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7/10/08 - Hello everyone this tribute to our dearest Patches is very hard I have been wanting to do this for the last few weeks but every time I sat down to type it my emotions got the best of me. today marks 6 weeks since we lost Patches & its been very devastating to our whole family I've never done anything like this before so please bear with me so hear it goes.

Well Patches is a husky mix,we already had one dog she is a black lab we adopted her from the local shelter we had her for about a year & then my wife & I started talking about getting her a playmate then one day I was looking through the newspaper & saw a listing for puppies for sale I showed it to my wife & we went to go look at them I believe there were six puppies & this one puppy came up to us & started playing with my wifes shoe strings & at that point we knew we were gonna be going home with a new puppy. we got him home & introduced him to lady our other dog (black lab) & she started playing right away only problem we did have was she did not like him trying to get up on our bed that was her place she finally accepted him & allowed him up there. When we took him out for his first walk it was so funny/cute we would get maybe half way & then his little legs couldnt go any further so he needed to be carried the rest of the way but as he got older he really loved his walks all we had to do is say are you ready or lets go & he would come running he really loved his family walks but we had to keep a very close eye on him because he would try & pick up anything & eat it. As Patches got older he developed one of the cutest personalities I've ever seen in a dog he would pounce on certain things like me in the morning he would jump up on the bed & pounce on my back to let me know that it was time to get up & then as I would sit up I would get my face licked all over,we would get one of those kiddie swimming pools in the summer for our dogs & patches would also pounce on the sea creatures that were on the bottom of the pool he loved being in water except for when it came time for him to be bathed but when he was a puppy when I or my wife would be taking a shower he would climb in between the wall & the shower curtain & join us in our shower it was so funny & the bathroom was his favorite spot to lay & sleep during the day he would lay on the bathmat & then at night he would sleep on his doggie bed pillow on the floor on myside of the bed. oh I cant forget to talk about his raw hides he had a funny thing he did with those also he would pick it up with his mouth & fling it & then run & get it & fling it again he would do that a few times then he would lay down & chew on it he loved them raw hides. It's so hard to walk anywhere in the house because he would follow me everywhere it didnt matter i would go into the kitchen & all he would need is to hear the refrigerator open & he would come running he loved food we had a hard time keeping him from jumping up on the kitchen counters he never gave up he tried to get our food. something else he would do is when we would leave he would look out the window & have this look of sadness whenever he would see us leave in the car & it was kinda the same when we came back home except he was looking happy instead of looking sad. somehow he would hear the car & before we were even at the front door he would be looking out the window except now he would be happy & when we got into the house he would go crazy running everywhere jumping up on us licking us he was a very loyal dog with alot of compassion for us.he loved the outdoors like when we camping he loved going hiking with us & then afterward when we got back to our camp & let them rest a bit we would walk them to the lake & let them go in the water,infact this year we aren't going to beable to go camping because it would be way too hard on us we just have alot of memories so we think it would be best if we dont go this year. we love doing everything outside the house with our dogs we included them in everything we did outside the house that we could.man I miss him soooo very much the whole house seems so quiet,empty & lonely without him here, my heart feels so empty & crushed I dont want to be selfish but there isnt anything I wouldnt do to get him back we all love him so very much. I know I'm forgeting things but I will post them later.

We love & miss you always Patches ,from daddy,mommie,Chris & Lady


7/10/08 - Hello everyone,This is continued from the above post. This is Patches's dad again I went through & read what I said earlier & I feel that I should have included info up to his passing time even though it is very hard. well patches was a very healthy pup we took very good care of both our dogs from the food they ate to the type of treats they got & taking them to there vet when they showed signs of not feeling well & taking them for there regular check ups. like I mentioned in the first part patches loved his walks & he had a thing for trying to pick up garbage along the way on his walks & for the most part we did very good at keeping him away from it & if he did get ahold of something we would try to get it from him I would have to say that was the only big problem we had with him was the picking up of garbage along the walk on the night of 5/26/08 we were out on our walk & he all of a sudden shot under a bush & he came right out & when he turned around we saw that he just swallowed something so I scolded him & we continued on our walk we got back to the house I gave both dogs there food bowls & a few hours later I went to bed & then when we got up in the morning both my wife & I saw that he wasnt acting right he didnt even jump up on the bed & did his morning pouncing on me we knew there was something not letting him feel good plus he wasnt drinking,eatting & he was lathargic but yet it was like he couldnt get comfortable he slowely walked through the house it was so hurtful having to wait till 3:00 pm that was the soonest the vet could see him we thought he was just having a upset stomach but because we felt it was from whatever it was he picked up the night before we wanted the vet to check him out. we got him in at three & he saw the way he was asked us alot of questions & felt different areas of him & listened to the inside of him & he said everything sounded & felt good except his belly was a little tender but didnt seem to be real bad he explained to us that was why he had trouble laying down to get comfortable also his breathing started to get real rapid but the vet pulled some blood to have tests done so after that we took him home he got into the house & layed down & we watched him like a hawk we were only home for about 45 minutes then we noticed he started twitching & my wife called the vet & while she was on the phone with the vet his breathing stopped & there was nothing we could do I went into shock as well as my wife also our vet told us to bring him down to him & we did he was taken to a pet cemetary to be cremated & we have his remains here in our(his)home in a special urn at first we didnt think it would be a good idea but at the last minute we did choose to have them. our vet asked if we still wanted to have the blood work done our vet thought it would be good to still have the blood tests done because it was a sudden death that way we could maybe find out what the reason was that caused Patches to pass away.We asked our vet if we could still have the blood tests done because we wanted to know what happened,so the next morning he called us with the results & the tests showed that he had acute pancreatitise with secondary liver problems the test showed that it was something bacterial that he ingested the vet honestly believes it was from whatever it was he picked up & ate that night he knew patches & knew how healthy he was & he said because of how fast he went he was sure it was from what he picked up & ate that night. patches was so young he was 5.5 yrs old this october 1st he would have been 6 yrs.old my wife & I have also decided to have a necropsy done to try & find out what it was that he got ahold of.this is very hard for me to write about because we blame ourselves,its like why couldnt we have been paying better attention or why couldnt I have got him trained not to pick stuff up. I need to stop here this has been tough but I just felt I needed to include everything right up to the end. I would also like to mention that I will be posting a pic of our patchy but right now looking at pictures of him is so painful, I dont really think I could handle seeing them yet. We are also going to be placing Patches in the rainbows bridge residency. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to share with you the memories we have of our lovely Patches our very best friend & very loyal companion who we miss & love so very much. Hey Patches I wish you would give us a sign letting us know you are doing good & have settled in ok. Daddy & mommie loves & miss you very much Patches.

We all love & miss you very much Patches- with all our love, daddy,mommie,Chris & Lady

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