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Memories of PICASSO

Picasso, like all cats, was curious. Perhaps it was because she born in a hall closet that closets were her favorite place to explore. Everytime she found a closet door ajar, in she went.

She got her name because, to me, she looked like a Picasso painting. Splotches of cream and orange dotted her otherwise black coat.

She liked attention when she wanted it. Otherwise, she preferred being left alone to do whatever she pleased. She could sense when people were cat-friendly. Those she ignored. Those she sensed were not fond of cats were a different story. She was determined that before they left, they WOULD like her. And so she would jump up and sit beside them.

Christmas gift bags were of special attraction. She would poke her head inside to see what the contents were ... until one day she stuck her head through the handle and found her head stuck inside the bag. She caused quite a ruckus racing blindly through the house. Once removed, gift bags never had the same appeal.

She loved sitting on the edge of the tub, swishing her tail back and forth through the warm water.

And she never tired of putting on a show whenever I played piano. She would race from room to room, sliding across the kitchen floor into the dining room. When the music stopped, so did she.

And she loved watching squirrels and birds from her perch in a dining room chair. When I came home from work, Picasso was there to greet me ... rolling on her back and racing me to the bedroom.

When she was diagnosed with cancer on Dec. 13, 2010 and given two weeks to live, I asked her to please not leave me when I wasn't at home. Shortly before 6 a.m. on Dec. 21, Picasso began making her journey toward the Rainbow Bridge. I sat on the floor beside her blanket and she locked her eyes on mine and extended her front left paw toward me. I held it and through tears told her that it was OK to go to a place where she would be whole again, that I would be OK but that I would miss her terribly. It may have been my imagination, but I truly believe I saw a tear form in one eye as she slipped out of this life and into eternity. I know without a doubt that this precious gift of God who was with me for 12 years will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to greet me when my earthly life is over.

RJ and I love you, Picasso, and we miss you terribly. Yet we are so happy that you are whole again.

DECEMBER 21, 2011: Sweet Piccy: One year ago this morning I said goodbye to you. I cannot believe a year has passed already. I still miss you but I am so thankful that you are no longer sick. Sometimes I think I still see you and I know your spirit is always near. I love you!

DECEMBER 20, 2012: Piccy: I can't believe it's been two years tonight that you began your journey across the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you very much and think about you often. I know you had a hand in bringing Tallulah and Alice into my life because I see so much of you in each of them. As much as I love them, they will never fully replace you. I wish you were still with me but I am grateful that you are whole again and that cancer can never again cause you pain. I love you and I always will!

JANUARY 10, 2014: Hello sweet Piccy! I'm sorry I did not send a message to you but since RJ's death in September I have not been myself. I am sure he was glad to see you. I miss both of you very, very much and I love both of you very, very much. Of course I still wish you both were here with me, but it gives me comfort to know that you both are whole again. Please tell RJ that I have sensed his presence many times and tell him that not a day goes by that I don't think about him and miss him. Give him a kitty kiss for me and tell him that I love him forever!

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