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typed up a big thing 3 times..timed out...so want to get this in..

Nes is, was, will always be my baby. She is my wedding girl, my daugher that has been with me through more than anyone can imagine. she is beautiful, loving..she loved all my dogs, cats and even all our frieds.. i will share her full story. Just know she was so loved, always missed, and the one and only baby girl for me....Nes..miss you, love you, every day, every day.

Nes came to my family on the day before my wedding. My sister and I was her and fell in love, I picked her up the day after my wedding, she was my honeymoon. Nes was with me through many sad times, infertility, the loss of my wonderful grandparents, the loss of my most special horse, Princess. Nes was my best friend, my constant source of comfort.

Nestle was a petit lab, chocolate (yeah I know original) only weighing 50 lbs at her biggest. She welcomed Molsen when she was 2, to our family and he instantly became her baby. She cleaned him with many kisses, and curled up with him to sleep. Nes was amazingly fast..she could out run the best and biggest of dogs..she loved to fetch a ball, or a stick..she would get teh ball, bring it back..and look at you with her big green eyes..to pleas throw it again. Nes then welcomed Rusty to our family. He again showed her grace, and loved Rusty as soon as rusty walked through our doors. Rusty and nes became fast friends..and were very rarely seperated. Nes was a nurse mom to Rusty's puppies..loving them as if she had birthed them.

She also welcomed every cat I have had..bella was her favorite..bella and nes spend many nights sleeping together on my bed. we all snuggled in for those cold New England nights, Me, my hubs Nes, Mo, Ester, bella and Elivs..it was very cozy.

Nes started to slow down and get gray, around 10 or 11 yrs of age..but she was still full of life..just a bit slower. At 10, nes got cancer in her ear..she had her ear canal removed, she only cried at first..she was a trooper, never wanting to cause us pain, even when she was in it. She sailed through that, and things were good for 4 yrs..

Nes turned 14..and she really slowed down..I could not bear to see it. Nes and I spend many hours just laying on the floor enjoying each others company. I will cherish those days, for as long as I live.... More to come the hardest time, I cant do right now..but will add later...just know Nes was loved very, very much. Love you and miss you nes, every day, every day...

Nes continued to slow down, and I started getting worried. I searched the web and found this site, to learn all I could about when our babies leave. Little did I know, that searching out comfort and knowledge of loosing nes, I would loose my precious 9 yr old blk lab Rusty. Nes once again, guided me to a place of comfort and support that she must have know I would be needing. Nes was my comfort during the saddness of the loss of Rusty. She always took care of me, in ways I will never fully understand.

Nes continued her life, just slower, for another 1.5 yrs. over that time, I told her she needed to help me know when it was time. Her mind was sharp as a tack, but her body was failing her..slowly. Until she finally lost most of the functions of her hind legs, nes was a small lab, so I did not mind carring her out, helping her up, doing what ever needed to be done. I knew, and reaffirmed with my new found friends at this site, I would know by her eyes, when she was to tired to carry on.

Late September 2010, I saw those eyes, the eyes that said "mom, Im tired, please help me". I knew, and called the vet for the following day.

That day came, much to fast, 15.5 yrs went by to quickly. We spend the day together, sleeping, and taking a walk around her favorite spots in the yard. At the vets, that she always hated, she knew every yr when we had to go for her shots..she HATED it..shook, shed, drooled, but not that day. She did not shake, shed or drool, she was calm, almost to say "Thank you mom, I know I will be OK, and whole again". She gave me one last kiss..and floated to the bridge.

She saved me, yet again, saved my marriage, as my husband and I were able to reconnect in our mourning for her, sharing the wonderful memeories of the long 15.5 yrs we shared with her. So you see, nes always looked out for those she loved, and she trusted us to take care of her when the time came. As hard as it was, is and will always be, I owed her that. No matter the saddness I will always feel without her here, how I want to just kiss her one more time, to pat her soft, soft ears and see her pretty white face..I will always know that I put her happiness over mine, and she is running free, fast as the wind, chocolate again (no white) and will be my special angel forever.

Nes, know I love you, miss you, cherish every second we had and will find you in the right time. Every day, I love you.

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