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Memories of Peach

Peach - my little Rotti
May 3rd, 1996 - the day I first laid eye on you. Love at first sight. I took her in my arms and she looked at me and put her paws around my neck. That very second I knew I couldn't let her behind me. I bought her and brought her home, into my life and into my heart. This day changed my life.
I never thought I would get a Rottweiler but she taught me better. Peach was so special and no day of recret. She put so much joy in my life. She became my best friend, my baby, the center of my life. But she was not only special to me, she brought joy and happiness to my family and friends. She had not a mean bone in her body, sweet little baby she was.
We went through so much in our life, if I was sick, she suffered with me. If I was sad, she was. But it was the other away around too. If Peach was sick, I got sick. If she was sad, I was sad. We had such a great connection but now she is gone.
September 13, 2009 - this day was the worse day in my life. I had to let Peach go. The day before she didn't do well, so I spent the night with her in the living room. Side on side in her bed as we both knew something will happen. And it did. In the morning she couldn't get up, so I helped her. I tried to stablize her to take her outside. She was unstable, walked down the stairs to go outside. Outside, she tried to pee - but she fell while doing so. At that moment she looked at me and I could see in her eyes that she was ready to go. Her eyes were begging me to stop her pain and let her go. This look, I never will forget. I had to carry her up the stairs. She never would have let me do that, but she did that day. I didn't realize how much she lost weight. I know she was sick for a while and the vet told me she should have died 3 years ago but she was such a fighter. She didn't wanted to leave me, she didn't wanted to leave anyone. September 13, 2009 - she laid on the floor - ready to go. I had to make the hardest decision and I called the vet. I was in tears and couldn't reach the vet for 30 minutes. But the worse was, I had to wait for 5.5 hours for the vet to come over. So I laid with Peach on the floor. My parents, my sister and my nephew - they came to say good bye to our loved Peach. It was so hard and Peach knew it was the last day, the last hours. I didn't leave her. Her fur was so wet from all my tears. She licked my tears away, the last kisses. Then the vet came and it went so fast, to fast. Peach was not scared. She laid in my lap as the vet gave her a shot to relax. Peach gave me further kisses, licking away my tears while the vet put THE shot in her. Peach took her last breath... and then she was gone. It broke my heart and I felt it was my fault, because I had to make the decision. I know it was best for her. She wouldn't have made it and I was with her. Peach didn't eat for 3 days, not even her fresh cooked chicken or liver. They say that is a sign if dogs don't eat anymore.
But I have so many great memories of Peach which I never going to forget. I remember that we both got hit by a deer, she was still a puppy and she was so scared. But she was fine, well, we both didn't like deers afterwards and avoided them. Peach was such a baby. I remember her chasing rabbits, well til a rabbit decided to stop and turn around. Peach was puzzled and stopped as well. And then, the rabbit start coming her way and what did my baby girl do - she put her tail between her legs, turned around and were trying to hide behind me from this litte rabbit. She was so funny. People think Rottis are mean but that is so wrong. They are such great family dogs. As my nephew was born - it was heaven for Peach. She was so sweet. And from that day, Peach and my nephew were best friends. Peach always followed my nephew and the other way around. Everytime I took my nephew out for a walk in the stroller, Peach was with us. If I took Peach out alone and she saw some people with a stroller - of she ran - she didn't listen at all (usually she was really good in listening) but not then - I think the people were so scared as they saw a Rottweiler running their way to the stroller - me screaming and running after - but as soon Peach reached the stroller, she just walked next to it. No jumping or looking in - just a calm walk next to the stroller. The people were amazed - and that is how she stole everybody's heart.
I miss our walks. I miss her snores and noises she made. I still hear them but I know they are only in my mind. I miss her waggling tail when coming home after work, her happy look and kisses. I miss her so much, every day.
Goss, when I went on vacation without her - she was so happy to see me but then she remember that I went without her. So there she comes running, all happy and excited - and then one second - she looks at me, turns around and then lays down. Waiting for me to come to her to appologize. ONly then she gave me my kisses. Silly girl she was.
But I know she had a good life. She was never alone. When at work, she was with my parents. Dad took her out during the day. I remember saying that he never will walk her, but he couldn't resist her either, nobody could resist her charme. She got loved so much and my nephew was crazy about her.
Oh, and she was such a snorer. Seriously, she slept so hard but if you would go to the fridge to take out cheese, she was there. Its like wait a second, you just snored, how did you get here so fast? Peach was special. If she wanted a cookie but you wouldn't give it to her (and we talk about cookies for humans) she put her head on the bowl of cookies to ensure that nobody else could get a cookie then either.
The day Peach left us, it changed everything. Everyone is still suffering but they all go on but Peach will never be forgotten. They light a candle on every 13th, birthdays of all of us, Easter and Christmas. Those days are not the same without her anymore. She was always with us and now everything is different as she is not there.
For me - I feel like I lost part of myself. I try to ignore the pain but it catches up with me, unexpected.
I still didn't move her bed, I tried but couldn't do it. Her baskets full of toys are still in the hallway, waiting for her to play with.
I am so thankful for having all those great memories and years with her. This is something nobody can take away from me. She was my baby, my life.
I pray that you are fine now, without pain and sorrow. Happily playing with all your friends you lost through your life already and some of your friends left after you. So you are all together now, playing and loving each other and waiting for us to join you one day. Sometimes I wish the day would come soon but I know you wouldn't want me to leave here yet so I have to wait until my day comes. I hope you know how much I love you. You meant everything to me, my little Rotti. Stuborn as you were, that is how I remember you best. It was adorable as you had your own mind and character. Sweet little Peach, who gave me so much love and joy. You protected me when needed and ensured that nothing happen to me when you were around. You were so good to all dogs, small or big, male or female. You just liked them all. I hope you know how much you meant to all of us. Mom and dad are missing you, so does Samir. His heart was broken as you were his big sister and best friend but he knows you are in heaven looking after us.
God sent us an angel but he needed you back. Therefore rest in peace my little baby. You are a star in the sky, looking after us. You are my little angel, Peach. I always will love you and honour you. Love always and forever. Hugs and kisses

