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Memories of Oscar Jones
Oscar Jones came into my life when he was 3 years old. We saved each others life, and he gave me a reason to go on. He shared all my secrets, and kept me safe. We had so much fun together, and all my friends loved him to bits.

His KC name was 'Hidden Perfection' - although he was a labby and therefore no 'angel', his mischevious sense of fun and wonderful personality meant he lived up to his KC name. That is despite the 3 new fridges I had to buy, not forgetting the new cooker, and new kitchen floor.... I think the the thing that made me most cross at the time - was when I got up and you'd eaten my last ciggies!! As you know, I couldn't be cross with you for more than about 4 seconds!!

Do you remember when you jumped off a 15' river bank as you fancied a swim?? You couldn't get back up?? I went down the river and waded in upto my waist, then Lynn threw your ball to the other side... as you swam to get it I shouted to you and you swam to me... You bugger you climbed out - but I was stuck in the river!!

There are so many memories - all good... I should write a book!!

I'm sure you know that I've now got Harley n Daisy both from a rescue centre, living with me now. I love them both - but if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have wanted any other dogs in my life.

Oscar, whatever happens you will always be my one and only 'forever dog' / best friend- I love you forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

OJ, it's now nearly 3 years since you bravely went to heaven. As you will already know, I've now got Solo too, I love him and Harley n DD. You will also know that I love my 'new pack' unconditionally................... BUT NOTHING and no dog can ever replace or come close to the special bond we shared.

It's because of you - not instead of you that they are now in my life.

I will miss & love you forever, until we meet again in heaven.

Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

OJ, it's now coming up to 4 years since you entered Rainbow Bridge..... I still and always will miss and love you with all my heart.

Jon (from the garage) is going to heaven very soon. He's been asking about you, please give him loadsa OJ hugs n snogs n cuddles, cos he doesn't know he's dying..... and I know that OJ cuddles will help him pass over.

I will always love and treasure every moment we spent together xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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