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Memories of Nala

from the moment I decided to adopt you & bring you back with me to my country I knew you would occupy a big place in my heart. When I met you & saw the poor conditions you were living in, I knew you would become a part of my life. I had to take you with me... the first time I could'nt take you because I was flying & you were already an old dog. The second time I made the right plans as there was no way for me to go there & leave you there. So in a car we went from Canada to Mexico so you could come back with us. It took 3 days to go & 5 days to come back home, you went from south to north & we even had to cross a snow storm approching your new home. I remember your first steps in the snow, with time you got used to it but the winter season was never your favorite. You were with me 6 years, through 4 different houses & different furry friends. You were there when Lilian was born, you were her first friend. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you left me, I never had a dog before you & don't want to have another. I'll keep the memories of you & me snuggling in bed as you slep by my side so many nights. I am so sorry for not having done something more quickly, I know you were so sick the last days. I feel guilty for not having tried everything, it meant a big surgery for you & your heart was so weak, people around me told me that you had come to the end of your life but I so did'nt want to loose you. I know you saw & heard me say goodbye but I could'nt stay til the very end as I was so distressed, you know my mom loved you so much also & she stayed with you. We buried you in the forest. We miss you very much Lilian & me, but I like to think that you're so happy up there at Rainbow Bridge. I hope all our furry friends that left our world are up there with you, our hamster Sara died 3 weeks after you, may you be together. I pray God to take care of you up there & let me see you again when my time will come.

29-06-2010 It's been one year today & I miss you so much Nala. May you be happy up there at Rainbow Bridge knowing how much I love you.

Thank you for having been a part of my life ! & to come visit me in my dreams.
I love you & I'll see you again someday.

26-06-2012 Nala, I still miss you so much, one day we'll be reunited, wait for us up there at Rainbow Bridge.
You know I have taken another furry friend to live with us, I wanted him to be completely different (male, black, short fur), well
"Ti-Gars" the chihuahua will never replace you but he is such a lovely dog just like you.

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