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Memories of Nikko
When Nikko came into our family we were grieving the loss of our beloved Max who passed from cancer at only 18 months old. Nikko left us just two days after Mother's Day this year and I don't know how I can bear this pain. Nikko was rescued from a puppy mill and in the short ten years of his life he had many, many health problems but somehow he bore this with his huge husky grin. What a goofy Guy he is...always made us smile. And his vocabulary was huge. We always knew what he wanted because he told us. Nikko loved camping, swimming, husky hikes running free with other furkids especially huskys, steak & chicken, birthday cake and Christmas cookies. He loved his brother Thor and adored his Mommy and Dad. He'd pretend that he could live without us but when we'd leave him for an hour to go to church he let us know we couldn't do that again, so he came with us and waited in the van. One Spring morning, with the front doors of our church open wide and the congregation singing, I heard Nikko singing along. What a great voice he had. It is November now and there are leaf piles all over...how I miss seeing him leap into a pile of leaves. He never tired of that. Nikko, we want you to know that we have another brother for you here now named Dirkie and a beautiful girl named Princess. She looks a lot like you and she has helped Thor come back to us after you had to leave. We worried so for him as he couldn't find you. There are so many firsts since you are gone...our first season for campouts with no you (I brought your stuffed elephant everywhere; the one you had in your mouth when you passed) our first Fall & Halloween. I am dreading our first Christmas without you. You know, Nik, even if Dad and I could adopt a hundred huskys we will never, never be able to fill the place your leaving has left. We LOVE you Nikko Freeko.
Darlin' Boy! It's one year today that we let you go to the Bridge. I am overwhelmed with sadness; I didn't know it would be this bad still. I know that you hear me say "I love you Nik" many times every day. We are going on a hike to raise money for needy huskys on Saturday; I know how much fun you'd have with all the other huskys. Oh Nikko...Daddy and I and Thor miss you SO much. I tell The Princess and Dirk "Nikko" stories until they roll they're eyes. But they know we love them as much as we still love you. There will never be another Nikko Nut!

It's Fall again Darling Boy...we have leaf piles all over. You'd be having so much fun jumping into the piles. I hope that there are leaf piles at the Bridge for you. Thor did something so "Nikkoish" a couple days ago. Something that he has never done before. I gave him a piece of cookie which he took into the living room (just like you used to do) and then he buried it under a blanket which he'd made into a mountain (just like you did) then he dug it out and hid it under a sofa cushion, dug it out and then finally ate it. (just like you) It was almost as though you were here Baby! I got such a lump in my throat! The Princess has had many successful mouse hunts; though she doesn't eat them, she lets Dirkie do that. Thor and The Princess caught a woodchuck out on your favorite trail, which I of course, made them let free. You always had an issue with that part didn't you. I know that you hear me tell you how much I love you every day. I LOVE You Sweetheart! I hope that you hear me holler out loud "I love you Nikko" every time we take one of your favorite walks. You are my heart my dear. The Princess is 7 now and she'd be your best friend, Can you believe it! Thor is 11. He is older than you. Dirkie is 10 now and has some health issues but doing ok. We have another girl too. She is Cinna and she's 16. She has been with us about a year now and she is a chatty cathy just like you. She can say Mama just like you did. We do the same things that you loved so much, the husky hikes, camping and eating ice cream. Thor dug a hole in the corner you loved in the living room in the brand new carpet and we couldn't even get upset. It's his Nikko spot! I just need to tell you Darling that I look forward to the day that we will be together again. I LOVE you Baby.

My darling Nikko. Do you still hear me say I love you every day? The Princess just celebrated her tenth birthday; with means you have been at the Bridge for 7 years. I can't believe it. Our beautiful Dirkie passed to the Bridge in October on my birthday. It was sudden and tragic. He was only 11. I know you greeted him at the Bridge and you will guide him. He is such a gentle soul and he will need you. You remember he never liked change in his life. We still have Buddy; he's nearly 15 and our last connection with you. We have a new furry now named Toddie. He is a handful! You will love him. Hope you have been kind to Cinna Marie as she was 16 when she joined you. Tell you what my love, we have had so many losses but you are my HEART my Nikko! Never forget. We will always have more huskys to love and care for but you were the FIRST.

Well, Darling boys, I know that you know that our Thor "Buddy" is with you. I wasn't able to write this as I simply could not. He left us just 2 months shy of 15 and the hole he left is so huge. It's difficult to speak of his passing as he passed so close to Dirkie's death. So, yes, you have wonderful Dirkie and your BEST buddy Thor. Dirkie left one year ago on a beautiful Fall day and Buddy in July. I still tell you I love you each day but sadly the list is growing longer. I haven't even been able to cry. I just have an empty cold place that I can't fill. I want you all back so very much. Please be patient with Dirkie as you know he was scared of everything. I'm sure Thor has taken his usual lead dog position now that he is perfect again. He wasn't able to walk when he left us so I love to think of him running full out with you. Have fun!! And LOVE one another. We have another boy in our pack now. His name is Stevie and because he came from a very bad family he has no eyes. He is doing great and Toddie loves him. Princess is the boss though. It makes us so sad that there is always another unloved Husky that needs a home. Why can't people be more like you!

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