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Memories of Ozzy
Ozzy was my baby and my best friend. Ozzy came to me 8 years ago, he was found in a box with his siblings on the doorstep of a vet's office. I remember when I opened up the back of the van that drove him to me five hours from Michigan, and took out the pet carrier that had Ozzy in it. I couldn't believe how adorable he was! His long orange hair and overly fluffy tail were so darn pretty!

Everyone who met him always commented on how 'pretty' he was! Every vet and vet tech I've ever taken him to would comment on how sweet of a cat he was. He was one of those easy natured cats that everyone loves.

He was my treasured companion for 8 years, along with my cat Slartibartfast. He had a habit of gently pawing my face whenever he wanted something. Every now and then he would give me his little baby meow. Ozzy's primary purpose in life seemed to be to always be near his momma ...as soon as I sat or lay down, right there he was, without fail, jumping up to situate himself on my lap. Sometimes it could get pretty awkward, I might have been trying to eat or type on the computer, but it didn't matter, he always managed to wiggle his way onto my lap somehow! And that's how my little family unit would spend a typical evening. Me on the couch, Ozzy on my lap, and Slartibartfast curled up beside us. I can't say it's an exciting life, but it suited me and I was happy.

Yesterday I lost Ozzy. He had been very sick and was in the animal hospital for four days. They had thought he was going to stabilize to where I could take him home, but he had a sudden and unexpected stroke yesterday at 12:30 pm. It takes me an hour to get to the hospital and he died before I could come to him. I got to visit him the day before, we didn't spend that much time together because I thought I would be taking him home the next day, but he got to curl up on my lap and rest, just like he always did. I hope he knew I was coming for him, before he died. The grief and pain in my heart is something fierce. If I'm caught off guard it can almost take my breath away. But I know that in time I'll get through it, the grief won't be so painful, and I'll have my treasured memories. I wish I had more than 8 years with him, but I was lucky to have had the chance to share life with the little guy. I love you with every ounce of my heart, Ozzy.

January 27, 2012
It's been a month since Ozzy passed away but I'm still feeling just heart broken. It continues to be hard not to cry when memories come into my mind. I really miss you, you stinker. Love Momma

February 24, 2012
The last couple weeks have been tough all over again...it has really sunk in that Ozzy is no longer with me, and from time to time I'll think of him and the grief just wells up and I have to fight back tears. Most of all I miss having my buddy cuddle up on my lap with me. I miss you Ozzy, you silly goof, Love Momma

March 26, 2012
I have my favorite picture of Ozzy on his memorial, sometimes it breaks my heart when I look at it but other times it warms my heart and the good memories are just beginning to nudge out the sad ones. I love and miss you Ozzy, Love Mom

April 27, 2012
Think about you often, Oz, especially when I settle in to relax for the evening. I miss you cuddling up on the couch with me as I watch TV or read a book. I love and miss you Ozzy, Love Mom

May 25, 2012
Still miss you very much Oz, still feel like crying each time I go onto this page and it lasts for a couple days afterward, especially when I look at your picture, but I know it will get better over time. The weather is getting pretty nice, I keep the windows open, you always enjoyed that. Slartibartfast is bugging me like crazy to let him out in the kitty penthouse...he'll have a wait a little while longer until I can get it cleaned up. Love you sweetiepie, Love Mom

July 6, 2012
I still get very sad and choked up when I think of you not being with me anymore. The weather is nice and hot now...you used to stare out the screen meowing for me to let you out. You didn't do too bad on your leash - every time you laid down on the grass and I sat down next to you -you'd always get up and try to move a little out of range of the leash to lay down again, so I'd have to get up too. That alway's cracked me up. One thing's for sure, you loved to explore outside, you never seemed to be afraid, just always was your laid back sweet self. I love and miss you Ozzy, Love Mom

July 26, 2012
Been thinking about you, Oz. Slartibartfast really wants to outside, but I haven't yet set up the kittywalk. I'll do that tonight. You used to like going out there too...i always had to bribe you both back in the house w/treats just so I could lock the door and go to bed! I love ya, Oz, and miss you a great deal, Love Mom

December 27, 2013
I think about you often Ozzy, still cry when I get onto this page and want to write. Still can't get through it so I will visit you when I come home from work today. Love ya stinker, Mom

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