8 months today and the memories are still fresh. I still see you falling and looking at me with your sad eyes, begging me for the pain and suffer to stop. I still see you laying on the floor, feeling your soft head and muzzle on my face, feel the lick you gave as my tears wer running down my cheek. I miss your kisses and warm body every day. My life is no longer complete but it goes on, it has to. You can not imagine how much I miss you, lil Peach. You gave me so many great years which I am thankful for but I wish I wouldn't had to let you go. Looking at your bed, hoping you would go back in but I know it will not happen but still, I can not remove it. Its sitting here aloing with your toys. I know you are looking after us and mom told me you were with her while having the surgery. I know you were as you are our angel looking after all of us as you always have. I wish I could turn back time so that I still could hold you and feel your warm breath and heartbeat. Getting your kisses and hearing you growl. You had such a beautiful growl. I knew what it meant and that is what matters. I miss you so much Peach. God bless you and all your friends on the other side of the bridge.

I am feeling down today - 9 months ago I still laid in your bed - you being sick - before the nightmare started. I miss you Peach. My life is so empty without you, nobody at home waiting for me anymore, nobody who gives me entire love. I just wish you would be here but I know you tried your best. You were fighting for so long to stay around but 9 months ago you just couldnt anymore. I miss you so much, Peach. Love you more then anything in the world. xox

My dear little Peach,
it's been now one year I had to let you go. There is not one day without thinking of you. I remember all the things you did. Sometimes you were a clown, sometimes you were a little devil but most of all, you were always my little baby.
I remember the day I picked you up from the breeder - the first thing you did back in the office (peeing on the carpet) - you were such a sweet little puppy. People were not afraid of you. Then you grew up - people showed now more respect and scareness, until they got to meet your sweet little soul. You ldnt now harm a fly (well, you loved playing with them) :-) but you loved every child you met.You loved your family and you loved my friends. I miss having you around so much.
A candle is burning just for you, baby girl. You are in my heart and my mind. All I can do now is to tell people about our past, and it is sad to know we wont have any new stories together - not at the time being - but one day - I am sure - we will be together.
I was so afraid of this day today - but I have two new puppies - couldnt go for a Rotti though, you would love them. You always liked the smaller dogs. They take my mind away from being to depressed but still, they can not replace the love and care you gave me. We had a very special bound and nothing can change that. There are still days and there are still nights, I have tears rolling down my cheeks but no Peach to kiss them away anymore. I just miss having you around. You were and you always will be very special to me. You were my first dog - my baby girl.
I hope you know how much I still miss you but I hope you are without pain and sorrow.
Please watch over me, little star.
Loving you always and forever, little darling.
I miss you so much, one more time I wish to pet your big cuddling head, get touched by your sweet little nose, getting kisses from your lovely peachy mouth. Goss, what would I do for having this back.
Rest in peace, little Peach. I miss you and always will.
Love, your mommy xox

