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Memories of Muggins
MUGGINS was with me for a very short 5 years but they were rich with love and good times. He was diagnosed with cancer and died from it and chemo therapy. GOD needed him and took him home. We WILL meet at RAINBOW BRIDGE. If you care to visit, MUGGINS has a web page at Carl's Rescue Page For MUGGINS

Well MUGGINS here it is 4/22/01 and I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we have saved several hundred rescues in your name but the BAD news is that Craig, your buddy and my youngest son died last week, Easter Sunday. I hope that he has already found you all and is spending time with you until I arrive. Give him kisses Big Boy. 1/05/08 Not so happy an anniversary big boy, it's now been 8 years. Love ya, miss ya, see ya... 3/24/08 Hey Monkey Butt, all is OK here...wish you were. Yesterday was Easter and now it has been seven years since Craig headed your way. You never met Brother Kevin but hopefully you all are well acquainted now as he left in 2003. I still have things to do but if I qualify we will be together again. Much Love. 1/05/09, Hey MUG, day 1 of year 10 since you left. It hurts now as much as then. As time passes more and more of my human family are coming your way, lost Mom last May. Remember Mam maw? See ya soon big pretty. 4/11/09 Well Guy,tomorrow is Easter and the 8th year since Craig joined you and the others. All of us here are getting older and now Katie, who caught the Deer, can no longer use her hind legs. She seems happy to just kick back on her bed and enjoy the easy life. You are and always will be greatly missed until we meet again. Good Job! 1/05/10 Here I sit missing you as much as ever...today is the 10th anniversary of the day you got your wings. That day is etched in my memory forever. Things are about the same here, still rescuing a few pets but with Katie relying on me so much I stay home most of the time and when I leave I try to only be gone a few hours max. You are where you are for eternity and I long to be with you but I feel I'm not finished here so I'm in no rush. It never ceases to amaze me at the number of visitors that continually drop by your web site to visit you. Wait for me big pretty, I'm coming... 4/7/10 Hey guy, I lost Katie. Remember when you and I rescued her and brought her into our family That was over 15 years ago, she was 16 when she left. Gonna add 2 pics of her to your album. Show her around and tell her not to chase the Deer. 9/20/10 As you all know Puppylo' has joined you there. Gonna add his pica to your album and I'll write more later... 4/1/11 Mugs, Mountain, the Saint you never met here has now joined my part of the family that is with you. I got him for Mammaw and I shortly after you left and we were blessed to have him for 11 years and 3 months. He got so he couldn't walk but with medication and TLC he seemed happy until 3/31 when a Cancerous tumor surfaced on his left front shoulder and it got really hard to breath. His vet said it was Cancer, the same thing that took you and it was also in his lungs. You were young and strong so I tried chemo but you still had to go and Mountain had lived longer than a Giant breed usually does so there were no options left for him but end his pain. I see here that I haven't finished writing about Puppylo' and I surely will get to that duty soon. So now you, Katie, Puppylo' and Mountain, 4 of the 5 dogs I have had and loved since I retired from the Fire Department are together with Puppy Girl being the last of the old crew still here with me. She to is old and having trouble walking but I pray she won't have to leave for a long time. The only thing that helps this terrible sadness I feel from not having you all with me any more is that you are all happy and pain free. I pray to God that when my job here is done we will all be together again for eternity. 7/23/11 Well MUGS, the last of the old crew, Puppy Girl aka Buppity has left me to join you. You never met her here as she was my first shelter rescue after your departure got me into rescue. She was lying on her quilt here by my chair after eating a little breakfast and having a drink and she scooted herself over to me as she did when she wanted some loving. I reached down and was petting her head and rubbing her ears and her breathing slowed way down and got deeper. I grabbed my flashlight and got down with her to check her ayes and they had started glazing, I hugged her and she was gone. Now I am starting over so to speak as I have 2 dog friends who are much younger and I pray I never have to come back here again to say they are gone. Tell Mountain and all the rest how much I love you all and someday we will be back together. 3/25/13 Hey big boy, I'm glad to be back so we can talk. No bad news this time but some good news in that I have 2 more fur kids bringing me back to 4. The third is Emma Rose, a Great Dane English Mastiff mix that a lady friend and I rescued where I go to visit her down in south Missouri and the 4th is June Bug a little Terrier mix who is a spitfire. She is also a tree climber. This entry is going to be short but again I want you and all the others to know how much I love and miss you/them and when my time on Earth comes to an end we will ALL be back together again. Til then. 1/4/15 Hey Mugga Man, tomorrow is another anniversary of your departure. I think of you and all our friends almost everyday and thank GOD that he has welcomed you all back home. I'm older than dirt but am still rescuing in your name. Say hey to all of our frinds there with you and I will visit again. Love you all. 1/5/16 Wow guy, 16 years since you got your wings. Time has really flown down here but I know in your current world it is timeless. Nothing much new here except I have lost a few kitties but I am sure you were there to welcome them. Please know and tell all the others that I love you all; some day we will all be reunited but I am in no hurry as I still have rescue to do. I do stop by occasionally even though I don't write anything. I miss you all and will catch you later. 2/14/16 Happy Birthday My MUGGINS. I did not know your real birthday but you were such a love bug that Valentines Day seemed very appropriate. As always please tell all the others how much I love you all. Will drop by later.
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