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Memories of Pinky
Let it be known that I did not find her, she found me. I remember like yesterday when "MaMa" first showed us her kittens. I remember liking Fluffy since she was the prettiest. However, she had no personality. Then this little grey striped kitten with the pinkest nose peeked out from under the stair case and I fell in love with her and she with me. She was one of five kittens. It was because of her that we took care of all her brothers and sisters when their MaMa got hit by a car. That was a sad day. Who knew the same thing would happen to Pinky. She loved the outdoors and we could not keep her in. We didn't know she crossed the streets. This was unexpected and shocking to us. She was taken from us way too soon. We take comfort in the fact that she was very happy here and was loved, loved, loved. She brought a smile to our faces and hearts. Our memories will comfort us and we will remember the joys we experienced with her.

It is one year since you were taken from us, and we miss you no less. Smokey, your brother, finally has come out of his depression and is, in some ways, so much like you. I still believe you two are twins. Your sister Fluffy had a litter and we now have a new member in our family, your nephew Milo Man. He is the biggest of all of you, he is trouble, but I'm sure you would have kept him in line. The rest of her litter did not survive, only him. Your other sister Lip is fine, however everyone seems to pick on her. I suppose it's because she is the runt. We make sure no one bothers her too much.

My little Pinky, there isn't a day that passes that I don't think of you or wish you were here. I love you. 1/11/09

Pinky, we lost your sister today. Fluffy was hit by a car, just like you and your MaMa. Please go and meet her at the bridge where you will be together again. Play nice and share. Love me. 4/26/09

Merry Christmas my favorite girl in the whole wide world...I love you and miss you. 12/25/09

1/11/2010 The tears still come at the mere thought of you. You brought me so much joy that words just can't explain. I wish you were here. I love you.

3/5/10 Pinky we lost your sister Lippy. We let her out and she hasn't returned. We do not know what happened to her. We miss her terribly.

6/7/10 The weather is just the way you love it. Smokey is enjoying it. Miss you very much. Love, hugs, & kisses, me.

12/6/10 My favorite girl in the whole wide world the Christmas tree is up and wish I could see you sitting under it like you use to do. Your nephew, Milo Man now does it, but he does it to hide and attack your brother Smokey...he's so fresh! I love and miss you.

1/11/11 Another year has past and my heart still aches...what I wouldn't do to feel you sitting on my lap purring to each stoke I give you. Miss my favorite girl very much. I love you.

6/5/11 Summer always remind me of you and how much I miss you...with love, hugs and kisses

10/19/11 Summer has ended and Fall is here. The leaves are blowing and I can see you chasing the leaves with your brothers and sisters. Miss you, my favorite girl in the whole wide world...emuah love you.

12/07/11 Christmas time is here and miss seeing you sleeping under the tree...Merry Christmas. Love and miss you xoxo

1/11/12 Love my favorite girl in the whole wide girl. Miss you always xoxo

06/01/12 My favorite girl in the whole wide world...miss you very much...summer is here and summer is you...love you and miss you xoxoxo

12/14/12 Merry Christmas to my favorite girl in the whole wide world...miss you always xo

1/11/13 The tears still flow in my heart and in my eyes when I think of you and the joy and love you so freely gave to me...I so miss my favorite girl in the whole wide world...love you and miss you so much

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