let the love from my heart keep you warm. 3/3/2003 - Hi Sweetheart. Well we have had a lot of snow this winter. I thought of you often and how tiny you would have looked out there on the snow mountains. I've dressed up your memorial for the Spring. I know that you are running through the flowers and thinking of me. 1/30/2004 - Hi Sweetie....it's been almost a year since I've written. We've had such a difficult year. Cindy is married now but her husband, Mike, is very sick and awaiting a third liver transplant. Our hearts have been broken and we are scared. Jim found me a little present a few months ago to cheer me up. Her name is Mindy, named after "Mike and Cindy's Mindy" and she is a little Maltese. She is so precious and reminds me so much of you. I know that you are happy for me but know, my precious, that you will always be my first love. Mindy and Snickers play every night. It's like we have recreated the old days of Heidi and Monique. Heidi just lays on the sofa and watches. She's getting very old but is still healthy except, of course, for her hearing and loss of sight. So...do you think Mindy will like to swim?? 4/25/04 - Hi Sweetheart. It's finally Spring and I've updated your memorial. Heidi is still with us and the doctor says she is doing great with many years left. She is deaf and seems to bark more. We think that she can't hear herself bark so she keeps trying :) Snickers is doing wonderful. She is quiet and very well behaved. She is a real snuggler but definitely "daddy's girl". Mindy is getting a little wild as she grows into an energy filled puppy. She is very sweet though...and helps Snickers take care of Heidi. She definitely has joined the "pack" but comes to mommy at night for snuggling and love. I still miss you very much. Watch over little Mindy this summer out at the pool. She is very curious. Enjoy the Spring!! 5/08/06 It's been a long time since I visited and wrote you a note. Mommy has a grandpuppy named Ashley. She's a black Schnauzer and is so precious. She is taking care of Cindy, her mommy, as Cindy's husband has had 3 liver transplants and continues to fight for his life. But Ashley is always right by Cindy's side and brings such joys to her difficult days. Grandmommy gets to keep Ashley when Cindy goes to University of Pittsburgh to visit Mike. She sleeps cuddled up next to my neck. You would have loved her. Enjoy the Spring breezes in your hair. 1/22/08 Sweetie...I haven't written to you in over a year and a half. Michael died on June 14th just a few days after the last time I wrote. So Ashley lived with us for a while as Cindy got her life back together. Heidi died soon thereafter just of old age...but you know that because she's up there with you. And...of course...Snickers is running with you too. Poor Snickers...she had a really bad bout with diabetes and couldn't beat it. I felt so guilty because I didn't feel like I was taking good care of her because Jim got really really sick around the same time. In fact, one night I took Jim to the ER and when the doctor came in I asked him if Jim would be admitted and when he said yes...I told him that I had to go home to a sick dog. So Ashley is back with Cindy and her new beau named Brad. Brad's wife was sick with breast cancer for 3 years (same length of illness as Michael) and they found each other. I absolutely love Brad and his two kids, Abigail who's now 11 and Bradley who is 5. So Ashley has moved yet again and been totally adopted by Abigail. Loves to run out back with the kids and seems very happy. Then Jim got sicker and needs a liver transplant. We decided to go to the Mayo Clinic in Florida where the wait is a lot shorter. Poor Mindy needed a secure home while I'm running back and forth to Florida so she was "adopted" out to friends with an 11 year old daughter and is now "Queen Bee". She never liked being part of a 3 dog family. So then Jim got antsy and told the psychiatrist the sad story of his doggies...all gone now...and how he just wanted to go home and forget about it all and she listened for 15 minutes and then looked at us and said..."I want you to go out and get a dog". This was all very confusing but she didn't have to tell us twice. We went out and bought little Duncan...another schnauzer. Then we all decided to sell the house up here in PA and move to Florida so Jim could be near his doctors after the transplant. I'll be commuting from Florida to PA for work for a few years but that's ok...Jim is all that's important right now. So...that's it for today. Pray and watch over Jim that he has a transplant soon and that he does great!! Now you can go off and play with Ralph, Heidi and Snickers. p.s. Duncan is very very busy... 5/12/08...hi sweetie...Daddy had his transpant on 1/27/08 just 5 days after I last wrote. He is doing FABULOUS...and some more wonderful news. Cindy and Brad are getting married AND they are moving to Clearwater, Florida ...just a 4 hour drive from mommy, daddy & Duncan. I can't wait for Duncan and Ashley to meet. Ashley is so quiet and subdued and Duncan is very very busy. I'm still commuting and so far...so good...but if you have any connections up there...see about getting mommy a job in Florida so I can be with Jim every day. I'm living with my sister when I'm up North and it has been working really well. We're all getting along and Ninny and I kiss and hugs in the morning and night. Our mommy would be so proud of us. Take care...enjoy the fluffy white clouds...I see you in them all the time. 09/07/08...Hi...Jimbo continues to do great. I have a great job so if you had anything to do with it...Thanks!! Cindy, Brad, Ashley & my new grandchilden, Bradly and