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Memories of PrettyGirl
I have 19 years worth of memories my PrettyGirl. So where do I begin? I remember how I found you on the street, took you in, fed you and immediately fell in love with you. Your extreme loyalty always led me to believe that you knew I saved your life. What I miss most about you is EVERYTHING. How you followed me everywhere around the house, the way you'd run to me as I walked through the door, how you slept on my chest or inside of my arms just like a little stuffed animal, all those little love bites, the scent of you, your little meows, your automatic purring system. How happy you always were. How kind you were to all of the other babies that I brought home. You became the mommie all of the time. You were so loving. So friendly. You had such a great personality. I wish you were here. I miss you so much and so does daddy and Binky Bella. For 19 years you gave me great joy, and I wish I had another 19 years to spend with you. You're no longer in pain PrettyGirl, have fun my little baby and know that mommie loves you very much. I pray that someday I will see you again and when I do, I believe that you'll run to me just as you always did before and then we'll be together forever.

December 16, 2008 It's been been so long since I've smelled your fur and kissed your little face and I still miss you so much. I still cry for you. Now you have your sister Bootsie and your cousin ConnieGirl with you so play little one, kiss Bootsie and Connie. I miss you all. I think of you all of the time. Mommie loves you.

January 4, 2011 Hi my PrettyGirl, I haven't signed on for a long time only because it's so painful. Mommie thinks of you everyday. I have new furbabies that I think you would love so much and I beleive that you would be the mother figure to them, as you always have been to all our other babies. They are all so different, each one with a fantastic personality, but none like you my PrettyGirl. I hope that you are watching from above, and you are happy with the family that I have created. I saved all four of them. They are each so special. I miss you PrettyGirl, and I love you very much. I wear your ashes around my neck to keep you close to me. I still wish you were here. Run my baby and play with your cousin furbabies. Watch over all of them and know that I love you. Know that some day we will all run together and play. Mommie loves you. xoxoxoxo

February 16, 2011 Hi PrettyGirl, I have wanted to let you know that your cousin Lenny passed away, but I am sure you already know that because he is up there with you and Bootsie, Connie, Topo, Lagerfeld and Sheba. Please take care of him since you are the mommie. I miss you baby. I miss you so much that it still hurts. Everytime I come to visit you I cry, it feels like I just lost you yesterday. I will be adding Bootsie on very soon. I have procrastinated because it's too painful. I know Boots understands. I know you are both watching the new babies that I have now, and I know that if you were both her you'd both love them. They are all very young and so full of energy. Someday they too will join you at the Rainbow Bridge as will daddy and I. Until then my PrettyGirl, I love you and miss you so. See you on the other side.

September 29, 2011 Hi My PrettyGirl, mommy misses you so bad. It's been 5 years and I still cry for you. I know you are watching out for the brothers and sisters you haven't met, because you were always the mommy type. Your sister Baby Girl ran out on us for a week, we were all devastated but I think you helped bring her home to us. I miss you so much PrettyGirl, I can still smell your fur. I will see you someday at the Rainbow Bridge, luv mommy.

December 12, 2013 - Hi My PrettyGirl, I know mommy hasn't written - but I have visited you. Let me tell you why I haven't written. It's because the very minute I start to talk to you, I become so sad and immediately cry hysterically. I miss you so much. This is so hard for me. PrettyGirl I know you are watching and you know there are new babies in the house. Including a rescued West Highland Terrier that you would get a real kick out of! You would love them so much because you were such the mommie! so here at home you now have Maxwell (dog) EmmyEm - BabyGirl - Dillinger and sweet little CherriNera(cats)-I know right now you are with all of your brothers sisters and cousins who have left us here on this earth. I know you are happy and having fun. Keep playing little girl and someday mommie will see you again. Take care of all your family up there my precious one and know that I will never forget you - NEVER. Mommie loves you sweet one. So long for now. Merry Christmas baby.

December 2, 2015 - Hi my little Precious Princess PrettyGirl, it's way too long since I have written, but I think about you all of the time. You can and will never be forgotten. You are my special baby! I know you are having fun with all of your furbaby cousins and brothers ans sisters, please know that I love you and I miss you so much. I wish I could smell your fur one more time. I know you are taking care of Bootsie and Binky Bella and your cousins Connie and Lenny. You should see your brothers and sisters now. They are all so special and I know you would get along with them famously. PrettyGirl, please watch over me, and the new babies ok? Remember Mommie loves you more than you can ever know. It's so long for now, never goodbye...xoxoxoxo

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