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Memories of Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl was the sweetest cat I've ever had. Her hair was like soft silk, and her eyes a tinkling light grey. Her voice had a slight wanting crackle. She'd flop down by your feet and wrap her front paws around your legs and purr. I took her into my home 2&1/2 years ago. She had been abandoned twice, that I know of. She was left at a house when someone moved. The next people to live there took care of her for a couple of years; and they too,left her behind when they moved. She knew how to survive, tho. I seen her at the empty house a time or two and she was plump. So she must of been getting food somewhere's. I decided that when I move into my new house, I would come for her. And that's what I did. I had two other cats, but she didn't mind. She was so thankful and loving to have warm shelter, food and water.She didn't venture out much in the winter, but loved to lay in the sun in the summer.She was a retired "hunter". No need for that when food was plentiful. After the first year, she sometimes couldn't keep her food down. The Vet and I thought maybe she was over-eating because she had gone hungry a time or two. But here the last 3 months she began to lose weight, and wouldn't eat, although she was hungry. The Vet found a large tumor in her stomach which had spread and couldn't be removed.During her exploratory surgery, I had to let her go to Rainbows Bridge, instead of letting her awaken to a few weeks of starvation; if that long. She only weighed 4.6Lbs. At least she had a "normal" cat's life for 2&1/2 years and she knew I loved her and that I wasn't going to let her live outside alone again. Have peace now Pretty Girl, and say HI to Rascal. I'll miss having you lay by my computer. 8/21/07 I still have your bed on top of the entertainment center where you loved to sleep. The other 2 cats don't use it.Some day I'll remove it.Jan.31,2008 Hi Pretty Girl. Hope you're having fun there.I took your bed down finally.It seemed like part of the furniture.Till we meet again........Mar.4,2008 I miss your soft fur Pretty Girl.Hope the sun is warm there. April,3,2008 Miss you Pretty Girl. I think about you often.10/13/08 I was remembering how you'd glow when I told you how pretty you were.Love you.Jan.25,2009 Another year without you. April 3, 2010....I still think about you now and then. I tell people about the "Pretty Girl" story. Say HI to my family.

Please also visit Rascal.

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