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Memories of Niki
Nick was a bluepoint siamese. We were fortunate enough to have him as a family member for 17 1/2 years. He was an awsome kitty. We called him Niki, Nick, Wheaty Wheat, Wheat Bear, Tricky Nick.

When we adopted him, it was a week after we adopted his mate Hallie. Hallie was lonely, so we went back to the same place and she picked Niki out. They were only 2 weeks apart in age, and from different litters. They loved each other from day one, and always slept together. They took care of and nurtured each other. It was very sweet. Hallie is now lost.

Niki was so smart, strong and gentle. He was my snuggler and my soul mate. They both liked to sleep with me unitil I and Nick got sick last year. He used to knead my neck so softly, purr in my ear, and snuggle into the crook of my neck. I loved it and will miss that and his scent forever. Hallie has never done this, she just liked to be next to me and to Nick.

They were both so spirited and beautiful. We used to play games with a piece of hard candy wrapped in cellophane. Nick and Hallie would chase it up the stairs and knock it down slowly. He played catch with it. and would retrieve it. He was sooo.... proud. He would sit on top of the Fridge, and instigate a game of catch. We would toss the candy, and he would repeatedly catch it in mid air with his two paws. Then we would clap for him and cheer him on. He was amazing.

Nick was so tuned into my feelings and needs. He never once let me down.

He put up a long brave fight against kidney disease. The last 8 days and nights were a labor of love trying to save him and spending all my time with him. Niki was born on my second son's birthday, and we lost him on my birthday. That was a tribute to Nick

Mommy, Daddy, Pat, Rich,Brian, Ted, Hallie & Cocoa will love you and miss you forever.

* Hi sweetheart, I miss you so much. You have been gone for a week now and it seems like forever. Hallie misses you terribly, but she is being strong. I hope you have found Puff, Sunshine and Little Duke. I'm sure they have welcomed you. It's nice to know they are there for you. Be happy angel, and I look forward to the time when we can see you again.

Love Mommy

* Hi Baby, I've been thinking about you all day today. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since we had to say goodbye. I'm picturing you healthy & happy and enjoying the sunbeams. I know how much you love them. Hallie and Cocoa send their love. They miss you so much. I miss all the great conversations you and I used to have, and your greeting everytime I came home.

I love you forever, and you are always in my heart.


* Hi sweetheart, It has been just over a month since you had to leave us. I still miss you everyday.

I wanted to tell you that Dr Brooks, and North Country Veterinary Clinic made a generous monetary donation to Cornell University Feline Health Center in your honor. This is a very special honor, Niki, they don't do this very often. I am so proud that they chose to do this for you baby. You meant a lot to Dr Brooks and everyone at the clinic really loved you. You really did leave paw prints on all their hearts.

We love you forever baby.


* Good Morning my beautiful Niki. I still miss you soooo.... much!!! Merry Christmas Sweetheart. We all send you kisses and love. Be Happy Angel. We love you forever. Think of us often.

Mommy, Daddy, Brian, Hallie and Cocoa

* Hi my sweetheart, I am missing you so much today, It does not get easier. The connection you and I had was like no other!! Daddy, Hallie and I are staying down to Rich's now, and I can't help thinking how much you would have liked it here. It is a beautiful spot, so peaceful.

Hallie is doing fairly well, but always missing you. You were her whole world baby. As you may know Daddy has been very sick, fighting leukemia. This is so hard Niki, you would understand my emotions right now. If I could only hold you, I would feel better. I love you so much baby, my Nikibaby forever!!


Hi my Nikibaby,

I am so sorry that I have not visited you for awhile. As you must know Daddy is now in heaven, and I take comfort in the fact that you are with him. I am so glad that he is with you, but I miss you both more than I can put into words. He was so sick for a long time, and I am glad his suffering is over. I know how much he loved you and all of us.

I can't believe that I lost you both in such a short time.

Hallie is such a little trooper, She is strong for me, and I don't know what I would do without her.
She is my little Love. Be happy with Daddy my Niki. I love you both with all my heart.


Merry Christmas my Niki,

It just isn't Christmas without you & Hallie and Daddy!! We did have a nice day with the family at Rich's house, but you were all sooo missed. I love you so much my baby boy, but I am glad that you are not suffering any more. I hope you Hallie and Daddy are really happy together. I picture the three of you together walking in the meadows, enjoying the nature around you. You could go fishing with Daddy, he would really like that. You and Hallie could catch sunbeams while Daddy fished. Be happy my sweet angel until I can be with all of you again. I'm sure Daddy has a pocket full of lemon drops, so you could get him to play catch and fetch with you. I loved doing that with you, you were so good at it.

I love you,

Good Morning my Niki,

It is three years today, my birthday since you left me. I still miss you all the time. You were such a beautiful kitty, and my soul mate. My new kitties, Max and Gabby, help me a lot, but no one could ever take your place. I was so lonely without you Hallie and Daddy, that I eventually decided to find some new baby siamese. They are beautiful, and you and Hallie will love them also.
Be happy my Beautiful Niki, and think of me often. I love you sooooooo much my sweetheart.


Hello my Beautiful Niki,

Well, it is my birthday, and 4 years since you left me. I love you so much, and I miss you everyday.
You were an amazing kitty, and forever my soul mate. I hope you, Hallie and Daddy are all happy together. I miss all of you everyday. My life is so different now, and it can never be the same without the three of you. I am so grateful to Pat & Erin for letting me live in their home, but I long to be in my own home again. We had some wonderful days with all of us in our home. I loved waking up to you in the morning, you gave me so much love. You and sweet Hallie were the perfect pets and family members. Thank you so much for being my beautiful kitties.


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