My dear little Peach,
second christmas without you and I thought it would be better but it is not. It hit me again yesterday, this morning and right now. You would love the white christmas we have here, you always loved the snow, running through it and shuffling a way through. I miss your noises you made and your kisses you gave. I bought you a present today as you are always going to be a part of my life. I hope you play with your old and new friends and that Megan is looking after you. Dont be sad as one day we will be together. I am sure you noticed those two pups living with me now - dad tries to ignore them as he doesnt want anyone but you. But he does not understand that they are never going to replace you - but they bring joy in my life and that is what you wanted me to have. But still - I miss you so much and this will never change. On days like this I miss you most as we had so many great years together and it feels strange that you wont be here to open your presents anymore and try to go through any other presents.
Please dont be sad as one day we will be togehter. Play with your old and new doggie friends. I hope Megan is looking after you and give her kisses as we miss her here too. But I know you are together. Love forever my little girl. your mommy who misses you more then anybody can imagine. xox

My sweet little Peach.
Its been now two years and it is amazing to feel still the pain and remember the day you had to leave me. Driving to work and being at work with having your loss in my mind was not easy. I still remember how you laid there, waiting for the time to come. Licking away my tears which dropped down on you. I miss you so much. The news pups I got can not replace you. Sometime I feel like the soul is with them.. they act like you sometimes and then I feel so close to you and if I call your name one of them goes crazy and I know you are with me. Today feels like 2 years ago - I thought it will be better but I think during the year I just try to go on and it hits me hard if this day comes. I miss you so much and wish you would be here. I hope that you are happy on the other side and you did not forget me. Please wait for me as I can not wait to be with you again. I know we will be together again. I did not forget you. There is not a day going by which I do not think of you. You are in my heart and thought every day. I make sure that you are not forgotten - I talk about you a lot. We had so many good years which nobody can take away from me. You were so very special Peach. You are not replacable. Seeing other Rottis still break my heart even they are not even close to your beauty. I was so proud at you - and still am. I love you - always and forever. Sleep tight and hope to see you in my dream again as lately no night passed without you in my dreams. I can even still remember your smell and the breathing sounds you made but also remember your last breath while you fell asleep in my arms. That memory is so hard but I never would have let you gone that way alone. Please be with me when I need you. Rest in peace, my beloved Peach and watch over us. We all miss and love you. Your mommy x

13 September 2012
Sweet little Peach. Its been now 3 years, time goes by so fast but I still think of you and miss you. I continue speaking about you, to people who have known you and to people who never got to meet you as you will be always part of my life. I do not like this day as I always go through the pain I felt that day. It was so hard to wait for the vet to come while you just kept laying at the same spot, me sitting next to you on the floor, the turtle under your head and you licking away my tears. I know you knew that we were saying good bye. You were so strong, stronger then me. As it was over, you looked like you were sleeping. At the funeral institute they put you in this basket and put a blanket on you, your eyes were open and you still were soft and warm. Your eyes would not stay closed. You looked so alive but I knew it was not the way. You were so special to me, Peach. You were there as I had to go through tough times, you always have been there for me. You gave me so much and a lot was taken away from me as you had to go. You stayed with me for so long, longer then the vet gave you because you knew I needed you but at the end you could not be there anymore - at least not here. But I know, from heaven you are watching over me and the rest of the family.
Sometimes I feel that you are in one of the new dogs I got, just for a few seconds. Its just the way they sometimes look at me and if I then call your name - they go crazy and start licking me like crazy. Special Amos - I picked him as he reminded me at you as I got you.
I hope you are happy and have fun were you are and made a lot of new friends. I know you are with your old friends, as a lot followed your way. I hope you all get along, please do not forget me. Wait for me. Love and miss you so much. xox

13 September 2013
It's been four years now since you took the last breath in my arms, watching you to leave this world. This day I never forget, the smell, the sound, everything we did in our last hours together. Even I don't suffer about this loss anymore, I never will forget you and our time together. You were my baby. Nothing can replace thy. You are always going to be part of my life and memory.
I can talk about you now without feeling my heart is ripped out. I still take pride of you. I miss you though, no matter what. You meant the world to me.
I hope you are in comfort now, no pain and sadness, where ever you are. We will be together one day, for that i am sure off.
Don't forget me though, my sweet little girl. I love you, always will.
Stay safe and be happy. Watch over me, my little angel. Maybe I dream of you tonight, so I can pet you and feel your soft fur again.
Love you and miss you. Xox

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