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09/22/08 Oshi my dear bernese mountain dog, i will soon write your story to keep the wonderful memory of your passage on earth alive. i miss you so much. you taught me unconditional love, compassion, and tolerance. Above all, you taught me to love all animals. For all this i am very greatful. Thanks baby. A big kiss, your A.

10/01/08 My dear girl OSHI was my first bernese mountain dog and my very first dog ever.
We lived together a happy and peaceful life until she was diagnosed with two cancers, one to the gall bladder and a few months later, one to the mammary glands.

My courageous Oshi underwent three surgeries :

- on September 4th, 2006, for a lump on her right leg, at elbow level. The lump could not be analyzed because the samples were lost.

- on September 11, 2007 for a cancer to her gall bladder (that turned out to be a papillary carcinoma).

- on February 4, 2008 for a mammary cancer (diagnosed as a trabecular carcinoma). She had not been spayed and had no puppies.

Both cancers came back, and in the last few weeks of her life I found a lump on her right leg, at the same spot, and of the same size, as the one that was operated back in September 2006. She also developed a huge mass on her left shoulder that went all the way under her belly. Because of her other health problems, I never knew whether these were malignant or benign tumors.

Oshi ate natural home-made foods during the last 3 years of her life,. After the first cancer diagnosis, she also ate many natural anti-cancer foods and herbs. I believe these foods and herbs, along with her operations, made a difference on her survival time.

Oshi left us on July 19, 2008. She was euthanized and died in my arms. That was the hardest and most painful decision I had to take in my life.
Oshi was such a lovely and brave girl ! Brave until the very end...
May her memory live on forever !

One day we will be able to go chasing rabbits and squirrels together again. She will be healthy and full of life as i have known her!

For more of Oshi's story, pictures and movie, see her web site :

(under construction)

see also the Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs' Veterans Berners page :

10/02/08 My dear oshi, I remember that you loved to eat « croissants » so much, that each time we passed by your favorite bakery, you stood there, so stubborn, looking at me right in the eyes, and you did not want to walk any further until I bought you one ! people passing by used to laugh at you because you just wouldn't move!

10/03/08 My dear oshi, I just heard about the terrible fate of Mac, a white labrador who died on 26th October 2007 at a young age and without having ever known love. Please take good care of Mac and tell him that there are people who care on earth. I will continue to speak for all those wordless beings who deserve more. I think about you. I love you. I still miss you terribly. A rainbow residency was created for Mac the day you left me.

Here is the link to Mac's petition and web page. I hope all those caring people out there will sign it, to help things change. Show them the way, my dear baby.


20/10/08 My dear Oshi, I heard that Lelja took good care of you while we were looking for an apartment. I knew we found the right one when I saw a bernese mountain dog passing by the kitchen window. You would have loved this place : there is a nice terrasse where you could have catched the sun, looking at the neighbours' dog doing the same. The forest is nearby and there are many many big dogs living here.
Remember when you were 7 months old and we went to paris for my interviews and you waited for me at the hotel ? That was your first big trip. I was very worried that you would do your needs on the carpet, but the vet reassured me that often dogs learn to be clean when they are not in their familiar environment. That's exactly what happened. I was so proud of you !
Our new apartment is very near this hotel, so when I will feel like going to a place we have been together, I will go there.
It's now been 3 months that you are gone, and i see you in every dog I meet. Saturday I even hugged a dog. At first, he was surprised, but then he thought I was too close and he did not know me, so he barked at me until he disappeared into the entrance of his building.
I wish you could still be here wih us... but then I know that you are always with us, even though I am not able to see you. Hugs and kisses my lovely darling : you are my one and only.

31/10/08 My Dear, I still miss you a lot. The association is finally taking shape, and you would be proud of it! We will be in Paris next week, and I will soon start working on your web site. Lots of love and hugs.