Abigail have also moved to Florida. Ashley & Duncan finally met but it took them a couple of days to start to play and even then..they didn't seem to really enjoy each other. Certainly not at all like you and Heidi when you used to play every night at 7 p.m. for an hour...like clockwork! Well, I have a lot of work to do with this new job. Speaking of which...pray for Jimbo...he needs a new job too! Hugs, Mommy 5/11/2010 Well sweetie...it's been a long time but I know that you have been watching over us. The job is going good and I have 4 years and one month to retirement:) Jim is officially retired as his health gets a little iffy at times so please continue to look over him. Duncan has been away at obedience camp and coming home tomorrow. He was a bad little boy and played a little too hard with a neighbor so he needed some professional training. Let's pray for that one too!! And finally...little Bella has blessed us with her love. I adopted her when she was 2 years old and she had had a rough little life. It took her at least a month to come out of her shell. She stills backs down a little if you approach her too quickly...but not to fear...she is living the good life now. She is adorable and very sweet. Of course, she reminds me of you and I wouldn't be surprised if you sent her to me to take care of her. She LOVES the front deck and will sit out there in the sun all day long not making a sound. Duncan, on the other hand, loves to acknowledge every movement of person or animal with some hearty barking...he's such a boy!! I see miss you and think of you often...you and Heidi were the original duo and will always have a special place in our hearts. Enjoy the Spring breezes. 6/7/2011....wow...it's Spring again. A year has passed but things are pretty much status quo. Bella is a stubborn little girl. She has entitlement issues but we just love her. Her and Duncan play a little more that they did and that's nice. But we think she may have some cat in her as she sits on the back of the sofa all the time. When she does visit me on my lap I cannot do anything other than pet her or she just gets up and leaves...so I try not to touch the computer...one keystroke and she's gone. Duncan is just Duncan...he had a little biting issue and had to be sent to doggy boot camp for a few weeks:) Jim and I are fine but we still miss you. 5/7/12 - Very sad news. Duncan's little biting incident turned into a real problem and we had to send him up to be with you. He's really sweet so welcome him with opens paws. Little Mindy, who I fostered for two years left to live with her permanent family. She really learned to ease up and be more social and her new family just adores her. Her new granddaddy comes over and takes her on a long walk every day. He's totally in love with her. I really miss her. I knew it could be temporary but I guess I got a lot more attached than I thought. After grieving over Duncan we decided to get two new puppies...litter mates. So we now have Hans & Heidi (yes...we used Heidi's name again). They are about 7 months now and a joy to watch. I still really miss you terribly...you will always be my first love. 6/12/2013 - Well...Heidi and Hans are almost 2 years old and quite fond of each other. Heidi wraps her paws around Hans and cleans his ears. Hans does nothing for Heidi except he does eat her food for her. Daddy has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and I am devastated. I have 53 weeks until I can retire so please prance over to God...give Him one of your precious smiles...wag your tail...and ask Him to let me have my life with Jim a few more years. Enjoy the Spring and Summer..love...mommie 9/7/2013 - Sweetie, it's been twelve years and I still remember you like it was yesterday. I miss you so much. Jim's cancer, amazingly, is in remission so thanks for anything you had to do with getting God's attention. You always were our little Florence Nightingale so I know you said a little prayer. With daddy being so sick we had to go down to one dog but she is in a loving family. I went to work one day and a friend of mine looked really sad and told me that she had just lost her little dog. We both realized almost immediately that Heidi was meant to fill the hole in their hearts. Of course, it's breaking my heart but getting a litter easier as my friend comes in to work and tells me little funny stories. Keep putting in a good word for daddy. He's so sick with the chemo but it's his only chance so pray that it works. Love ya Mommy September 7, 2016 It's been so long since I could write. Daddy died a little over two years ago and poor little Hans grieved so deeply that he went to live with his sister Heidi. I'm still devastated from losing him and daddy but Hans is super happy now and daddy's in Heaven. You have come back to me in the spirit of Luca, my new little puppy who was 1 yo in February. He's such a hoot and a little sneaky but a very good doggy. He needs a little more of your lap dog personality but he's getting better as he gets older. I have some good news. I have found someone to share Luca and my life with. His name is Dana and he is a really nice man. He and Luca are best buds. So life is getting better at last. It was a long lonely road and I did a lot of "running away from home" with trips and visits to family and friends. The house felt cold and lonely but now, with Dana and Luca, there is life in this home again. I will always love and miss you. You were the best and one loving little sweetheart . Put in a good word up there for me and Dana and our little boy, Luca. You would love him!! Love always Mommy

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