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Memories of Ozzie

Pizza, french fries and popcorn - your favorites. We had fun eating them together. You kept me warm at night and always gave me kisses every day. Our Christmas picture together is a treasure. Snuggle up by your Teddy Bear and pretend it's Mommie until I can hold you in my arms again. I will always love you and never forget you. 5-23-05 - Ozzie, Mommie lit your candle for the first time in the Monday Evening Candle Lighting Ceremony. Did you see it burn so bright? It's only been 5 days since you left my arms and I miss you so very much. I know you are healthy again and can see and hear all of the beautiful things in the meadow. 5-24-05 - I picked up your ashes today my precious little Yorkie, so now you're home with me again. 8-23-05 - Hi my sweet baby. These past few months have been so terribly lonely without you. I went to see Katie, who starred in the musical Grease, with our best friend Pam. I bought the paper (one I never buy) to see the article about her. In that paper was an ad for 3 baby Yorkies from the same town where you were born. I called your breeder and she went with me to look at them. Now I have your new baby brother at home with me. His name is Bandit, was born May 11th and weighed 2.3 lbs. when I got him. I know you guided me to him since I never buy the paper the ad was in and, of all places, he was born where you were and your breeder picked him out for me. I think you wanted Mommie to quit crying all of the time and laugh a little bit. We go for rides in the car every day so he's not afraid to go in the car like you used to be. He does like to snuggle up in bed with Mommie like you did. I'm so happy I finally got to meet your breeder (Pam) after 15 years and showed her lots of pictures of you. We cried together and she said you looked just like your birth Mom, who was her favorite. Keep looking after Mommie and guiding me on this journey. 11-19-05 - Ozzie, I had Christmas pictures taken again this year with Bandit. They didn't turn out as good as last year with you and me, but I guess they're ok. It's getting very cold out and I know you hated going out in it. I still miss you so very much but I'm glad you are warm, healthy and at peace. 12-23-05 - Merry Christmas my sweet baby. The tree is all decorated, the packages wrapped and I even got you a new stocking to match new puppy Bandit's. This will be my first Christmas without you but I have your picture in an ornament on the tree and I know you will be watching all of the fun. It still won't be the same without you here so Santa's bringing your present to you. Bandit got his hair cut today and is all ready for his very first Christmas. Wish you were here with him. 4-13-06 - Happy 16th Birthday sweetheart! I brought your cake and present. I remember the fun you had last year with your birthday cake from Woofables and your hamburger and fries from McDonalds. 4-16-06 - Happy Easter Ozzie. 5-18-06 - One year you have been gone from my arms and I still miss you so much. 12-25-06 - Merry Christmas peanut!! 4-13-07 - You would have been 17 today my sweet one. 5-18-07 - Two years you have been free of pain, but Mommie still misses you very much. 12/25/07 - Merry Christmas little one - I love and miss you still. 4-13-08 - Happy 18th Birthday baby. 5-18-08 - Three years of missing you my sweet one. 12/25/08- Merry Christmas sweet one. 4-13-09 - Happy 19th birthday baby. 5-18-09 - I can't believe you've been gone from my arms for 4 years now. 12-25-09 - Merry Christmas sweetheart. 4-13-10 - Happy 20th birthday!! 5-18-10 - 5 years we've been apart. 12-25-10 - Merry Christmas Ozzie - I continue to put your Christmas stocking up with flowers in it. 4-13-2011 - Happy Birthday sweet baby. 5-18-2011 - 6 years from my arms and I still miss you so much. 4-13-2012 - Happy Birthday my baby. 5-11-2012 - Mommie's been diagnosed with lung cancer. 12-25-12 - Merry Christmas sweetie. 4-13-13 - Happy Birthday sweetheart. 12-25-13 - Merry Christmas baby. 4-13-14 -Happy Birthday my baby. 5-18-14 - 9 years of missing you so much.

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