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Memories of Patches
In 1998, you first entered our lives,
A cute little puppy who was magic to our eyes.
You were one of seven puppies born into this world,
We picked you to bring into our world.
We shared Christmases,Thanksgivings and lots of other holidays together.
You always got so excited when you recieved your toys and bones.
You always got so excited to see us when we came home from being away.
You protected our house from intruders and made sure we were all safe.
Sadly, it is your time to go and we will never forget you.
You will be in heaven with your family.
Don't worry, we'll see each other again someday,
Until then, just watch over us like a guardian angel
Although there will be times when we will be happy over something,
Just remember you'll always be in our hearts and memories forever and ever.
We'll always love you, no matter where you are.
Reat in Peace

P.S. It is so hard to get use to the fact that you are gone. I wish it was a dream

Some memories:
Sneaking into the closet when you found your christmas gifts, and unwrapped them.
Eating half of the Easter Candy Trail.
Stealing a hot dog and cookies from the table/hands.
The way you use to scratch your nose and back on the floor.
When our dwarf rat Cookie ran away, you stopped him with your nose.
How much you loved cheese and donuts.
How you use to wake us up in the morning.
When taking you outside for a walk or to go pee you'd grab a toy and run around the house and howl. Or go to your kibble bowl and eat.
How I use to have to share the sofa with you because you wouldn't move off the cushion.
When you chewed off the corner on the stairs.
When you got stuck in the basement, and I heard you barking.
One winter we built a snowman, and used black jellybeans for eyes and noses. They fell off into the snow and you found them under the snow and you ate them.
You loved the snow and summer time.
How you use to lick water off the patio out back after it rained.
When you sneezed one time, and your nose hit the floor and you sneezed 6 more times after that.
Although they stank,I will miss your farts.
How fast you went through bones and toys. They never lasted.
You loved Ice Cubes.
Bassett Hound Picnic, dressed as a pirate.
When I took you to pet day for my Biology class in 9th grade.
Stealing slippers and taking them outside so they got wet in the rain.
Also stealing socks from the hamper.
Begging for food at dinner time.
Taking ice cubes out of the ice chest at picnics and parties.
The way you ran around the house after getting a shower.
Tina: When i would pull the dead loose hair out of your butt cheeks, and you would growl playfully and get up and walk away.
Tickling the bottomm of your feet and you shake your foot.
When you laid like chicken (back legs all stretched out)
Tina: When you'd be laying on the ground and I would bang on your butt like a drum :)
When you laid on the sofa all exposed and stretched out.
The little freckle on your nose.
Your different barks you had
The little bald spot on your tail.
When my mom was cutting your nails one time, and she cut to short accidently and your toe was bleeding and you were running around the house with a bloody toe as my mom tried to help stop the bleeding
When you had a sore foot, and it was red and irritated from you chewing on it, we put a sock on it only to have it pulled off.
When you flapped your ears, the noise it made.
The way you smelled when you came in from outside on a rainy day
Patches, pop pop said he will miss picking up your poop outside.
When you would lay on the floor right by the sofa, and James couldnt put his feet down cause you were laying under his feet.
Tina: I miss your barking, even if it did use to get on my nerves and barking for water.
When "dad" (as you were a puppy) use to put you in the crate when he left for work, and when he left mom and I would let you out.

From Tina: I am getting a tattoo with your face on it Patches. I hope you can see it.

P.P.S. Even if we end up getting another dog in the future, please don't think of it as a replacement. No one could ever replace you. You were one of a kind.
Thanks for the best 12.5 years of our lives.

From Mommy: To my lovable Patches, you have no idea how hard it is to go on without you, there is never a day that goes by that I do not think of you. I see you throughout the house, I see your favorite resting spots and it just hurts to know you will never rest there again. I came across some of your toys and the tears just flowed, I miss you so much Patches, this house will never be the same without you. Oh and one more thing Patches, I want to thank you for the best 12.5 years of my life, that you gave to me. I miss you and will always LOVE you and I know for sure I will see you again on the other side! Love Mommy

From Tina: Patches, I still miss you so much (9/17/2010). it seems like just yesterday we brought you home with us. you were such a good dog, i'll never forget all the great times we had together. I have your choker chain hanging in my car. I use it as a good luck charm to keep me safe while I am driving. i would give anything to be able to hold you again, or even to have you lick my face.
All I have of you is memories and pictures, but it isn't good enough. sometimes i find myself just wanting to pretend you are still in the house with us, but just sleeping somewhere. but that is only a dream. Today at dinner I was almost ready to get your plate out of the cabinets and make you your favorite meal, hot dogs with chicken tenders, and also was about to let you outside then I had to remember that you were no longer with us. pop pop even was going to tell me to give you the left over chicken. we all miss you, and i can't wait to see you again in heaven (if it even exists). Please Patches, if you are still with us just send us a sign once in awhile that you are still home with us where you belong. this is so hard. i think your time came too soon, cancer deprived you of a long life. the past 12.5 years were the best years of my life, but sadly it wasn't long enough. I can't wait till we get your ashes back, then you will finally be back home with us where you belong. Just wish you were with us in physical form though
R.I.P. Patches <3
Love always, big sister Tina

P.S. This song by Black Label Society is dedicated to you.

The Last Goodbye
Take me down this road
I've been done here once before
Take me down this road
Once again, never again, forevermore
Take me down this road... once more

Take this love, take this life
Take this blood: it'll never die
Take this love, take this life
Take this blood: it'll never die
This ain't the last goodbye!

Take me down this road
Just see a smile on your face
Take me down this road
All that is and all that was can't be replaced
Take me down this road... once more

Take this love, take this life
Take this blood: it'll never die
Take this love, take this life
Take this blood: it'll never die
This ain't the last goodbye!

Take this love, take this life
Take this blood: it'll never die
Take this love, take this life
Take this blood: it'll never die
This ain't the last goodbye!


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