19/07/09 My lovely dear, it has already been one year since you left me. I have not healed from your departure yet, and there is not a single day I have not thought of you this last year. You are with me and I keep you with me whereaver I go... I am at home today, the home we had so much fun and had so many good times together. The house is empty now, and I feel an unspeakable sadness each time i come here. As you know I am in Paris now, but come home every 2-3 weeks. I think a lot about you and you hold a great huge spot in my heart. I love you baby, and I miss you terribiy. I haven't done your web site yet. I have been very busy at work, and at home as well, to do what I promised you : give a chance for a better life to the many animals who suffer at the hands of humans. I will soon make your web site, and that, as well as what I will be able to do for other animals, will keep me going. Please send me a sign every now and then, to tell me how you are doing. It will give me courage in my endeavors until I will be able to join you across the bridge, so that we can again spend time together in our favorite places, without worries, and in good health. I love you, I miss you... you were such a wonderful person, such an incredibly lovely being. Through you, I have learned that all other animals should be respected and loved. Lots of love, kisses and hugs. Please be with me, close to me, and care for me. I love you OSHI, forever.

19/07/10 My dear Oshi, two years have passed already, and I still miss you very much. Not one day can pass without me thinking of you. Do you remember in December 2009 when you told me I would get another dog of March 22, 2010 ? When I asked you how, you just answered "You will see". I looked up the calendar and saw that March 22nd was a monday. I put a big asterisk on my personal organizer, but was left wondering how I could meet a dog that day... and then March 22nd came... On friday the 19th, I found out that there was still one place for me to go to a week training session to lear how to lead assistance dogs. Because it was a last minute thing, there was little chance I would come home with a dog... but... you were right : i met this beautiful black labrador on March 22nd and worked with him all week. At the end of the week, I was able to take him home. It's a working dog, and together we will be able to do some good to people who cannot have their own furbaby. I thank you for this wonderful gift. I could never have gotten another dog on my own decision. You meant so much to me!!! We will spread the word of how good dogs are and what they can do for people's health! I love you, always and forever. Thank you my wonderful furbaby for all you did and are still doing for me!!!

20/07/11 My dear Oshi, today is the third anniversary of your passing across the rainbow bridge. i still miss you a lot. The furbaby you sent me last year is with me and reminds me of you every day, and that helps to heel. He is a wonderful dog and although different from you in several ways, he also shares with you some similarities. Last saturday I also saw a bernese mountain dog in the street that reminded me so much of you. You surely know that last night Lili, your friend cat, has gone out and she didn't show up this morning, as she usually does when she spends a night out. Please bring her home safely. Oops, I hear a meow outside : Lili is back! thanks so much dear OSHI, I love you!!! I thank you for all the joy you brought me over the years we spent together, i will never forget them. Kisses and hugs!!!

19/07/12 My dear love, four years have passed already and today the pain is as strong as the first day. today i need to bring the black lab you sent me to the vet. he has what seems to be like arthrosis, although he is a bit young for that. i dread the moment i will be in that same room that took you away from me forever, especially on your anniversary. however, we need the strenght to move on and look with hope to the future. you will always be with me and i will never forget you. your pictures are all around my bedroom and living room and give me the strength i need. i love you forever my dear.

22/07/13 My love, i came back from Paris late saturday night. Five years already, and I remember that day as if it was yesterday... Time flies and the black lab you sent me is so wonderful. We had quite a difficult time this year with the surgery for the broken ligament. As you know, he broke his second one recently and the surgery is planned for next wednesday. Please help us, so that it goes well. I often have been thinking about you and I want you to know that I will love you always as much and that the protection of animals is my priority and i am making progress every day in not creating pain for others in my life. my dear OSHI, you are inspiring me every day!!! I will love you forever.

06/09/13 My dear Oshi, i know you hear me. Thanks for listening. Great kisses and hugs... You are in my heart forever.

19/07/14 As usual, on your anniversary I have been thinking a lot about you. I know you are always besides me and this is a reconforting thought. lots of hugs!

09/03/14 My dear Oshi, be by my side forever. I love you dearly. I miss you. Thanks for continued listening and support. I am very proud of you and of your courage. Will love you forever. lots of hugs and kisses...

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