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Memories of P PIE

Bookaboo! Five Years! Where have they gone? I miss you dearly. I still look at your light every night before I go to bed and whisper I Love You!
I know you are here with me and watching over us all. You know that your Buddy Boy is not well and Mommy and Daddy too...so much sickness in our family.
It is comforting to know that you are with us always...makes the challenge of the days ahead less fearful.
I carry your heart with me ...and when things are heavy and painful...I try to remember your playfulness...always making me laugh out loud.

Eternal... The Love you can count on... Sissy


Hi Pie Pie!

Three years now...where is the time going? Every night I look out the window and wonder where you are and what you are doing.

I miss you so much! You are my in my heart...that I know.

Your roses are incredible! I bought you an arbor that I will place over them next year. They are so beautiful.

Buddy still looks for his Piester...he knows that you are near.

Watch over us P Pie...we all miss you and we love you with all of our hearts!


Hello Pretty Blue Eyes.

Is it possible that you have been gone for an entire year? I miss your touch but... I do feel your spirit every day.

Your beautiful night light glows and reminds me that you are always near. The last thing I do each night is pause and look at it shining in your garden.

Your rose bushes are filled with hundreds of beautiful petals and I know they make you smile...as you make me smile...still...every day...you bring me great joy.

Heavenly Father blessed me dearly with your warmth and love and friendship.

I know you are one of his special angels watching over us now.

I love you P Pie. My Bookaboo. "P Pie Po Pum...I'm gonna get you... Someday...I'm gonna get you again!" Sissy

P PIE started out with the name BlUE because he had the most brilliant blue eyes.

He loved the game "Peek a Boo" and somehow his name changed to "P Pie" He loved his name.

He was a stray that showed up one day while I was mowing the lawn to my sister's newly built home. He followed me up and down every row of grass and endeared himself to me.

I was staying with my sister until I built my own home. She was out of town when P Pie announced that he wanted to move in. My mother encouraged it. She said, "you must keep him...he needs a good home."

When my sister returned from her trip...she said "absolutely not"...and insisted that she was "allergic" to cats. Well...she wasn't... and he began to be housed in the garage...then winter came and she said with caution..."okay, he can come in from the garage but he gets just one room in the house. Today she laughs and says that P Pie had the run of the house and he allowed HER the one room.

My family was a "dog" family. We had no clue how to care for a cat. But P Pie taught us. As he taught us many things.

We raised him like a dog and he wore a halter-coller and learned to walk on a leash. He loved car rides.

When I built my home around the corner from my sister, he would go back and forth...now he had two homes...plus a "country home" when he visited Mom.

He was not shy about owning all these homes. He knew they were available for his pleasure and he had favorite places in each home.

He loved his yards...all of them. He never tried to jump a fence or run away. He never wanted to leave us.

His illness began as something we thought was minor. The nerve endings in his colon just stopped functioning. He had his colon removed.

The healing process went well. He was so happy that he would sing when he ate because it had been so long since he had had the opportunity to eat food without medicine in it.

I thought we turned the corner. He was doing so well and his eyes had that sparkle in them again.

He died in his sleep.

Heavenly Father took him gently and I know he is an angel watching over my family with those who have gone before him. Our sweet Brandy...his cocker spaniel "brother" who he missed dearly. And now he has met our beloved dog Muschie and Boobie and Beaver and Muschie and Mollie. All now at the Rainbow Bridge.

P Pie, I would do anything to hold you one last time. My heart is broken. I miss you at my side. I miss the way you would stick your tongue out. I miss your kisses and your nudges. I miss the early wake up calls and the way you would shake your collar to wake me. Is it possible that you are really gone?

I love you angel. I love you with all my heart.

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